Most Brutal Human Sacrifice Techniques Throughout History

Most Brutal Human Sacrifice Techniques Throughout History

We live in the modern age, where if the crops
fail or our President dies, we don’t have to worry about being brutally sacrificed to
appease angry gods or to ensure our departed ruler has a smooth transition into the after
life. Yet for thousands of years humans have been
sacrificing each other for a variety of reasons, if you can think of it, odds are someone somewhere
murdered somebody else over it. Many of these sacrifices were done relatively
humanely, with most cultures not seeing a need to prolong the suffering of the poor
sod getting killed, but others believed that violence and pain were part of the ritual. Let’s start with, Shang Dynasty, China Before China was unified around 221 BC by
Qin Shi Huang, who thought that sacrificing people was a pretty not cool thing to do,
it was all the rage to sacrifice people to appease the spirits, and at no time in Chinese
history was it more in vogue than during the Shang Dynasty of 1600-1040 BC. A popular form of sacrifice was to behead
males from other tribes in order to worship male ancestors, the more important the ancestor
the more heads that would roll. To think, when you die you’ll probably just
get a lousy bouquet of flowers on your grave. But the spirits must have gotten pretty bored
of chopped off heads, so eventually the Chinese moved on to splitting people in half in order
to appease their ancestors, historical records are unclear but we’re assuming that would
be horizontally and likely with teams of horses, although if they had very large blades and
a lot of time on their hands they could probably manage a vertical split. But again, the spirits are restless, so the
Chinese moved on to dismembering people with axes, often hundreds at a time to appease
their ancestors. A victim would have their stomach slashed
open and their guts would fall to the floor, which surprisingly is not a quick way to die
and can take quite a while, though we suppose that was probably the point. Lastly, victims were sometimes simply beaten
to death, although at this point that barely even seems like they were trying anymore. Hawaii When you think of Hawaii you probably think
about beautiful beaches and a warm, tropical sun. With so much beauty around them, surely native
Hawaiians were a peaceful people who celebrated life- I mean they lived in freaking Hawaii. But you’d be wrong, because humans are terrible,
and ritual human sacrifice was common in paradise. Typically reserved for captives taken from
war, ritual sacrifices took place during the dedication of a war temple to the tiki war
god Ku, but could happen during other significant events. Others who broke a kapu- or taboo- were also
sacrificed, and could be tied up and have their bones broken with sticks, have their
intestines removed, or simply be beheaded. You might think that surely Hawaii left its
human sacrificing days way in the past, but as recently as 1804 a human sacrifice of three
men was recorded. Ancient Israelites There are many mentions in the Bible of ancient
Israelites that worshiped other gods, and of Yaweh’s- or the God of the Bible- angry
disapproval of them. Learning about Israelites who worshipped Moloch,
a god of nature, it’s a little hard to disagree with God on the matter. Ancient Israelites regularly sacrificed infants
to their various gods, often by binding the child and then burning it alive. And this wasn’t just captives taken in war
either, but sometimes their own. Thankfully for children everywhere the Israelites
who would eventually become the first Christians and Jews came along and told everyone to knock
it off, because burning children to appease nature is pretty nuts. Inca Nowadays if you’re hoping for wealth you might
take a business class or two, perhaps invest in the stock market. But if you were an ancient Incan, the most
logical thing to do would be to raise a child from a baby, shower it its whole life with
luxury, love, and affection, feed it well and ensure it has a happy life, and then strangle
it to death as an offering to the gods. The Inca believed that a healthy, happy child
(well, happy up until you know, being strangled to death) was the greatest gift that any god
could receive, and so thousands of children were sacrificed for the sake of increasing
wealth and good fortune. Because the gods are picky though, only strong,
healthy, and attractive children were suitable, so if you were ugly we guess you lucked out. While some children were strangled to death,
others had their heads caved in, and yet others were buried alive. Mesopotamians If there’s one thing that binds all ancient
humans together it’s the belief that for some weird reason if a king dies, they are helpless
in the after life unless literally everyone who served him immediately joins him. And yet people still vied for these positions
of power- but imagine showing up for your first day of work as a fancy new chancellor
only to have the king immediately croak. Congratulations on your early and very immediate
retirement! The ancient Mesopotamians were no exception
to this rule, and they too would send their kings off into the after life with a mass
funeral. But while the ancient Egyptians famously had
close advisors and pets buried with them, the Mesopotamians killed literally everybody
that had anything to do with the dead king- soldiers, members of the royal court, handmaidens,
and servants. If you once made eye contact with the king
there was a good chance you were getting sacrificed. At least the Mesopotamians didn’t mess around
when it came to human sacrifices. While for years experts believed that victims
were peacefully poisoned before burial, new evidence has proved that this was hilariously
wrong- instead, the dead-to-be were simply stabbed in the head. No mess, no fuss, just a spike in the brain. Of course these types of injuries can often
not be immediately fatal, and could result in an excruciating death. The Aztecs Naturally no conversation on human sacrifice
can be complete without bringing up the mighty Aztecs, who were absolutely nuts about murdering
people for their gods. Believing that they owed everything, even
life itself, to the very precocious gods, the Aztecs would routinely sacrifice thousands
of victims a year. Many civilizations engaged in human sacrifice,
but the Aztecs made it a downright hobby, and were incredibly creative about it. Various gods required various types of sacrifices,
and victims were chosen depending on their physical characteristics and how they related
to the gods. Children for instance were required sacrifices
for Tlaloc, the rain god, and they believed that the tears of the newborn or infants would
ensure the rain, so their particular sacrifices were often protracted affairs. The more tears a child shed, the more rain
that would come. Most victims would be marched up to the top
of a pyramid and forced to lay upon an altar, where a priest would then stab the victim
in the stomach at about the navel and rip the knife up to just below the throat. Then the priest would reach into the victim’s
chest and pull out the often still-beating heart, before kicking the body down the pyramid
stairs for it to be dismembered. Sometimes though sacrifices would take the
form of a mock battle between a priest and a captive, with the priest armed with real
weapons and the captive- often tied to a stone or wooden frame- fought with wooden or feathered
weapons. Needless to say, the odds were firmly against
the victim and their feathery weapons. Yet other victims would have their skin flayed
off and worn as costumes in various rituals. Those rituals typically awarded body parts
as trophies, and the warriors who captured the victims could be awarded a femur to proudly
display at home. That we think is the real problem with today’s
society- too many participation trophies, not enough human femurs. Let’s all be grateful that science and reason
has moved humanity well past the ‘kill people to appease angry gods’ stage of evolution. Yet with so much science-denial in our society
today on issues such as climate change, sometimes we wonder just how far away we really are
from our bloodthirsty roots… What’s the most brutal sacrifice technique
you’ve ever heard of? Would you be interested in being ritually
sacrificed by the staff of The Infographics Show as we ask the gods for continued success? Just kidding! Make sure you check out our other video, Worst
punishments in the history of mankind! And as always if you enjoyed this episode
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  2. Chinese also buried people alive & the christians did human sacrifice too, The biblical text reflects an original identity of Molek and Yahweh, and that the cult of Yahweh grew out of that of Molek, by the abolishing of human sacrifice. The authors find numerous instances of vestigial references to human sacrifice, most notably the law that all firstborns must be "consecrated" or "given" to Yahweh (Book of Exodus 13:2, 22:28).

  3. Not science and reason, no. It was Christianity that snuffed those practices out. Christian intolerance, and later muslim intolerance as well, is what abolished human sacrifices in most of the world prior to enlightenment, modern science and reason

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    Majority of scientists and history: climate change isn’t real and also look at how many times the government and money hungry “scientists” claimed climate change and everything said being proven wrong within time.

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