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  1. Now a days thanks to fucking socialism, it's considered heroism to force a young woman to take care of an old disabled man and force her to give her  tax money to him! back in my days when chivalry was popular, that would have been called communism, slavery or not behaving like a gentleman! anyone who bullied a woman got his ass also kicked!

  2. land ownership is force too.. exclusion , milton never goes far enough for freedom to be anything more then just capital.

  3. Who cares if socialism is force? socialism helps the elderly and the disabled who can't work. Fuck captialism, fuck young none disabled people who are selfish and lazy and also fuck the rich!

  4. Наверно он сам понимает, что он несёт брехню, рас уж такой весёлый.

  5. Socialism is an economic theory of social organization that believes that the means of making, moving, and trading wealth should be owned or controlled by the community as a whole. In Marxist theory, it is a transitional (temporary, in between) social state between capitalism and communism.

  6. Communism is a type of government as well as an economic system (a way of creating and sharing wealth). In a Communist system, individual people do not own land, factories, or machinery. Instead, the government or the whole community owns these things. Everyone is supposed to share the wealth that they create.

  7. Examples of Capitalism in a sentence. Under the system of capitalism, goods and services are created and distributed by private enterprises. Socialism differs from capitalism because in socialism the government controls industry and production. In capitalism the market sets the terms of supply and demand.

  8. What is a free market example?
    In a free market economy, the law of supply and demand, rather than a central government, regulates production and labor. … For example, while the U.S. allows companies to set prices, and workers negotiate wages, the government establishes parameters, such as minimum wages and antitrust laws, that must be followed.

  9. Persuasion is kind of force.It is the method of the sophist. Hence the bad effect of advertisements in commerce.

  10. The Dark forces of Socialism by persuasion(PAIN)/HATE SPEECH/New Speak and Big Brother
    and Debt slavery /$2 QUADRILLION 1% WEALTH THEFT I.S.D.A. Casino for pleasure
    alive and well in the
    Western Liberal Democracies by DESIGN.

    "Critical Theory" "Deconstruction" and Revisionism"
    Leon Trotsky's Dream. The dream that Stalin killed him for.
    Working with "useful idiots" aka Western Liberals since the 1930's.

    "1984" and "Brave New World" Orwell and Huxley we're BOTH right.

  11. "Socialism" and "capitalism" do not quarrel. The first is about society the second about the economy. Capitalism is not a social system. It's a mode of production. Barbarians with the right to vote create "democratic barbarism".

  12. The fuck is this propaganda doing in my recommended.

    These comments are even worse.

    For all you dumbass conservatives, and centrists; liberals aren't leftists. We leftists think liberals are just as culpable in the exploration of the poor and marginalized – and we do have the moral high ground over you. Socialism will prevail or we will see our species fall into ruin; this is a time of reckoning, a time where we either band together for the good of the whole or we destroy ourselves because some idiots would rather right for a tyrannical oligarchical ruling class that holds more power over us than any Kings or Pharohs.

    And we don't think all of you are just evil—we know many people are misguided and fed lies, because we were fed the same ones.

  13. A beautiful human being, he wasn't just a great American he was a great ambassador of humanity for the world.

  14. Voluntary cooperation in capitalist society… One example please? Anyone voluntary pays taxes in our capitalist societies? What a load of bullsh it

  15. For everyone that is confused by the differences of therm like Communism, Capitalism or Socialism I recommend you this video. Is made by a Commie but it contains a factual analysis though.

  16. "The most harm of all is done when power is in the hands of people who are absolutely persuaded of the purity of their intentions." — Milton Friedman
    A perfect example are the Left Supremacists of today. They believe themselves to be intellectually and morally superior to those who disagree with them. This is VERY dangerous. So far it has led to an unsuccessful (this time) Coup d'état in America after the election of Donald Trump.

  17. in order to provide security and longevity, all societies ultimately rely on force and coercion. Otherwise criminals would never be apprehended and punished. The degree of coercion is what is debateable for what transgressions or to what extent, not that the state resorts to it

  18. If Capitalism is such a wonderful concept, and Socialism is such a bad concept, why is it when Capitalism shows signs of failure, as in the Financial meltdown ,Capitalists Governments ,such as USA, GB etc, have to revert to Socialists concepts, ie Bailing out the Banks at the expense of the common people.If Friedman and his followers are such champions of Capitalism, why do they interfere in the Markets, as does Trump ,ever since he got into power, placing Sanctions and Tariffs on every country that perceives to be am economic threat (not a Military to America)

  19. The Left seeks to justify their power by providing what they see as the wants and needs of the people. This inherently leaves them unfettered in what they would deem to take into their control what they see as the means to provide for others. Human wants and needs are never ending. Human wants and needs are always changing. There is no hard defining metric for either. This leaves the Left an unlimited means by which to justify their authority and your subjugation under them.

    If you disagree, then consider what happens if you push against them in their efforts to satisfy people's needs and wants. They decry you as selfish. You are the selfish one for not letting them take your money and decide what is done with it. Never is it held that the person who enviously covets the earnings of another to which they have no right, is the selfish one. You are expected to be on the defense. Never give them this ground. It cannot be that the selfism man seeks only to keep what is owed him. It must be understood that the selfish man in fact sees that which is not his, as his own to fulfill his wishes.

  20. MF would be labelled a Nazi, fascist bigot on university campuses for saying this. and there would be violent protests. The problem is, he is telling the truth.

  21. Oh if only Milton could see our world now! The very objective for people in capitalism, is to get out of capitalism to reach a life of Socialism 🙂

  22. Today we have the terms democratic socialisim thrown around. And justifying the actions of this form of governance as for the common good. But when you dont have private property laws protecting individuals from government and criminal theft force fraud and coersion, then you have two wolfs and a sheep democratically deciding what's for lunch. Maybe good for the wolves, not the sheep. Thus the phrase common good under socialisim is an oxymoron.

  23. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    C. S. Lewis

  24. This reminds me of Utah, a church controlled state. I live here and the LDS Church is corrupt from the top to the bottom. Religion is forced and laws are bent.

  25. "Whenever we depart from voluntary cooperations and try to do go by using force, the bad moral value of force triumphs good intentions." – Milton Friedman.

    Whem climate activist say Ban all Plastic, and all. Etc

  26. Never got why Friedman was against socialism and in favour of democracy. The latter is only an instantiation of the former.

  27. I have free choice. When my boss is holding a loaded paycheck to my head.
    What an ultra buffoon.
    Wisdom and stupidity can indeed come in the same package.

  28. Capital is an agreement between people and the enforcing of those agreements. Without the enforcement of the agreements there would be no capital or capitalism. These old videos are dumb, cause he's not really an economist, he's just kind of an amazing wordsmith and orator. Not to mention he's operating on a very convenient definition of socialism, and inherently supposes that force itself is wrong. Which is sort of a utopian point of view that there can be a world in which there is no force. Even a world with minimal force would have war and enforcement of agreements otherwise there would be no capitalism or trade.

    So the end of force would be the end of capitalism because such a world cannot exist. Therefore he is using double speak in which all evils are called socialism and all good is fallout from having trade and markets. In reality all sustainable economies are mixed economies. And social democracies have happier richer people on average with more upward mobility where as minimal government societies are ruled by mafias or military leaders.

  29. Dr. Friedman was a huge influence to my political and socioeconomic beliefs. PBS had a series on him in the early eighties when I was a young 20 something old democrat with socialist leanings. The man was a genius and I still am impressed by him when I listen to him as a 60 something year old conservative libertarian.

  30. This is a basic argument of freedom vs control. I don’t think my point needs to be expanded upon. We all know who wants power and control vs freedom.

  31. Also if you listen to the whole speech, he expertly explains how fascism occurs, like, well I don’t know, a couple of vary famous parties that favored genocide. But let’s forget about those examples.


  33. And capitalism is not force? The power of Big Corporation is not force? Economic power does not eventually translate in Political power? The entirety of our human existence is founded on Force. Breathing air is force against air. Eating anything is force against the thing we are eating. Force is not necessarily a negative thing, it only needs to be channeled in such a way which works out for the best. In my opinion, the best solution is neither socialism nor capitalism, but a society based on the Bible, which states that The Strong can exists but he must always love his neighbor like himself and leave a small part of his money to the poort. So, he can eventually become stronger , but he must not forget the poor. We must accept that God crested people with greater and lower abilities, there must be a reason. So, no need for sophisticated income tax. You can be rich and expand but just take care of the Poor and love your fellow man. Thats the Wisdowm of the Bible.

  34. Here in the comments is the same old trap of conflating a reasonable welfare state and it's mechanisms with an intrinsic evil. Over here we didn't feel the relentless pinch of indoctrination that the US did, and we lived next door to it. We don't still call socialism evil as it's tenets are ultimately enshrined in what we now have which is a society which does a far better job of taking care of it's citizens than an unrestricted capitalist one would. A blend of government assistance and free market seems to be the best option without demonising either. I am very glad I am not US citizen, and challenge anyone from the US to visit Europe and contend that a government run health care system is inferior for the populace. such a system is apparently an evil pustule socialist excrescence should we believe the current rhetoric.

  35. Free market allows for cooperatives (communist-style market subjects). Communist states do not allow for joint stock companies. How many people participate in cooperatives and which cooperatives have resulted in major inventions e.g. the transistor?

  36. It would be negligent to assume that calitalism does not use force, especially with the damage done by police forces in capitalist societies and how companies are able to force you into long hours and low pay since the demand for labour is low and other companies have also lowered wages.
    Many people sit below the poverty line and the homeless outnumber empty homes in most developed countries.
    We need to also remember that socialism and capitalism are nothing more than economic systems and not in themselves a govornment type, and that socialism that has been demonstrated is the kind formed by the soviet union in the remnants of a feudalistic society that still used wooden tools (which conquered the cosmos only 80 years after the fact, even with a brutal civil war and WW2). The people didn't have democracy before and didn't after installing the USSR, so it isn't something that the people lost and since that system seemed to work (as faulty as it was) it could spread quickly.
    Democracy isn't something we've yet seen in socialism as socialism forms in countries where capitalism is failing and as such it is established by force and often democracy isn't something that is established after this.
    The current ideology of socialism isn't to achieve what lenin did, but to instead establish a society as a progressive to capitalism (as it was meant to be) instead of a replacement at equal level (as socialism at this interval will be formed from the remnants of civil war, like the USSR).
    I'd honestly recommend reading the communist manifesto by Marx and Engels for academic purpose if nothing else, as the contents of that book are the basis for modern socialist ideologies, and also contains the ideas that are outlined by communism.
    Communism, also, is not the same as socialism. Communism is a progressive of socialism to remove money, class, private property and the state. Communism operates on public democracy and uses a system based on individual trade and shared provisions and work is to better each individual (hence why it is to be a progression of capitalism, not an alternative to. Socialism needs capitalist infrastructure and communism needs socialist infrastructure).

    It was a lot of text, sorry about that.

    The video contained some valid points, but honestly some of them woren't the most accurate or in date with current socio-political issues. He is right about that as of present socialism is associatable with force since each one has been operated on a totalitarian or authoritarian reigeme, but this is an issue of the formation of these in poorer countries and not in their choice of economic system. Capitalism fails at this too, and has done more frequently than socialism. Capitalism just happened to start under near perfect conditions in western europe and by extension north america, meaning it could thrive with it's faults instead of failing

  37. oh boy i love that 650$ insulin….
    – Socialism never works.
    – Norway is socialist and they're doing great.
    – They're not socialist! They're capitalist with strong welfare policies.
    – Then let's adopt those policies.
    – NO, THAT'S SOCIALISM! (*autistic right-wing screeching*)

  38. I happen to enjoy Dr.Freidman wish I learnt this in my 20 and I have been reading political science for more than 30 years and Friedman is exactly right on all counts

  39. For those who are wondering if they should share this video for your Bernie Bros, my advice for you is
    A big fat NO.
    There is no need to waste your time. If someone is stupid enough to follow the cult of Bernie, he/she isn't smart enough to understand and fully appreciate the wonder of capitalism.
    Time and resources are better spent on those independent. Those who agrees that Economy is good under Trump but refuse to vote for him because of his bad personality. Those who cherish free market but envy the "free" healthcare of Scandanavian countries. Those who are unsure and tempted to explore the idea of socialism.

    If we can open the views of those people, we have the vast majority in our country and let those radical Bernie Bro rant until the day they are no longer relevant.

  40. Socialism is manifested in this country by the existence of the Deep State: Unelected, unaccountable, nameless, faceless people we can't find, much less fire.

  41. What an idiot. Theres no tax collecors in capitalisam, theres no police or military in capitalisam ? What is he talking about?

  42. What this propaganda machine should really be saying is that one form of exploitation (ie cooperate capitalism) prevailed over another form (ie state communism). The irony of his statement is that Capitalism did stay true to its values, but these values were ones of resource exploitation, repression of working people, and the waging of brutal and genocidal imperialist wars. Of course the USSR did similar things but it was the US who was far more successful in maintaining global hegemony and the continued manipulation of global markets to benefit the elite class that runs the American Empire, which is why he can stand up on that stage and spew his nonsense.

  43. Bernie Sanders would learn much from what MIlton Friedman said in the first part of this clip: the fundamental value is, not to force them to do good,but respect the dignity and the individuality of fellow man.

  44. Individual liberty is a reason against communism. True. However, it is not the reason to advocate the other extreme—full-on, naked capitalism. As a basic example, health care, evidently, is not matter of individual freedom; everybody needs and desires it. Thus, a set of fundamental issues such as healthcare cannot be left along solely to the precariousness of the market as if it is identical to choosing my favorite flavor of pancakes. There is no two flavors of getting a severe flu; there is no three labels on the pain of feeling sick; and there is only one kind of death facing us if our body problems are not properly addressed.

  45. This conflict is a permanent affliction of the human species. The war between the individual and the state. We know clearly that when the state wins the people suffer. This will be a constant battle until we as a race expire.

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