36 thoughts on “MEDAL OF HONOR: President Trump Awards Highest Honor To Navy Seal Veteran

  1. You can tell as they were praying, he was remembering everything he did, including the bad things he did to make good things happen. None the less, god bless him, he seems like the highest professional in his career and a good man no matter what the road was like.

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please welcome the political rock star and president of the united states, DONALD JOHN TRUMP !!!!❤🎵🎸😎⭐⭐⭐⭐

  3. The British American number 100 million the German Americans number 50 million between them they form a power house of high average iq, inventiveness, self discipline, genius and indefatigable Power of the British and German people creating America!

  4. I watched a documentary about a son and father going there to document this. And to document the first time the son went with his father who was a war journalist. It was absolutely crazy. How the journalist even got out alive I don’t know… the whole battalion was trapped with no where to go. The man who saved the wounded there is a true hero. They were under such heavy fire in a small area they couldn’t get the choppers down. He definitely deserves this and RIP to all our fallen soldiers.

  5. God bless the men and women that serve our country. Thank you for your service. God bless us all🇺🇸❤

  6. Hooyah Senior Chief!!! May God Bless you and all of the team guys in DEVGRU and all of the East Coast and West Coast Teams!! The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday!!!

  7. Hooyah Britt. Proud to have served that very Battle along side as we took the Mountain. Neil was a friend and he will never be forgotten. Congratulations MasterChief.

  8. what is wrong with Trump, he snorting and slurring his words, and what is that on his head, it's so sad that a medal of Honor has to be given by a lying traitor draft dodger, it's just a disgrace before GOD.

  9. Thank you Master Chief. I am yet again humbled, Sir, and honored that you represent all of us. USN, 8300, 30 and out 🎱

  10. CPO Slabinski, thank you for your sacrifices and services to our country regardless of the person awarding it.

  11. Ever wonder why you never hear of a liberal war hero, Navy Seal, Green Beret, Delta or any other patriots?
    No you don’t because liberals would never put their lives on the line for this great country.
    Most importantly liberals hate this country thereby negating patriotism.

  12. RIP Combat Controller John Chapman. A lot of people say Slab left him to die, but the fog of war is the fog of war, Take one look at Slab, the guy is still broken. Just like Marcus Luttrell. These guys go through hell, and then have to put on a happy face for society. God Bless J.Chapman, Slab, Neil Roberts, Marcus Luttrell and his brothers from Op. Red Wings as well.
    I wish we could all keep in mind that most of us do not understand the fog of war, and should leave these guys to their duties, especially when these events are done and over with, and have been investigated to no avail multiple times.

  13. There's a correlation between boy scouts, in particular those who make it to eagle scout, and going above and beyond. They're usually in it for the long haul.

  14. Boys, I hate to say this…I have nothing but respect for any service member. I served 5 years in the army. ''78-'83 peacetime…radio operator…nothing special.
    But 2 days ago I came across a video titled "First MOH ever recorded" My curiosity piqued, I watched… Unfortunately the video (from a predator drone flying above the mountain) presented irrefutable evidence that Slabinski lied about the action and took credit for the heroic actions performed by TSgt John Chapman who was (inadvertently?) Left behind to fend for himself by Slabinski and his team.
    I was not there- I do not claim to have the intestinal fortitude to go unselfishley into combat of any kind. I just could not accept that an American hero (Slabinski) with 30 years of service could behave so dishonorably. Look up the video- after watching it and viewing another of Slabinski describing the action embellishing his own part if you want to motherfuck me, I'll accept it. But watch both videos. Please.

  15. I watched a video of the battle on that Mountain. I see no reason why he won an award most die for. Chapman was the real hero.

  16. Why can the government mention or practice any biblical tradition. I’ve always wondered how that didn’t violate the separation of church and state.

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