Musk vs. Bezos: Whose philosophy will get him to space first? | Peter Ward

Musk vs. Bezos: Whose philosophy will get him to space first? | Peter Ward

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are really driving
the private space sector. And they do come from different backgrounds
and they do have different space philosophies. Elon Musk is the most swashbuckling adventurer. He just wants to go to Mars and he wants to
go because he wants to save the species. He believes in the Plan B arguments which
says that basically we’re all doomed. The Earth is going to come to an end at some
point, whether that’s nuclear war, and asteroid hits us, disease – any of the above. And he believes that that is going to happen
and the best way to preserve humanity, to preserve our species is to make make plan
B which would be to make a colony settlement on another planet which we’d live on even
if Earth were destroyed. And he’s picked Mars for that. Mars is the obvious option, for logistical
reasons. And yeah, so his whole thing is, Earth is
doomed. We need a backup plan. And we’re going to go to Mars and set up a
settlement there. That’s the best way to save the world. Bezos, on the other hand, he doesn’t subscribe
to the plan B argument at all. He thinks that the Earth can be saved. He thinks that we’re going to be just fine
here. But he thinks space can play an integral part
of saving the Earth. He essentially wants to make the Earth a residential
zone, where only– people would only live here. He wants to move all industry to the moon
so we wouldn’t have the effects of manufacturing and industry and pollution here on Earth,
it would all go to the moon. And this would– the Earth would basically
be zoned as a residential only area. Having said that, Bezos has a reputation with
Amazon. He obviously is a very shrewd businessperson. He’s the richest man in the world. And he will set up the infrastructure of his
company in such a way that he dominates that area. You’ve seen it with Amazon. He built these warehouses all over America
and he absolutely took a stranglehold over the e-commerce market. If he were to do something like that in space,
that would be a little bit scary. It would be almost too much power for someone
to have in space. If he set up operations on the moon that he
would like to, it would have huge questions of whether this is monopoly, how much control
he has, if the whole economy– if the whole industrial sector was based on the moon and
Jeff Bezos or only two or three people were the ones that run all the infrastructure and
the logistics getting to and from that, that’s a huge amount of power all of a sudden for
one– for one company and for one man. So those are the different philosophies. I guess they do kind of reflect their personalities. Elon Musk goes out on Twitter and says, we’re
going to go to Mars in the next three years. And he kind of knows that those timelines
are never going to happen. I don’t think he’s ever actually said in two
years. But it’s that kind of deal. He always gives very ambitious timelines. Bezos, on the other hand, is quiet, reserved. You don’t really know what his company is
doing until they’re ready to make a full announcement. And you get the sense that he’s kind of building
behind the scenes and will, at some point– I guess he’s ever the industrialist. He’s going to come out and have everything
planned, have all the infrastructure. So yeah, I guess that’s the difference between
the two.

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  1. The saddest part that rarely anyone notices and works on is that we human beings compete instead of collaborate… especially if we are deemed successful by society…ego… integration is the key, not competition if we are to survive as species.

  2. Bezos can't even treat his employees like human beings. How do you expect him to take us to space?
    It's funny he's part of one of the biggest companies which contributes to ruining the state of this planet and exploiting its resources.
    Musk is a dreamer, Bezos is a businessman.

  3. Bezos is just evil. He’d probably “outsource” hundreds of thousands of industrial jobs to near-slaves outside of the government’s jurisdiction. I’m slightly joking, but I’m slightly not. He’s a horrible person.

    Elon’s alright, and I like him as a person, but he’s also extremely self-less and doesn’t care if his company survives, so long as they spearhead the way forward, even if it means other parasitic companies will take their gains and run with it

  4. This is a misnomer; Musk has already been to Space. It's troubling to me that a few humans being in control of celestial objects responsible for life on the only known planet in the universe (thus far) is an option. I think that before we attempt life on other planets, we should master the environment on this one. If running away from this planet is the only option, then we are more likely to go extinct. Space isn't exactly inviting to humans. We would have to invent new technologies to account for the Earth's natural processes, such as sufficient Gravity and Solar Radiation.

  5. Bezos and Musk drive the private space sector… WTF? Bezos doesn't drive anything. His planned rocket has already been made obsolescent by Starship, SpaceX has outpaced its customers and is launching a megaconstellation for lack of better things to do…
    Bezos is yet to do commercial flights with his oversized bottle rocket…. My money is on Branson to start the space tourist industry.

  6. Big Think Guy: Hey Peter, mind a few questions about Bezos and Musk?
    Peter: Ahhh… sure, when?
    Big Think Guy: I mean… now…
    Peter: Ahhh… sure, let me google their name real quick…

  7. Kind of disagree with the pessimistic description of Musk’s philosophy. He’s a sci-fi nerd. He thinks exploring space would be the greatest adventure ever.

  8. 1: You didn't answer the question in your title
    2: Link a single time Elon ever said any of those "will happen", he always says it's "in case it does"
    3: Ambitions timelines yes, but they can be met, Starship is ahead of schedule
    4: Not everyone's a good a good presenter, and that's okay, but maybe save the presenting for someone who is

  9. One has to make a passing mention, that a good portion of the technologies these 2 Billionaire kids are playing with, were developed by tax-payer money and NASA about half a century ago. Yes Govt does not work, it sent Humans to moon!

  10. Either this guy's entire understanding of both people and their companies is extremely lacking or this guy is terrible at articulating himself, either way this was not a good video.

  11. Elon Musk actually has an aerospace manufacturing company… Bezos launched a big boy model rocket.

    Bezos is a gigantic twat that tried to insert himself into the space conversation with nothing of substance.

  12. This is probably the worst video on this channel. Not only did it equate a gigantic cock like bezos to someone of any actual worth like Musk, but it really was just… a useless video despite that.

  13. "Peter Ward studied journalism at the University of Sheffield before moving to Dubai, where he reported on the energy sector"
    Now I get the misinterpretation of Elon… no more oil dependence!, say hello to your bosses Pete

  14. Both are clueless on planetary science and would kill you with their half baked plans. They are only interested in expanding capitalist greed to space.

  15. Having a "space philosophy", or getting there first (mostly for bragging rights?), doesn't matter as much as what, if anything, is done once they "arrive" in space. Privatized space colonization, or even tourism, has been kicked around long enough that I'll only believe it when I see it. It's a constantly intriguing side-show, supposedly "forward-looking", discussion fostered by "great minds", but so much so that it seems to be continually raised and re-raised simply for its PR effect.

  16. "Those timelines aren't possible"

    So… anyways, did you all see the Starship prototype? It obviously has more testing and development, but its there, its ACTUALLY THERE.
    The reason to set tight time limits on yourself and your team, is to push yourselves, increase motivation and ambition. If he said "10 years" that seems to long. His workers would see it as "meh.. we got a decade to finish it". He probably will miss his deadline… but when it does get done, it will be at a much earlier date, than if he didn't set that goal.

    Ps – if Bezos gets to space, I'm sure something look like Elysium will happen. Only the rich and powerful move into space, the earth continues to die.

  17. Billionaire objectivist libertarians tend to have elitist eugenics like thinking. They like Atlas Shrugged and other visions of the future where the top .001% can specieize out from their perspective the inferior humans.
    The expense exclusively and selection biases that will be in space travel mean essentially no poor people or dumb people or non alphas or anybody with any kind of inheritable disability would be triaged on end earth.
    The super rich like their privacy and exclusivity, space colonies would be the ultimate closed gated community.

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