Meet a Catamount: Kahlia Gonzales

(music) So tell me a little about what you’re doing and what your role is here, and then we’ll
talk a little about what helped you get here. Yeah, sure. So here, I’m the medical assistant,
so basically I assist Heather, who’s the medical manager of the facility.
I do daily tasks and medication, weighing cats, nail trims, helping out with guinea
pig stuff. So yeah, I do everything. Medications, vaccines. I realized that I need some animal
experience before going to vet school. So tell me how that happened. What led you
to your interest in this area? So I was the animal rescue service TREK leader
last year. I’m actually going to be again this year which I’m super excited about, and
we’ve been volunteering around Vermont, and we went to this one shelter called Second
Chance Animal Center, and they were building this brand new facility, and, I don’t know,
it just warmed my heart to know that people are taking such good care of these animals
and that animals are loved. I just want to be a part of that, and I just want to help
them all. So why’d you choose UVM? I love that the professors do research. My BCOR12 teacher Laura May Collado, she does
this amazing research with bottle-nosed dolphins in Panama, and so I signed up for it, and
this past summer, I went to Panama to go do boat surveys in person and follow their behavior,
listen to acoustics. It was just so amazing. What you’re really creating is this experiential learning here at the Humane Society but also
capitalizing on experiences and research, which is going to make you a super awesome
veterinarian, I’m sure. Thank you. (music)

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