Mathew Knowles, Part 2

Mathew Knowles, Part 2

We knew it existed in the 80s, but it was
like on the radar zero. We just never talked about it. It just never came up. So
very little was ever, ever discussed. It was, oh by the way, men get breast cancer. It was one of those things, oh by the way. Well we have, um, you know thanks to the
research, and I volunteered for the research program at the University of
Pennsylvania and went up to Philadelphia and met Dr. Domchek and her staff who’s
a well world-renowned on genetics. And as as I’ve now in the last two months have
gone back to research the history of breast cancer and prostate cancer and
heart disease, those three things in my family I’ve found some remarkable
results. One is my mother’s sister who died of breast cancer. She only had two
daughters. They both died of breast cancer. I also went back and found some
other information. My grandmother’s sister died of breast cancer. My aunt on
my father’s side… Now now previously I was talking on my mother’s side, but on
my father’s side my aunt, who’s now still living she has breast cancer.
Unfortunately in March of this year, my wife lost her sister to breast
cancer, and my wife’s mother has breast cancer. So it’s it’s in the family,
pronounced in the family, as well as heart disease as well as prostate cancer. No it
was, I would say 15 20 years ago for my aunt and maybe 15 years ago with my
first cousins. It’s remarkable, breast cancer. But I’ve since learned so much
much more about the genetics of this. Well I think it’s a little bit unique to
the amount… that’s a lot of people to in one
family to have the same disease. So again what I’m learning more so than anything
is the genetics of all of this.

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