MindBlowing Occult Sanskrit Hebrew Etymology Symbolism: Vedic Origins of Civilization

MindBlowing Occult Sanskrit Hebrew Etymology Symbolism: Vedic Origins of Civilization

India is the birthplace of language mathematics religion in its the cradle of the human race All roads lead to India Sanskrit is the mother of all the world’s oldest living languages NASA scientists declare that Sanskrit is the most pure of all the world’s languages Sanskrit is the sacred language of ancient pre Brahmin Hinduism and it’s also the source of European languages and even English Contrary to what Western scholars and archaeologists claim India is the cradle of mankind and it’s from India. The geography of the planet was first explored and settled by the minds the Aztecs Egyptians the Phoenicians aboriginals called Indians do all have their origin in India the ancient world was once ruled by India and that’s a provable fact an In-depth presentation of this study can be found on my blog in 55 chapters This will be a mere breakdown the most important keys that unlocks the true origin of Judaism and Christianity and clears the fog as to the real origins of world history being withheld by the rulers who are shaping our matrix through deception They do not want you to know what I’m about to present because your mind will be less apt to be controlled by them within their propaganda matrix knowledge is power in its knowledge that breaks the chains over men’s minds and takes them out of the cages of other men you In Hinduism the goddess Kali is the consort and wife of the Hindu deity Shiva Temples to Kali can be found in Mexico South America and place names in North America such as California the Mesoamerican Southwest the United States is riddled with location names honoring the Hindu goddess Kali Temples such as Teal’c Ali in Mexico and cities such as kalakand are named after the Hindu goddess Kali The name Kali is used for Israel and Hebrew such as kal Israel, which means all Israel The name Kali can be found in is lands such as in the name caliphate Maya is a goddess consort of Shiva in Hinduism. The Mayans are named after this Hindu goddess Kundalini is a well known Hindu name in Kundalini is a South American agricultural goddess of the Aztecs Aboriginals in North and South America are referred to as Indians in the identification with India obvious in Egypt, the Sphinx at Giza is the effigy of Simba the man lion incarnation of Vishnu in Hinduism The hindu god shiva was worshiped in egypt as the god said or gabon The name sab is a shortened form of Seba Sabah and Sheba which are all names for Shiva The stellate pillars and pyramids which mark the Giza Plateau are called mad subha in hebrew The cognate for the name shiva is found in the word mad subha The old testament scriptures is filled with sanskrit names to hindu deities The earliest patriarchs of the Old Testament named people and places after Hindu deities The goddess Asura in Hinduism becomes the consort of Yahweh in the Old Testament Yashiro Brahma is a hindu god whose name is found all over the Old Testament Even names such as Bala. Uma Asher is a Hosea para ball Adonai El Shaddai Jehovah Nissan Sabbath Moses Sela Etc are all sanskrit names relating to hindu gods in Judaism one goes to a yeshiva Which is an academy or school to learn to deism with the Hindu god Shiva obvious in the name the Jewish ritual for the deceased is called a Shiva which is a seven-day mourning for the deceased that’s referred to as sitting Shiva The word for the number seven in the Old Testament is the Sanskrit Hindu god name for Shiva In the ancient world Shiva was known as the Lord of seven or rather Seven in oneself in the Bible the Sabbath is named after Shiva he is Lord of ceballos Shiva is also known as the destroyer in Hinduism in the Old Testament God as destroyer passes over Egypt during the exodus in both Testaments of the Bible God has seven spirits which relate to the seven chakras in the Shiva yogic system as Shiva is Lord of yoga in Hinduism the name Canaan or Cana is Sanskrit and from Hinduism Shannon or Kannan or China are Tamil Hindu names for the Hindu god, Krishna? The promised land of the Hebrews is a part preserve promise to the followers of pre Brahmin vegan She bites or rather Indian Hindus who conquered and ruled the world way before there was Mesopotamian empires Canaan or Chanin as a promised land is designated by two important items in Hinduism Milk and honey in approximately 1900 BC a flood submerge large portion of India’s described by the Explorer Bravo Straubel noted that entire villages towns and cities were abandoned just prior to this flood This flood changed geographical features in India Such as the disappearance of a major river in the rapin area called the Saraswati those who fled immigrated west into the Levant into the promised land of the she bites called Cana or Chanin where brethren precursors had already immigrated and established the Brahma night Empire of Phoenicia on the west of Cana The Phoenicians are Indians from India The Saraswati River was deified after this flood as a goddess. He became the consort of the god brahma the figures of brahma and saraswati are found in the Old Testament as Abraham and Sarai as in Hindu mythology Brahma and Saraswati are brother and sister and husband and wife Just as Abraham and Sarah are in the Old Testament Abram or rather a Brahmin came from the kingdom of Eden or rather the hoodoos in India the item ology for the word Exodus in the Old Testament is x ho news photos in ancient Hebrew is Hindustan The original Q’s named themselves after Hindustan or rather, India the word hoodoos has the roots hut and HOD Which is in the names judea and judah During the ex ho loose of the Hindus from the kingdom of food in northern, India The deity in the Bible commands a consecration upon the arms and foreheads of the migrants The marking upon the forehead is a Hindu bindi the word frontlets in hebrew means to bind the same as the meaning for the big team Hinduism the Hindu bindi later on becomes the Tefilin worn by Pharisee rabbis and priests and Judaism most everything in the Bible comes from the east and that’s because India lays east of John and her other Canaan in Sanskrit a hermitage is called a Vatika in Rome. There is the Vatican The Shiva Lingam and Shiva Hinduism is erected as architecture in Vatican City complete with mats Ibaka or rather the phallus of Shiva the word Scarlet in the Bible comes from the Sanskrit Hindu name Shawnee and Shawnee is the god Saturn in Hinduism The Hebrew word for C in the Old Testament is yam and yam is the Hindu god of death representing coudl other names relating the Catholicism in Sanskrit are easily identifiable when cross compared in Latin in English The Gospel of John was written or earlier than 70 AD However, the first verse in that gospel was written 3,000 years prior as it’s a verbatim quote directly from the rig Vedas Like Christianity and Judaism Islam is also urgent in Vedic Hinduism In fact all ancient churches mosques and mausoleums such as st. Paul’s in London St. Peter’s in Rome the Dome on the rock and al-aqsa in Jerusalem the Kaaba in Mecca, etc Etc are all captured in converted erstwhile Vedic temples as their architecture clearly shows Allah in Islam is Lord of the seven worlds for heavens and that Epithet is distinctly used for the Hindu god Shiva The Kaaba mecca encloses a Shiva Lingam that is kissed by those who visit back on their Hajj pilgrimage Black stone that fell from heaven is broken in seven pieces Identifying the Hindu god Shiva, who is Lord of seven? The city of Rome in Italy is in fact, the city of rama and rama is a Hindu deity Catholicism is no less than another incarnation of Vedic Hinduism in every way The Roman Caesar the German Kaiser and the Russian Tsar are all variations of the Sanskrit term asks Why are the meeting the Great Lord? The British coronation chair has gold Lions adorning its four legs in keeping with the Vedic sim Hassan ie the mine seat tradition In the shelf underneath the royal seat of that chair is a sacred orange colored stone called the Stone of Scone The tunic of Great Britain’s royal body art is also of the Vedic bright orange feed Statues are dead royalty and other elite in Westminster Abbey London may be seen by the score with their palms joint in homage at death in the Vedic tradition In the Museum in Corinth Greece is a large temple mosaic of Lord, Krishna Comfort display depicting him playing a flute standing under a tree with feet crossed and with cows grazing nearby The Bible states that Ishmael son of Hagar and his descendants lived in India India is called hvala in the Bible It must be noted that the names of Isaac and Ishmael are derivatives from sanskrit Hebrew, ishaq equals Sanskrit is Shaku equals friend of shiva hebrew, ishmael equals sanskrit ish mahal equals great shiva Bible students will note that abraham came from brewer of the cal DS Western historians have perverted the truth of actual origins of places and names when comes to theists texts like the Bible Bactria a region of ancient Afghanistan was the locality of the prototypical Jewish nation called Judah or Gouda also called or Judah who were meant placer town Chaldean more correctly called deva or holy calls was not the name of specific ethnicity but the title of an ancient hindu Brahmanical priestly tasks who lived in what are now Afghanistan Pakistan in the Indian state of Kashmir the city of war land of the patriarchs was near the border of Persia the road to India where the Brahmin had been born a Brahmin made his home amongst the sabians and her and Hara is a word that denotes Shiva the destroyer The word Hara refers to destruction in all its Hebrew applications an epithet of shiva mari, a cognate of Hera is Hebrew that means to conceive or be pregnant in its the epithet used by those of Hinduism to denote the god Krishna as in Hari, Krishna In the Book of Daniel chapter 10 daniel has a vision of a man wearing a linen cloth designated as the lord Daniel distinctly claims that the man’s body was the color of barrel barrel is a blue a quarry mineral gemstone Daniel’s relating the Lord’s body is blue in color just as the Hindu god Shiva is depicted as blue in color this is compounded through a Theo T with the Lord’s body being related to the color of blue of a Sapphire and Song of Songs in the book of Exodus the pavement under the Lord’s feet is sapphire In Ezekiel, the throne of God is the color of sapphire rather blue In numbers God tells Moses to command the people to create a fringe of blue on their garment So that when they look at it and they recall the commandments of the Lord He is the color of the Hindu god Shiva because the God of the Hebrews Choose is in fact the Hindu god Shiva even the Israeli flag of the modern nation-state is blue after Sheba the word Krishna in Sanskrit is Krishna which means Anointed One Krishna equals Krishna and Krishna equals Christ Which means Anointed One the word neeti in Sanskrit means a guide or law to follow Krishna plus DT Plus following the law of Krishna and put together its Christianity or rather following the law of Krishna the Hindu gods son of Brahma The name Christ is still used throughout major parts of India to invoke the name of Krishna The Greek name for Jesus is ie Zeus? And yes who is still used throughout India for the name Jesus? in Phoenician it’s ie in the hood cognate refers to the kingdom that Brahman was born and came from which is the Kingdom of food in northern India rather Hindustan as Krishna or I you’d was born by Brahma The early church fathers knew their religion was not new but very old readily admitted Prior to 312 ad the papacy in Rome used to be a Vedic priesthood the Vatican in Rome today sits upon the ruins of ancient Vedic edifice the Vedic priests of the Vatican or Hermitage in Rome was murdered by Constantine after 312 ad The Shivling is the Vedic pontiff war before being slain by Constantine or on display in the Etruscan Museum In the Vatican the name Constantine is in fact a Vedic name for the demon king. Khan’s DTN who tried to kill Lord Krishna in the Vedas Sanskrit Papa or rather? The Pope’s directive is known as a bull or Palpable and that’s because the dispatch rider of Shiva’s directive is the bull Nandi in Hinduism primal Vedic ism is found around the planet with from nowhere being untouched the Term, so Fiat is sandford, which is a vet the term Bolshevik is Sanskrit, which is ball and Civic signifying russy’s your sages Communist is a Sanskrit term, which is Saluja and he stopped Townships ending with the cognate grotto such as Leningrad in Stalingrad come from the Sanskrit drama Which means township? 2,000 miles east of Moscow in Siberia is the city of Krasnoyarsk Which is named after the Vedic God on Krishna The Caspian Sea is named after the progenitor of the Vedic Rishi’s Russians used the word a gong for a fire and this is named after the Sanskrit Agni. The Russian name Andropov Comes from the sanskrit indra who is the vedic lord of gods? St. Paul’s Cathedral in London Was originally a fading Gopal or rather Krishna temple The main altar does not shrine Jesus Christ, but the a directional faded cross or star of the Vedic God Lakshmi in front of the altar is a statue of an eagle in the Eagle is the mountain of Krishna overhead on the curved rafter led supporting the ceiling our Latin prayers beginning with the Vedic incantation all painted in bolt block capitals Along the walls insider sketched in bold relief sages and others taking a holy dip in the river Ganges Little white cities that have been submerged for a very long time at a time when mainstream archeology tells us there were no cities anywhere in the world Powerful crosscurrents made it nearly impossible to dive the 170 feet to the bottom Still scientists retrieved dozens of artifacts including wood and pottery shards Some of the dates on some of the human artifacts that were brought up extended as far back as 32,000 years But the oceanographers concluded that the area had been covered by water about 9,000 years ago so the city had apparently existed from 32,000 to about 9,000 years ago Mainstream scholars today claim that ancient Civilization only goes back four or five thousand years Yet Hindu scholars themselves say that Hindu civilization is going back, uh many tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands Like the ruins below the Gulf of Khambhat prove the Hindu scholars right another recent discovery may support their claims 200 miles to the northwest lies the modern city of Dwaraka Archaeologists digging deep under the city found signs of a settlement once inundated by the sea Inspired by this clue they began searching for more ruins in waters just off the coast The only 70 feet of water divers discovered sandstone walls cobblestone streets and evidence of a prosperous Seaport Scholars declared these ruins to be the remains of the ancient and legendary city of Dwaraka In ancient Hindu texts explain that the legendary city of Dwaraka was said to be the dwelling place of Lord Krishna a deity worshipped across many traditions of Hinduism The Stonehenge is one of the most important archaeological sites of pre-christian, England the Druids of Europe were brahmani or rather Vedic priests Stonehenge is the Sanskrit Stav encanta, which means meditational Bauer Canterbury in England is sankhara Puri in Sanskrit, which means township of Shiva There was no Aryan invasion of India because there’s no such thing as an Aryan race Arya is Sanskrit, which means way of life of the Hindu? Aryans and Dravidians are not racist but brothers and Vedic ism as Tamils are to the Indians Canada in North America a member of the British Commonwealth Is named after Janet or rather Kannan the Tamil Hindi name is Krishna It’s also the name of a Dravidian language In Japan its ancient culture is known as Shinto Shinto is the mount pronounced nation of the Sanskrit acidity of the industry. J’en in India and Nipponese a word for the Japanese is from the Sanskrit Nippon, which means skilful Australia is Vedic for the name comes from the Sanskrit Australia which means land of missus do the pervasive via neede yearly meteor showers that turn Australia’s nice guys aglow and the Leonids emanating from the constellation deal Refers in Vedic Astrology also the sim ha who is the line man emanation of Krishna in Hinduism The word Hebrew is of two syllables he and brood The syllable he is from Harry define name of Krishna in brew which is Sanskrit for speech Thus Hebrew means Christmas speech Jerusalem is a new YCJA laya which means temple and township of Krishna Zionism is the Sanskrit word Devon ISM, which means the cult of God or the divine group Jews claim they are the chosen people as this is the tradition of the Yadu clan of Lord Krishna who are called Yadavas The Yadu clan or the yadavas come from southern India in the hoods or hoodies are of northern, India just as Judah is the self kingdom in issue Allah yam in The woods or ho Do’s are of the Northern Kingdom of Israel Yahoo, or rather Israel Jerusalem or township of Shiva got its name because it sprung up around the Dome of the rock the octagonal temple of Lord, Krishna Melchizedek was the King of Jerusalem Who possessed secret mystical powers? He was also Abraham’s teacher Melek Sadek, Sina was a great Indian prince endowed with mystical powers the son of a castle king in Kashmir in Sanskrit Sadek is a person with magical supernatural powers a Certain Zadok was also a supernatural endowed priest who anointed king solomon Dineen ja4 yah is Sanskrit Jah is an Aimable Shiva and Krishna among ancient Hindus The word Jah meaning God in Hebrew and a word which is used in memorable names in the New Testament in sanskrit refers to sadhana an attribute of god in general meaning everlasting or continued existence It is an attribute of shiva in particular he is also known as athenian Jah also refers to Simpa the man lion incarnation of Krishna In the Old Testament God speaks out of a pillar of fire to Moses The god Shiva speaks out of a fire to Brahma and Vishnu in the Lingam Marana the Simchat Torah Which is a Jewish holiday Is named after sim ha the lion man incarnation of Krishna in his the source of the term Lion of Judah the Star of David and Solomon’s seal Which represents the union of spirit matter is the configuration of the Hindu god indras Thunderbolt The pool in Jerusalem in the New Testament called Bethesda is Beth SATA or rather House of Sheba The town called Bethlehem where yes He christened or rather Jesus Christ was born his Beth that camp or rather House of bread or laxshmi the god of fortune in a made of Krishna in Hinduism the Hindu goddess of Fortune Laksmi Is in the old testament relating to feasting and food especially bread The Chabot of the Jews is named after Shiva which is also the Christian Pentecost Tongues of fire is related to the god Shiva in Hinduism Bathsheba wife of King David in the Old Testament is daughter of Shiva in Sanskrit bear Sheba the well Isaac servants named in the Old Testament is the well of Shiva in Sanskrit for rather than well of Sabbath the name Illuminati is claimed to be of latin origin which is utterly rubbish The Illuminati have been around for thousands of years. Not a mere few hundred Word Illuminati is Sanskrit which breaks up into two brief exes? Aloo, which means gods in the Sanskrit menotti, which means prayer in the number-three The meaning of Illuminati is of the duct. Which means awakening The cognate Gilly is found in Sumerian and Hebrew present eloheem This is the indian hindi past system and This is the modern-day global caste system. Everyone is under Both are the exact same In its the Brahma night police or goons from India Who change the image of the sacred cow? Hinduism into the image of the golden calf of the brominate Illuminati who reach a cannon or cannon called Phoenicia in Ishwara laya or rather Israel in 1948 that’s sitting at the top of the global caste system as the Alstyne third eye of Shiva the destroyer So tell me consider tars Who is running the show now? seeing how Everything is connected to Vedic ISM around the globe including all languages all names most all countries and nations antiquity and all religions You You

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  2. Refer to Anaharta Chakra. The Pharoah's belief system was rebirth, the Lotus Flower(the Indian Prince "Buddha" who colonized Asia) the snake head gear over the third eye symbolizing primitive energy to enlightenment. Egypt went corrupt Israel, the Middle East, India were created. These were the Eastern Civilizations Arabs, Israel, Persia, India. Yeshiva(Lord Shiva) was Jesus real Jewish Eastern Civilization name, Jesus was given to assimilate with the Greek deity Zeus. The Crescent Moon on the Islamic flag is the crescent moon behind Lord Shiva's head. India went corrupt with idol worship because it limits Creation. India also should not have brought in the snake because it was used as a symbolism not a actual snake, that is why Lord Shiva's rebirth was in Israel, the snake was a abomination to him. The Europeans understood the power of Yeshiva(a.k. Jesus) and created beautiful civilizations but later the Europeans manipulated to the image of Europe for "Power and Greed" and that is a bigger evil because idol worship you can eliminate with education but the evils of "Power and Greed" goes to the bone, that is why this planet is a mess. The Eastern civilizations were to create "Heaven on Earth" but the ego of man created religion. There has been many many internal/external wars in Europe, recently WW1,WW11 Millions!! have died -Europe is not above Karma. India needs to bring back Yeshiva's words, not any of the 1000 versions of the New Testament or any European religion, just Yeshiva's(Jesus) words e.g. the Sermon on the Mount, etc. and Buddha's words, Yoga, Sanskrit, etc.. no idol worship and India will be back and the next step to human evolution will begin. Look at the stars at night 1000x bigger than earth….we should have studied this… we would have been seekers …..

  3. So many connections, however Sanskrit is ancient Tamil and when you look at the Vedas and ancient texts they are in Tamil created by the ancient Tamilians from before the floods and as mentioned in the Vedic texts we are in the 4th 4 billion year cycle , so the lord knows what may have happened in all that time . They now claim that the Mahabharata and the Ramayana are true accounts that may be 23,000 /200,000 or possibly over 2m years old, just remember their facts are based on guess work and their ideology, however the case may be, one thing is clear ,we have been here longer then thy say and are all cousins in one way or another, so stay true to our common ancestors. Live, Laugh , Love Always.

  4. I saw the flying lotus when I was a small child & im atheist but these space aliens do exist

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  7. Umm.. Native americans are called indians, because columbus thought he had reached india.. Not because they refered to them selves as indians..

  8. This guy ripped off everyone else's research for the last 20 years and then interwove his own spin lie factory products into it, especially in the second half. This guy is Cia or something, pushing the NWO agenda. "There is no Aryan race"
    I will shame you, I ppromise.

  9. There is a message for the Brahmins of North of Bharat, go back to where you came from, Europe. 2. Hitler, the British and Arabs and all the imposters and thieves that invaded Bharat, I have a word for you, fuck off. The vedans, the vedas were from the Tamils. The Brahmins will have a tough time as truth will be seen.

  10. I am, sorry to say. It maybe that the research which one may be basing they study, that which one is professing to be exposing. In doing so the opposite to that which one is wishing to do…

  11. new age garbage. You might as well be worshiping satan himself. But let me guess, this name is also some sanskrit for sitan or sudan or some crap and therefore not reliable in your highly confused and twisted mind.

  12. There are some mistake in your video ,, lord krishna is not son of bramha, he is reincarnation of lord Vishnu ,, saraswati was like daughter of bramha as he is creator of all life and universes that's why he cursed and don't have any temple of him for worship ,, iswaku was a king and in his clan lord ram took reincarnation

  13. Jesus is called yeshu India when he was learning Vedic knowledge before becoming enlightened , Christ called masiha ,

  14. Mind Blowing, Indeed. How can countries take claim and get away with so many lies. Well Done on your research.. Thank You. for expanding the eyes and mind.

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  16. Please stop using the auto 'writer'. (I don't know what it is called), but it inserts completely incorrect words that aren't what you are saying. If you need someone to type out all you say, please contact me at [email protected] Your work is too important to have these errors in the type.

  17. The Natives in the America’s were called Indians because the white people thought they made it to India. They had no idea there was a whole continent between Europe and Asia. Smh now this is all a grain of salt.

  18. ARATTA is older then india and is the forerunner and source for india and the commonalities of language. Aratta is 30,000 years old at least. do your own search and see.

  19. Exodus derives from the greek word έξοδος which literally means exodus. Just a small example of how irrelevant you are to true evidence, reason and reality. A documentary for idiots and believers, not from scientists.

  20. Religion is nothing but its a way of living. Live the life the good way not religious way. Muslims want to kill us all.


  22. Adam was made some where in AFR,,,I meant India so like he spoke afr,,, I mean indian,also garden of eden,the mother of all creation oh oh oh wait I'm Chinese so bhudda was first,, no,,ever heard of Joseph smith??I think all religions are the same and are full of shit so I'll stay with righteousness thnk u.

  23. In the book of Adam and Eve when Satan attempted to destroy Adam and Eve the Angel Michael cast Satan the serpent to India. That is the beginning of what you are talkin about do some research and you will get a clear understanding. There is a lot of knowledge that God said that in the latter days we will receive don't knock it until you have read some of these books the Apocryphal. There's a reason why they kept these books from us starting with the Book of Enoch. You will see how Satan is the real deal and how we have been deceived since the beginning of time. Your faith in God and his son Jesus will grow tremendously. I pray that you will seek this knowledge and grow in faith

  24. Mahesh is the Destroyer in Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh , Trimurati (Trinity ) , Shiva is The LORD .

  25. Sorry to say but truth is that Mesopotamian empire is a myth. All Gods and Goddesses in Mesopotamian empire are Indians with the distorted names as time passed And fake ancient history of West historians. Don't get offended but please also try to subscribe to the indic historians views too. We all are sons and daughters of Lord Mahadeva and Mother Lordess Gauri which are United as Ardhnareshwar or Shivling. Sorry there is so much to say and this comment is not enough yet.

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  28. I do not quite agree with this because, the latest genetic research proves the origin of India, and actually some part about the halogroup of the R1a1 genome, so from the tribes and peoples of Central Europe, the same can be written about the peoples of Ancient Persia and other cultures.

    The Slavs, or rather the Arias, should be used in naming, and later in the Great Lechia period from 3 millennia before Christ to the period around 886 AD, where according to the records of contemporary experts of different countries in Rome after the 9th century AD, the Slavs were used, which after the adoption of so-called baptism imposed such a character.

    Thus, after the discovery of the genotype after the sword, i.e. in the male line, we may assume that some part of India is of origin ariow it is from minium 7,000 years before Christ, which dating is used but there is no evidence that there was

  29. Poor mishmash of linguistics. True there are connections between sanskrit and other languages via proto Indo-European language however sanskrit was a pure formulated language by philosopher scientist like rishi panini and others ! When writing in India was formulated or just before

  30. Very Interesting and thank you for your work. At 12:46 Havilah is not India, India Is specifically named India Genesis. At 13:36, Ur of the Chaldees upon the Euphrates is far from the Indus River

  31. If you look at old maps, modern day India was actually called Hindustan. North and South America have always been known as the Indias, which is why all indigenous people from the Americas are known as Indians, West Indians, etc. The origin of the American Indian languages is actually Hebrew, which is why it is still spoken in North American Indigenous tribes. The Maya also known as the Naacal/Naga were the first to spread culture throughout the world which is why Mayan culture/cosmology/language/"religion" ended up in East India as well as Egypt, Asia, Africa etc. So thank you for proving the connection between ancient American culture and modern day Indian culture, the only issue is that it is being taught backwards.

  32. The Real Brahmin people of Hinduism are those who teach the kings what is right of Citizens and they guide all human being towards truth of Vedic Philosophy. But due to some idiot Brahmins today all Brahmins are considered as patriarch type. But thats not true in india still today Most Brahmins are away from money and wealth only looking for inner seeking of truth. That is why Hinduism is still here and it will always be here even after end of creation thats what the meaning of Sanatan Dharma. It is Eternal Dharma or Eternal Law.

  33. Bathsheba began as the wife of one of David's soldiers . He got her pregnant and when his strategy to have her husband come home on leave from the front lines to be with her so the pregnancy would appear to be caused by her husband; didn't work because the man didn't feel right about leaving his soldiers when they deserved the time too, David had him 'incidentally ' killed by placing him in a position where the enemy would kill him or a hired blade would, if need be. David had wives . He was God's anointed King of Israel . According to the account Jehovah confronted David who was consumed with guilt over it and begged God's forgiveness . God forgave David . God pissed me off on that one !! There's people who believe that God IS and yet think they've done so much wrong that God would never forgive them.

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  35. lot of nonsense woven in an in the core interesting subject…
    corruption is of all ages
    Know Thyself is the only thing that brings you Light

  36. You keep stretching & stretching, & I wonder if youl ever snap

    Krishna is Kṛṣṇá in Sanskrit

    Christ is Khrīstós in Greek

    …also kṛṣṇá means "black"

  37. Only half idiots that are easily entertained by the exotic and esoteric will be fooled by this non sense. Half truths mixed with fantasy, the marks of a deceiver.

  38. Shinto 神道means the Way of the Gods in Japanese ( shin= god, to=way, road), not related to the Indus. 22:51.

  39. Yes you are correct you have a big job ahead of you with the history that we need to share with all humans on the planet 🙂

  40. Dude… my goodness as soon as i got through the 'cali' part i lmao. So now everything with the name Cali in it is from hindu origin? IOmg xD. I watched a few monutes more and i was perplexed by the amount of stupidness and ignorance in your vid. Stop this nonsense. You are making a fool out of hindu's. Just STOP IT

  41. I don't know why there should be such weird sounds in the background, which is distracting as much as the strange electrical sounds distorting the human voice. I can't listen to this.

  42. Few things r absolutely bullshit. U all foreigners say all shit about Brahma (God of creation) & his wife Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge & arts). They r not brothers and sisters. They r husband & wife. As per Hindu texts or Devi Mahatmya or Shakti puran Aadi Para Shakti (supreme Goddess) divided herself in 3 parts : In d form of knowledge Goddess Saraswati, in d form of wealth Goddess Lakshmi & herself in d form of energy or power Goddess Parvati. Aadi Para Shakti's spouse Lord Shiva or Maha Shiv is d supreme Lord or being & he divided himself in 3 parts : Lord Brahma (creator of universe), Lord Vishnu (protector of universe) & himself Lord Shiva (destroyer of universe).
    Don't compare Lord Brahma with Abraham. And talking about Lord Shiva & him in d form of Shiv Linga. D term 'Linga' has many meanings. In Hindi Linga means gender i.e. male & female. In Sanskrit 'Linga' means a sign or a symbol. Hence wen v say ShivLinga it means Lord Shiva's sign or symbol. In Hinduism v represent & worship Lord Shiva in d form of ShivLinga which means a formless energy. Shiv Linga represents that Lord Shiva is formless & infinite. Everything dissolves inside him even d entire universe. Shiv Linga is not Lord Shiva's penis. U all foreigners have brains size of a dick's head. That's y u all say all this shit.
    B4 making videos on Hinduism & insult Hindus make videos on jesus. Find out how Mary became pregnant with d help of a soul & even after becoming pregnant how she was a virgin? Science believes that wen 2 bodies unite then child comes 2 existence & wen 2 bodies unite no body remains virgin. Spirit or ghosts can't touch anybody. As per ur info in Bhagwat Gita Lord Krishna said that soul can't b killed, fire cannot burn it, water cannot wet it, air cannot dry it & any weapon cannot harm it. So wen nothing can harm soul it means that soul cannot touch anybody. So find out how Mary became pregnant with d help of a spirit? U all r so much interested in d matters of Hindus, I challenge u, if u have d guts in ur ass then make video on this topic & upload on internet or youtube.

  43. Very informative video! However, the microphone used for recording is poor causing a buzzing quality of your voice. But the content is so interesting and valuable that I just disregard it! 🙂

  44. Too bad genetics tells different. Spirituality is useless for navigating reality, excellent for shelf emotional placeholder. Indo Europeans left there mark in India, spread to Europe and mated with neanderthals, they did the same in India and the groups in the middle East. Nothing is certain.


  46. In The Bible, Yahweh doesn't have a consort named Ashurah, Assurah, or anything like that.

    As a matter of fact, I can't find any consort for God, named or anonymous, anyplace in The Bible.

    I don't keep a list, but there's other basic mistakes you've made concerning what The Bible says.

    While I really appreciate the knowledge you share, your ignorance of what has been written and who wrote it, is strong; and it makes me think that you read opinions about The Bible and trust people who are wrong, much more than you look to the source of those flawed opinions.

    I subscribe to you, and I've learned quite a bit from your videos; but you have a lot to learn about what's in The Bible. Maybe you don't think it's worth reading, but misquoting it doesn't help us learn the truth. As a matter of fact, seeing the blatant mistakes you make concerning things most Sunday school students know, is the only thing that makes me spend time wondering what else you got wrong?

    If you use a Strong's Concordance, you can find exactly how many times any word in The Bible has been used, without actually reading it; and it could quickly get you beyond these simple flubs.

    Too bad these videos aren't interactive, because a likeminded community of people all sharing what they know about this subject could help us all, more than monologues and lectures.

    I pray you take my exhortation in the kind but necessary spirit I intended. I noticed the errors right away, but (not wanting to offend you) took months to mention anything about them.

  47. Over dramatization with unrelated imagery renders impotent a potent truth! If only there was the script, maps, photos and music – with the message …. WOW

  48. as per the speaker he is very right on everything he says bcoz , this epic story started from the time sanskrit started about 500 years ago and india/hindu started when the european/british occupied so claimed india ,
    the mistake in the speaker is the first language/people of this world is tamil languange and tamil people and all languages came from tamil language and archeologist findings have proven this fact ,

    if anyone wishes to reseach further i leave you with "keeladi" "kumarigandam" and if you get into this will lead you further 👃

  49. This video makes a lot of jumps, assumptions, connections and "leaps of faith" in the presentation with no information to back it up.
    "This word comes from …", "this means …", this idea comes out of …". While it does make some valid claims, it also promotes false narratives.

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