100 thoughts on “MicroWorm Culture Without Starter

  1. Interesting, but it will have to wait, it is already snowing here. 🙁 I wonder if different climates and soil types have different microworms, or possibly none at all? does potting soil or peat moss contain microworms?

  2. Dude it's a verry good video very useful for my pet bettas specifically fry but I'll be a little judgemental here
    It's gor your own good
    It's just you grammar.
    Hope you improve
    I wish for no negative reply on this comment.

  3. If only microworms weren’t so stinky and messy lol. I wish there were an easy to culture, clean, and crash-proof live food to culture. scuds have been the best for me, no mess and no crash. Only down side is too big for fry usually

  4. Ill tell you guys my way…u know when u buy earthworm the one with the soil…yea use this method on the soil ,it works for me…i get both microworm and grindal worm.

  5. I tried it but instead of oatmeal I used bread and water and it’s been two days until a week all I see is a white fuzz or moldy thing on the bottom is that usual

  6. This is an ok video but I could have done without the music it was just awful and very annoying it's just not my kind of music and I understand if others liked it, so please don't beat me up for it.

  7. Hey anyone can telling
    me what should i give for my black sharks and white sharks .

    Guppy,molly and my best fighter

  8. Bro what should i do if fungus were found in the culture i have set..?? Can i feed it to my fries…??

  9. Dont use your fingers, or else worms will enter your pores then swim through your veins, enter your heart, and start a new culture there. Gross!

  10. Don't pick your nose after pulling micro worms out with you finger. Maybe cut your nails too if your pulling worms out. Shits odd dude.

  11. Nice one! Subscribed ! Btw what do you do when culture is finished? Do I need to do the same thing with the potato again or….?

  12. Thanks this is exactly what I was looking for. Any chance you know how to start Grindal worms without a culture as well?

  13. This is an awesome trick. I seen this video last year and it took me a while to find it again but this is great information for making live betta food.

  14. How come you have scraped a moist rotten potato and you putting in your grow media a starter which looks as some kind of green powder….?

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