17 thoughts on “Martians: A Story of Civilization Gameplay Runthrough

  1. Hi, nice gameplay, but I think You make a few mistakes. As far I know:
    12:20 – You can't use building that is not build (hire geologist).
    21:48 – You can't upgrade building that is not build.

  2. At 12:17, I don't think you can use the Incomplete spot for +1 time until you have taken the build action to remove the first token.

    You can only perform 1 action at a location so at 19:00, Jen would have to choose an action to perform for 1 time unit rather than spending 3 time units to do all 3 actions.

    At 21:00 you can't upgrade a building until you have built it (removing the red token)

  3. Thanks for this. We're a husband and wife team of gamers who backed this on Kickstarter as well.

    I need to make some definitive version of the rules plus errata plus FAQ before we play for the first time. Hoping it arrives in Australia soon.

  4. First impression: Geez, that board is so busy that it actually makes my head hurt… Couldn't it have been edited down a bit by the designers?

  5. busy and ugly. how many resource management worker placement games can they make like this. It's like a new fad worse than the wave of hidden role social deduction. Love ya rahdo, just complaining about the game.

  6. I've watched half the video now and I still barely get anything. You need to start cutting and planning your videos because this gameplay vid is a mess.

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