MIT reshapes itself to shape the future

MIT reshapes itself to shape the future

[MUSIC PLAYING] AI is accelerating growth in virtually every field. It’s an ultimate disrupter. Computer science is making inroads to every academic discipline and every aspect of our lives. The economy and society is really demanding people who understand this new domain of computing and artificial intelligence. Our students recognize that computing is shaping the future, and they’re pushing for an education that sets the foundation for it. MIT is making a bold announcement today. MIT is announcing the creation of the Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing. That’s a radical, bold move by MIT to adjust and prepare the students of today for the world of the future. There is tremendous interest in understanding the ethical and societal implications of new technologies, and particularly the technologies related to computing and data. I think that what excites me is that it’s not just for advancing computer science, but every aspect of computing and its interrelation with every academic discipline. Scholars and faculty from other departments will also be interacting with, and shaping, the tools that are being created at the College. So this is not a one-way street — it’s a two-way street, a collaborative effort in a new intellectual frontier. Departments across the Institute have come to realize that computer science matters to them, and other departments want to form joint programs with us. So this is a sign of what’s to come, and shows you the reason why we need to become a College. At MIT we take very seriously our responsibility to prepare our students to be leaders, and to be leaders in addressing and solving the most important challenges the world is facing. We have done that for generations, and we will continue to do that. And now, more than ever, we need to prepare our students to understand the ethics and societal implications of these new technologies and these new advancements, and that’s a job that universities must do. My intent with this gift is to make the world a better place, and to make the United States as strong a country as it can be, and bring prosperity and a good life to as many people as we can. And we’re in a unique time in history where we actually can do those things, where the capability is there, and it gives me real joy to be able to be part of that process.

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  1. WoW! Isn't that very very Amazing?? These MIT Works inspire me very much and Give me a reason to go higher and higher and higher in what I'm doing these days.
    @MIT – I'm also working on a M.L. Project.will be happy to show it to everyone.

  2. My goal is to study at MIT.I really like how the university approaches teaching as compared to conventional teaching methods.This is another step in the right direction.

  3. How can I become an MIT student from south asia ? Can anyone suggest me what should I do for it ? What is required to be an MIT student ?

  4. It takes a billion dollars to change education and help many generations yet trillions are spent in war. My ultimate goal would be learning at MIT after leaving the military

  5. Just amazing- go MIT!
    The architecture, the programming, and just everyone there-

    I’ll see you in 5 years 😉💜
    Got to make the world a better place somehow!

  6. I was invited to participate in 35 very important scientific events worldwide in 16 cities of different countries in less than 7 months because of the great research I did. Watch! Share! Thanks! Good luck for you. Greetings from Brazil. Best wishes! #time #video

  7. MIT is best thing i like about USA. It's an utopia for people driven by science. I want to be there someday.!! Love you MIT.

  8. Here's the thing, bringing the so called prosperity to the world people is not at all good idea by this very good computers, non-science people have inbuilt quality in them to modify it and use it to make things worser
    Neglecting almost all part that is worst, computer future is good

  9. I've lost my desire to study at MIT when i discovered they fired the best physics teacher at the world.
    Let's go for ITA.

    Don't get me wrong, i think they're doing an amazing work there, but is not in my plans. Maybe someday.

  10. Followed courses at both MIT and another university back home in the Netherlands (mathematics / software science). It was all pretty much the same level of complexity and quality. Must say that most well-known Dutch technical universities (i.e. TU Delft or Eindhoven) are all comparable to MIT. Nevertheless it's one of the better universities out there, especially in the US.

  11. А тим часом у Росії виділяють мільярд доларів на нову версію матрьошки

  12. "What is MIT doing for a better world?" India has more poor people than there are total people in USA as a resultant of colonial sabotage & destruction of natural village systems after they were captured by British & under their system such as snatching of their lands! No way it can convince 1.3 billion people that MIT is better for future of world!!

  13. You named your prestigious college of computing after a guy like Mr. Schwarzman, seriously!! He was one of those greedy bankers in the 2008 financial crisis. I appreciate the creation of this fantastic and highly inspirational department of study but there were other people who deserved this honour far far more than this guy. Come on MIT, it's not about money always…..

  14. "Ethics" is fucking you guys up. in the past

    Think about this way, machine shop, or a factor line. Think of a factory where they build cars. What are there ethics, the people who are in the machine shop, or car factory(building cars)?.

    There ethics are to do it right, so it works, to complete the job or task.
    Thats it. It works that way with programming or computer too.

    Now dont get your "ideas" confused with your ethics , there two different things. Ethics have nothing to do with your idea, your goal, what your creating. People use ethics, to influence really smart people, to kind of control there idea's in the past.
    Let me give you a example.
    "INTERNSHIPS" and big companies. There putting you in box, but only by "ethics",
    Collegiate Competitions ethics for inventions, science,.

    To give you a better perspective or something to compare it to. Think of the NCAA football stuff, that is giant block of "ethics" inforced, to be law so. in the past ( so before a.i. and intelligence was big, it was only sports athletes, and music)

    So what im saying is, dont let your talents, your abilities your enigeering, turn into how Football players have rules on there talents, and set path way to how they use there abilities. Guess what happends after NCAA football? NFL right?
    You know what the NFL to you… RULES on your actions, how you actually use your abilities, and body, It microscopes your talents, to be marketed. How penalties and rules does the NFL have on Talent, the actual sport, the thing somebody worked there how life learning from kid, they put rules on it, sociecty rules, things can and can not do outside and inside the football game. They dont own there abilities anymore, there talents have rules on them, then there body parts are taken in the way of more rules, ( they cant go skydiving, ride a bike with one wheel, i think they call that a unicycle actually).

    So what im saying is your talents your ability the way your brain works, how see and enigeer things…. thats a talent, ability just like a football player can hit a tackle or catch a pass ( in the workings of things). Dont let the Ethics get into your mind of it.

    And certianly, dont work for the football players(so to speak), that means your working under there rules ( all that shit i listed above).

    So when i say you cant type a certian word, or line of code, becuase it might be dangerous. Is that a ethic?
    What about the human mind?

    Strategy and understanding to what things are, is important. to add to this TGB the way i mean it

  15. I hope that all this combined knowledge and will power will contribute in solving certain problems such as :
    * Global warming
    * Wealth disparity & distribution
    * Nuclear and other WMD armement issues .
    *Water shortage
    * Demographic distribution
    * Energy efficiency and its cost

  16. Woahh! 😍This is just incredible. M.I.T is my heaven, I really hope one day I will get in the school. Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen.😔

  17. Absolutely Astonishing! Good Job MIT! You will always be my Dream School. Just applied EA last week, wish everyone applying good luck too. Believe in what you are doing and you will make it!

  18. It is not so great that elite institutions are showered with money, while public universities are starved of funds. Funding should be more evenly distributed so that people outside of Ivy League also have a chance to succeed.

  19. I want to apply this year to MIT, but when I think that thousands of people from different countries and backgrounds are doing the same I feel that I have no chance to make it.
    P.S I want to major in computer science, it's my dream.

  20. MIT they've got your back untill you cross an invisible line that we'll never articulate then we'll throw you to the wolves. RIP Aaron Swartz

  21. Schwarzman. Very close friend of Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney and their world view and absolutely despises President Obama once calling him Hitler!

  22. Don't be fooled by their false marketing campaigns. It doesn't matter where you go to school, kids. Study hard. Lots of other schools are just as good and MIT won't prepare you for the real world but will leave you in huge debt and wondering how you made a bad decision. It starts with false marketing like this. State schools that focus on the basics and preparing you for the real world and practical skills will keep you miles ahead than going to this expensive school that isn't going to help you. I know because I graduated from there. I don't recommend it. It will set you back in learning the skills and courses you actually need to be marketable and competent in the real world. Until MIT changes for this real future and present reality, you are getting screwed, literally. Not a good school to go to for learning important practical skills that will land you the best jobs and help build your career in any field you go into. Go to an inexpensive school and study your butt off. Take every course offered. I can recommend some schools that blow MIT away but that's for you all to do research and find.

    Don't get fooled by this false marketing. MIT needs to shape up and get rid of their arrogance and their duping of so many applicants and students. Few graduates actually become engineers. Avoid this school. Save money and get a real education.

    MIT is only for future professors and scientists. Keep in mind few non white people land professor jobs in the USA. Further the debt students build up will keep them out of science and research forever. You are better off going to Harvard and even smarter if you go to a cheaper state school including with full scholarship.

    I'm very critical of MIT because I know they can do better and they should. It's important to all alumni and to future students. Right now, a prospective student should get a full scholarship to a state school. I've met more geniuses at state schools than I ever did at this school, which robbed so many of my friends and fellow alums. Get practical basic skills and a real education and avoid this school. Consider yourself lucky if you get rejected! There are plenty of brilliant people out there making huge changes in the world that never went to MIT. MIT is only for a handful of people and it's not for everyone. Be smart; Stay away. Go to a state school.

  23. Its my dream that pursue me awake in night to go to mit and study
    I am a biology student
    And for me its my carrier's biggest boost

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