Mitt Romney’s False Welfare Reform Attack Ads

Mitt Romney’s False Welfare Reform Attack Ads

[Mitt Romney] Let’s talk about what it takes
to get America working again. [Music] [Voiceover] President Obama quietly announced
a plan to gut welfare reform. [Music] [VO] Politifact gives us the reading of, “pants
on fire,” which means really, really false. [Anderson Cooper] You wouldn’t have to work.
You wouldn’t have to train for a job, they just send you a welfare check. That is not
factually correct. [VO] Ron Haskins, a former Republican Congressional
staffer who helped draft welfare reform, says Romney is wrong about the waivers. [Chris Matthews] Is there any truth to the
charge that we’re getting rid of work as a requirement for welfare payments. [Guest] No, there’s absolutely no truth to
it. [Mark Halperin] It’s another misleading ad
about the president’s position on welfare reform. [Reporter] What does Bill Clinton think of
this latest line of Romney attack? [Commentator] Well, I think he thinks it’s
unplugged from reality. We’re in a kind of silly season of negative ads, but this one
has no basis in, in fact. [VO] Even though he’s out accusing the president
of weakening work requirements for welfare recipients, got a “pants on fire” from Politifact,
and 4 Pinocchios from the Washington Post, Mitt Romney is doubling down on the claim. [Commentator] The ad itself is full of outright
laws. The notion that the work requirement has now ended, is lie. [Applause] [Mitt Romney] Mr. President take your campaign
out of the gutter. [Music]

32 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s False Welfare Reform Attack Ads

  1. Yes let's talk about the issues! Like how Paul Ryan has consistently tried to privatize Social Security. In fact, his plan is even more radical than the one proposed by Bush! And he got annihilated by the American people for that proposal. Paul Ryan is a disaster waiting to happen.

  2. Not something I would brag about, being a progressive. No doubt that you are a stronger conservative than any conservative the republican party has on their side, no doubt at all. So brag it up, I guess….

  3. ~^^The Paul Ryan BUDGET is based on the study of RYANOMICS a hybrid form of economics that for some UNKNOWN reason did not exist until after Bush Jr. left office. The Plan will offset large tax cuts to corporations & the wealthy by closing UNSPECIFIED LOOPHOLES. The GOAL is to cut the deficit (in theory only) while increasing the deficit by getting rid of taxes on CAPITAL GAINS, INTEREST& DIVIDENDS. ~~**~**You can call it RIGHT WING SOCIAL ENGINEERING. You can also call it SOCIAL DARWINISM.

  4. Sometimes you get the feeling that Mitt Romney thinks he can lie faster than anyone can fact-check. But don't let him get away with the lies.

  5. There are ads that lie and ads that distort the truth. I am beginning to think all of the Romney ads are nothing but lies, but I may be wrong – perhaps some of the Romney ads just distort the truth.

  6. Romney is really desperate and now that he's chosen a proven rightwing ideologue for VP who wants to gut medicare, destroy medicaid, get rid of funding for schools and any other services that works for the middle class, he's even more desperate.

  7. The sooner the debates start the sooner Mr. Obama will have the opportunity to show the people of this nation his superior intellect and knowledge on all the issues brought forward. Romney will not stand a chance in his attempt to deceive the people. Mr Obama will be able to reveal to the people what the republican ticket is pushing. Feed the rich and screw the middle class and the poor. Joe Biden would make a better president than either one of these bought and paid for one percent puppets.

  8. It is going to be fun watching Romney crash and burn as he races way too far ahead of the truth and it catches up with him.

  9. I'm in last teen years and I understand why we need to pay attention when we're young. The nation has fell steeply during a time in our life we're just going to school and we all steady trying to make it in the struggle. Excuse me for staying above your influence, but Obama said it best "a job is not just about the paycheck"…he faced a myriad of crises during his first four years b/c of previous President's decisions. There will be crises w/every Presidency. But he talking ideas. Romney learn.

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