“Maybe I Am A Welfare Queens” Wonders Cliven Bundy

“Maybe I Am A Welfare Queens” Wonders Cliven Bundy

wife’s let’s play another clip I love a bunny
let’s move to that sort of also they just heard the the other aspect of this sorted
conservative in particular the libertarian strain
which courses that I am they are something like ninety four
percent I think up self-identified libertarians are white it may actually
be higher than that but that’s the stay here that i’ve seen and when you
think about libertarianism it is completely a a a a set of principles to adopted to a essentially both allow them to ignore their own privilege
that they get and maintain its status quo the system
which necessarily um I you know serve relegates others to a a sub-standard positions so yeah nm and you know a good for better
bill we’re on CNN I he ask live in bunny the the obvious
question about you just you basically us
taxpayers have to subsidize his profits informant is beef there’s
really I really really gets thick is that you are ’em writing of all classes people
african-americans as sort of dangerously dependent because
they get government assistance at the same time your grazing your house on public land up for free so how are you not sort of a
a welfare queen and a cowboy hat well you know I might be a well part payment
I’ll tell you I’m produce in September America and use in the resource that nobody else
can use would would use a good news and I but no red meat on your table no no maybe I’m
not doing enough when I’m tryin I love a burger 11 good for Les but
there are 16,000 other ranchers in Nevada who a grazing
fees argue mooching off for them well-tailored 16,000 people not very
happy and they’re sixteen thousand people own
a signed contract with United States government they the they should be thinking about
sovereignty of the state in a bad inside in contact with their county government
not the United States I can tell him that much but this land has been federal since since we got in from mexico 1848 the
grazing laws have been on the books since 1934 I know you’re family’s been there a long time but you
on a little bit and we own the rest and and were it doesn’t seem reasonable you better
start respect you better start respecting my rides a little bit mas
tarde respective states armored a little bit
and then you show me in the constitution where United States could possibly only
has landed I great my catalog you take five minutes and show me now I mean this guy you know said you know he had it right at the
beginning age gap dig himself drawn well he is welfare queen and frankly
apparently I not only is he a welfare queen because
he’s getting this for free he’s not effect excuse me I think it actually
being too kind to the godaddy.com welfare queen he’s a safe he’s stealing you from us the welfare queens are the other people
who are actually paying the Bureau of Labor meta a plan management fees for the for federal lands because
they pay a dollar 35 per animal month the unit I guess so I get a %uh
one animal grazing a month on the federal and verses in
eight to 23 dollar fee on private land so the welfare queens are the ones who
are actually paying the BLM they want you getting subsidized this
guy just now now thief but he didn’t particularly like the law
you know wears the same constitution that anybody can give me a speeding
ticket right well when you’re fat white girl that’s okay because do you have the right to just
ignore the laws doesn’t make your welfare cleaner criminal really think that for all those other
people have different colors who live in were urban areas have you listen to hip-hop
and stuff like that a me know it all comes down to it just
it’s a simple mentality if somebody who who buy by the the fact that the color
riskin is been privileged and is done away with also to think the same color
guide is Jon Stewart to much larry may clearly show that Sean
Hannity if you’re african-american where he was an occupier would be saying
should be imprisoned and tortured probably waterboarded but now as a hero so you wanna try to
gin up as much are you willing to as much violence is possible just may be
able to shop there with guns so hopefully we can have another waco
under the weather child molester already gardens I order
the ruby ridge in a neo-nazi shooting a police officers or it may be
material may be a we can never saluted with the mcveigh
blah blah 168 innocent people because this guy feels about the government has tripled its rights to steal stuff
from ok i the it’s the same exact mentality and we can go on as the you know whatever we go on the entire
show about about these various right-wing domestic violence in right-wing
anti-government movement the the no pun intended bullied into
each other that’s why what Rand Paul says others
like it so dangerous

29 thoughts on ““Maybe I Am A Welfare Queens” Wonders Cliven Bundy

  1. He doesn't get it.  The other 16000 cattle farmers in Nevada, have one extra expense this clown doesn't.  This means he either makes more profit, or can undercut his competitors.  If all ranchers got free feed like him.  He would not have any advantage.

  2. I was just thinking something along those lines, a lot of these ranchers knock people on welfare yet they themselves are taking federal subsidies, what is up with that?

  3. "You show me in the Constitution where the United States could possibly own this property that I graze my cattle on." Here you go idiot. "Federal lands are lands in the United States for which ownership is claimed by the U.S. federal government, pursuant to Article Four, section 3, clause 2 of the United States Constitution."

  4. I'm sick of this attitude of "I put red meat on your table" or "my taxes support bums" etc. No, you are one cattle producer among hundreds of thousands, and you're a small fry at that. Same with taxes, most people only pay about $12,000 in tax, ok that's a fraction of one fire fighters salary, who's paying for the schools and roads you use? Someone else is, you fucking moochers.

  5. He's grazing his cows for free – can I eat 'em for free? Bundy's neighbors bring their cows to market and they pay the grazing fee so when we buy the meat we pay the fee. If we pay the same market price for Bundy's cows we pay the grazing fee there too. So he pockets the difference. Who does he think he is – the Caca brothers?

  6. "Queens" instead of "queen"?  Ahhh…he took the "s" from the end of "Parks" and put it on the end of "queen".  I get it.

  7. Meanwhile Wall Street bilks the American public for billions every year but a guy feeding his cows grass that somehow the federal government owns is the real problem in this country.

    If Cliven Bundy was a black man then liberals would be sucking his dick as an oppressed minority and conservatives would be pushing for him to be arrested and dealt with for being a "thug". Liberals are racist against white people. Conservatives are racist against everyone else.

    What a sad fucking world we live in. Whether this guy is right or wrong doesn't really matter at all. Only the color of his skin matters so everyone knows which side to stand on. 

    Even the fucking news guy stereotyped black people as welfare queens in trying to make his point. Everyone says they want race to not matter but they can't stop making race matter because everyone is racist in their own way.

  8. Ok Mr. Bundy, Let's remove Nevada from the us. You are your own little enclave of gambling houses, prostitutes and a lot of desert. Ok. Now…We will even throw in 3/4 of the land you use illegally. Nevada is it's own country now. Considering Nevada is a debtor state that takes in much more from the taxpayer than it puts out in tax revenue, and relies on a lot of other federal services, I see your future being bleak. Though it might help the debt load of the US with one less welfare state. Then your exports can be blocked or subject to heavy tariff. Not to mention, since you will be your own little country, when a bunch of you cowboy hats with assholes strapped to them show up with your pop guns, The Us can interpret that as an act of war by a foreign enemy and need not show restraint like they did the last time  since you won't be us citizens anymore.    

  9. "…I'm producing something…"  Fuck yeah!  High cholesterol for Americans!  Raise all our healthcare cost and make us fat sacks of shit like Clive!   

  10. You people get hung up on if its left or right black or white. Instead of the real issue. Figures exactly what gov wants divide and conquer. Then pansy waste people who would never have the balls to fight for anything, like the guy with glasses doing the video thinks he is funny. When he is just trying to get attention. Instead of actually trying to fix issues. He is obviously a yellow bellied big mouth with no spine making videos in hopes comedy central will give him his own show. Where did Americas values and the pride and the pursuit of progress for all go to?? Hey! I know. Technology is now peoples reality. While china and russia feel our spots.

  11. So the government says it owns a piece of land, because of a conquest in the 19th century, does nothing to preserve and then says we want it back? No the land belongs to him.


    New states may be admitted by the Congress into this union; but no new states shall be formed or erected within the jurisdiction of any other state; nor any state be formed by the junction of two or more states, or parts of states, without the consent of the legislatures of the states concerned as well as of the Congress.

    The Congress shall have power to dispose of and make all needful rules and regulations respecting the territory or other property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to prejudice any claims of the United States, or of any particular state.


  13. I agreed with everything up to the point where the guest felt the need to smear Randy Weaver as a "neo-Nazi shooting at police officers." First, he wasn't a neo-Nazi, but even if he were, he had the right to be, under our Constitution. But calling him that is simply a lie.

    Second, Weaver was found by a court to have acted in self-defense, while the murders of the Weavers by the ATF were unjustified, and the Weaver family was paid millions in compensation for these wrongful deaths.

    PLEASE don't rewrite history like that. Sometimes the govt IS in the wrong, and sometimes people who aren't liberal are in the right. Not in the Bundy case, but certainly in the Weaver case.

  14. Misrepresented….Spun….Lies…These are just a few words to describe how you try to demonize this man.

    That's why he refuses to pay the unconstitutional FEDERAL TAX on his cattle because he doesn't want the subsidy that the TAX helps to provide…


  16. We got it the cretin owes fees for grazing rights. That said an NYC elitist leftist jew bolshevik slime ball like Seder can't seem to tell the difference between parasites that take funds out of the gov't coffer & the d0pes like Bundy who's fees fill those coffers up. Obviously Bundy's in the wrong but I wouldn't go as far as to say the gov't is subsidizing him it' s friggen wild grass for christ's sake.

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