MSc International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law Graduates 2016 | The University of Edinburgh

Well today I’ve just graduated with my International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law MSc and I’m so excited about it! I started this course over three years ago and I was absolutely terrified before I started because I did not have a veterinary degree or a degree in zoology. And actually I thought that I was maybe a bit of a fraud getting on it. But I got the class prize today! I found the whole thing so inspirational – extremely hard work and it took over my life but in a positive way. We met people from all around the globe and one of the beauties about having an online course is that the tutors can be online as well. We had the best lecturers from around the whole world, the top animal ethicists, the top animal welfare scientists were there for us to talk to, to respond to online, and it was just so inspiring. It’s inspired me to go on to conferences where I’ve met these people in the flesh. I’m now in the process of getting papers published, and I’m carrying on with my research in the future. This really has changed my life and I am fifty. It was quite amazing and I can’t thank everybody enough for it so thank you very much!

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