Microbes in Biogas Production – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

Microbes in Biogas Production – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. Today we are studying about how biogas or methane gas is produced for preparation of this methene of biogas there are certain requirements the requirements are first thing a mixing chamber second one is a digester the third one is a gas or the outlet chamber now how does methane gas is produced or biogas is produced in the mixing time atom plus water is added and this forms a mixture or you got a slurry in bio language after the slurry is formed this slurry is transferred into digester and inside that digester what happens is digester is closed and when I just disclose anaerobic organisms which are nothing but methanogens grow inside this digester and this methanogens consume or feed on car cowdom and use cowdom as a source of energy and in this process methane gas or goober gas is slowly formed now comes the third part the gas outlet part or the gas chamber inside the gas chamber or the gas outlet part methane gas Google gas is form and once methane gas or Gober gases form what is done is gas is removed from the gas outlet and it is filled inside cylinders and use or distributors to household in this process anaerobic microorganisms help us to prepare counter October gas in more efficient way without causing any pollution or damage to nature so let us see how Google gas is produced we were studying about how microbes have been used for the production of biogas now biogas plant is basically it is a do like structure it is a dome-shaped structure made up of bricks which is enclosed which can be made very easy and this brick shape structure consists of certain parts it consists of mixing tank back mixing of all the ingredients under the second one is digester digestion is a place where methanogens or anaerobic bacteria basically works on counter and the last one Gaston where goober gasps Oh methane gas is formed and through the outlet this goober gas is removed the first process where production of biogas or Google gas start is mixing tank in mixing tank powder plus water is added which phones slurry or mixture now this slurry is transferred into digester inside digester slurry is fed up transfer into digester which is see chamber with no oxygen available so anaerobic microbes like the tangent kakuka rule and reduce methane gas basically in this closed chamber methanogens eat the cow dung and feed on water and in process as a by-product therefore methane gas now the third step gas tank inside gas tank methane gas is formed basically biogas is made here or formed and produced and kept over here now when you need that biogas you have to go to the last one which is the outlet part through the outer part outlet part biogas is basically taken out and it is made into use so in this part of the chapter we have seen how biogas is produced by various means by using various microorganisms

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