Marriage & Society  The Big Picture

Marriage & Society The Big Picture

Fighting for gay marriage generally
involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there you know because we lie that the
institution of marriage is not going to change and that is a lie the institution of marriage is going to change and it should change and again
I don’t think it should exist Marriage not just your marriage
the institution of marriage the lifelong union of a man and woman
as husband and wife a personal promise with a public purpose here’s how it works – there’s a variety of relationships between adults out there boyfriend/girlfriend same-sex polygamists or multiple partners the public purpose is why the law recognized
marriage as an institution of husband and wife it sends a social message about
the importance of a dad and mom thought a husband and wife
will not always have children that doesn’t change marriage
or the profound implications on society from those who do have children only a mother and father
can uniquely provide children with separate distinct
and irreplaceable parenting gifts the more children that receive those gifts
and that guidance over time the more that society benefits like reduced criminal behavior a decrease in high school dropouts less children in poverty fewer women exploited and children neglected and that’s only a few of the many benefits nothing better guarantees those societal benefits than a married mom and dad which is why marriage serves a unique public purpose when marriage is weak in
a society those benefits turn into burdens they become problems the government
will have to deal with one way or another that’s why government has always had an interest
in making marriage strong and today lots of things are weakening it from adultery to no-fault divorce laws but the latest challenge is from same-sex activists who seek to redefine the very institution which will send a new message making dad and mom an option undermining the needs and benefits
marriage was designed to give society and if marriage is redefined why
shouldn’t other options be included? polyamory it’s called in which multiple
lovers live together openly under one roof a woman and two men no one knows exactly how many
polygamists live in this country a husband three wives and eighteen children the head of this plural household meet Michael Colley we would like to start having the debate
nationally about polygamy same-sex activists tell us ending the exclusion from marriage would strengthen families and would take nothing away from anyone else except it hasn’t in places where it’s already been tried like Scandinavia Spain or Canada where redefining marriage did nothing
to improve falling numbers of people getting married and having children redefining marriage did
not strengthen marriage in society but this isn’t just about redefining marriage it’s about reordering a society and culture because we lied that the institution of marriage
is not going to change and that is a lie the institution of marriage is going to change it and it
should change and again I don’t think it should exist we’re talking about a new bill that’s now
making its way through our state legislature it would allow judges to legally recognize more than two parents for a child but what about children
who have more than one set of parents well my husband and I are co-parenting our two daughters with a couple lesbian couples I’m the biological father for both kids and one of the moms is
the biological mother for both daughters a valley man pregnant delivering three children Beatie was born a woman Tracy
but later underwent a sex change Governor Brown now has just 12 days left to decide whether to force public schools to teach gay history this mom who did not want to be identified got the flier from school last week announcing that this Friday would be
gender bender day boy dressed up like girls
girls dressed up like boys Gallaudet University has placed its
chief diversity officer on paid leave because she signed a petition that gave
Maryland voters a say on same-sex marriage what you see there that is Phyllis
Burgess the woman that we’ve just identified and she walked there holding
as you can see a large cross within just moment it didn’t take long for that
cross be pulled out of her hand and the woman standing by as the cross gets trampled gay rights activists are targeting
a Lakewood cake shop Tom protesters like to see this cake shop
behind me boycotted completely Phillips says he takes every cake personally and won’t make a cake for an event
he doesn’t believe should even exist Atlanta pastor Louie Giglio asked to give the benediction at the president’s second inaugural is now pulling out of the festivity because of a firestorm
over his mid-1990s sermon on homosexuality a same-sex couple decides to give their
11 year old son hormone blockers they want to give him more time to decide if
he wants to be a boy or if he wants to be a girl the decision to allow a 45 year old transgender student to use the women’s locker room has upset many parents
and faith-based groups in Washington the student who identifies as a woman
but has male genitalia is being allowed to use a locker room
shared by females at evergreen college as well as the high school girl swim team
and the children swim academy Redefining marriage reinterpreting history reinventing gender and rewriting freedom that’s why Alliance Defending Freedom has been on the front lines of this
issue with our allies because for those who wish to change marriage their purpose has always been about changing society we have to change the minds we can’t expect any one group
to be better on our issues than any other group we live in a homophobic society and you know what the benefits issue is one thing but that happens relatively in private
that’s your relationship to your government when you’re able to go out socially and say this is my husband, right,
or this is my wife and have people know that your relationship is respected by the church by the nation as fully equal to a straight relationship
that matters right we are not only fighting for legal equality
we want to transform society truly transformative change change that shifts
the very foundations of our society this is the change that lasts and this is the
change to which we are called society turns on the outcome of this debate a debate not about your marriage but about the purpose for marriage in society whether it is upheld as a model
for more married moms and dads or becomes a megaphone for more same-sex activism the foundations of society are being shaken future generations will never hear that
a mom and dad matter when having a mom and a dad
were merely presented as optional redefining marriage undermines society but strong marriages shelter everything that’s why we work to strengthen and protect marriage because marriage strengthens and protects us

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