17 thoughts on “Martians: A Story of Civilization Final Thoughts

  1. Good review guys. I'm really enjoying Martians. Much like Joe, I bought it primarily for solo play and it is a very immersive experience. It's very tight, and you need to be very on the ball with your choice of actions. The rules are tricky to work though due to the lack of examples and confusing use of terms for the various actions and phases. Once you have a handle on that though, the icons on the board are very intuitive and the game flows really well.

  2. Great review and discussion guys!
    I've missed parts of it with distractions in the background here… Did Joe play it semi coop at all?
    I kno he really enjoys it solo….but… I don't think I'll ever play it that way…
    In the end, Rahdo, is the game not for you (and Jen)?
    Thanks again!

  3. I am waiting on my copy as I watch this. I ordered the painted pieces too. I'm glad to hear that this game is decent. Solo play is all I really care about to be honest.

  4. We're looking forward to checking out more of Martians, as Joe has been talking about it to us for some time now. You both did a fantastic job reviewing it together! Also, thanks for the shout out on Tau Ceti 🙂 We love Joe and we're excited to be working with him again on our next game.

  5. Thanks for mentioning the disparity between KS edition and retail. I was looking into it today and retail edition is just severely lacking, not worth buying a half empty box. I really wish companies would transition away from this sort of model. Its great to give KS backers bonuses and value adds, but at least make the retail customer able to buy it.

  6. The publisher mentioned in a recent Kickstarter update that they are releasing additional mission on PDF and later as a purchasable physical version. I hope they keep adding additional content that way.

  7. Tau Ceti looks pretty, as far as components, models, dice, hex pieces, etc… and I hope to be able to check it out eventually. When I have money again.

    And fingers crossed, as the next print run of Terraforming Mars is supposedly finally going to be pushed out soon, and I am eagerly awaiting my preorder of that (I've played it a few times and really enjoy that one).

  8. I missed out on how time works. If you only have three and you use one to call your guys back, how can you do the things that take three time?

  9. I ended up selling before even getting a play in because the graphic design/instructions were just so so awful

  10. Rahdo, your problems with co-op and solo can be overcome by 1 simple house rule, have an additional vp threshold for each player in co-op to reach to be able to win the game as co-op, thematically think of it as completing the co-op missions while gaining some good reputation/influence points too.

  11. Man, I don't think you should by any means take this into consideration, as I recognize this is my own idiosyncrasy, but I hate the final thoughts with another person. I can't even really qualify why, but it just bogs it down for me, I guess.

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