15 thoughts on “Medal of Honor ceremony for Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Britt Slabinski

  1. Why was that piece of garbage real estate broking draft dodger invited to this ceremony. The irony. One is a hero, the other, not worth an ant turd.

  2. To watch previous video of this brave warrior, then this tape, that got zero media coverage, Bravo, for those who died on that ridge, so many years ago, and to those that kept to the code of brothers in arms. Well done! Read about this years ago, and to finally see the men who carried out their mission. And their Families…
    "You've never lived till you've
    almost died,
    For those who fight for it,
    Life has a flavor
    The protected will never know"

    Jim Lamotte- Ricardo Davis, MACV SOG Viet Nam
    Exerpt: Secret Commandos, behind enemy lines with the elite warriors of SOG by John L Plaster preface opening chapter.
    Take that you pasty faced cowards who have no honor
    These Men gave , and some gave All.

  3. We finally have a great president. Say what you will about his faults he does treat the common americans who are the ones that really makes this country great with respect and honer. Our military and first responders..

  4. Actually this is very sad. The real Hero that day was John Chapman,a USAF special forces who actually did all the things that Sloblowski claims to have done. Surprise,It was filmed from an overhead drone and shows Chapman taking out the bunker and killing lots of bad guys. When asked if he left anyone behind he still claims " That's not how experienced it" In the film Britt does not do anything different then his buddies but they never lied about it. Chapman was left behind yet Britt keeps saying no we did not.I have spent months researching this battle and the lies just continue to grow. The Navy fought very hard to try to stop Chapmans Medals of Honor(He received two,Posthumously) After he was left behind he fought on for another hour all by himself and when the 3rd Chopper was coming in he left the cover to go out and shoot in all directions so the chopper could land. He saved 23 Seals by giving his life so others could live.Any soldier that goes to war is a special person but when you make shit up you lose all respect and Honor. He gets an extra $1000 a month. He got a new Truck and has done countless interviews adding more lies to that battle. Even the Seals have banned him from get togethers and no one from that day will do an interview about Slobinski. It really saddens me to do this but John Chapman and the other Seals that day were the Heros. God Bless John and the other Men who fought that day.

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