100 thoughts on “My 7 German Culture Shocks as an American!!

  1. Thanks so much to everyone who has downloaded and played Misha’s game Run For Cover! Did you guys like it?? I’m a little embarrassed to admit that i can’t even get beyond the supply truck haha

  2. WhatsApp is just an app. It has got nothing to do with people preferring Android over apple in Germany. Moron! Just go back to US!

  3. Most European countries operate self-service petrol (gas) stations. In the past, mainly because it was cheaper than having a bunch of forecourt attendants. Today, however, there is practically zero profit margin for the garage franchise owner on selling just fuel; they make their money on you buying their overpriced chocie bars, drinks and, God forbid, an emergency can of engine oil. With pump-pay set ups, they won't make money, which is why they're still unusual to find.

  4. It is sad that American society don't consider their adults mature enough to be able to hear "fuck" on a radio. The fact that iPhone is not so used in Europe is because we see it as an overpriced phone based on the "logo" status and that's all.

  5. In the US, prostitution is legal – as long as someone films and publishes it. Hearing Americans being shocked about German brothels is really funny, given that the US has the biggest porn industry in the world.

  6. If you really want to hear a german swearing, wait, until their is a "censored radio version" of something in the radio. "Amerikanische Fickscheiße, verdammte."

  7. Tolles Video, aber ich finde das die "Kulturschocks" nicht so richtig typisch oder passend sind… Weil man kann Berlin nicht mit komplett Deutschland vergleichen, oder ?

  8. I disagree with the comment, that paying right at the gas pump is more efficient than paying inside, because when you have to go inside, you always have to walk through the hole building between a ton of grocery. And a lot of people will also buy some food or snack just because of that. So from the perspective of a gas station owner it makes much more sense. But i agree that for a customer its way easier and faster to pay directly at the pump.

  9. That is because the US subsidizes everything in Europe so we Americans can pay for their defense, their medicines, their healthcare, their fuels. If we taxpayers could stop it we would have a much better life like we had in the 1950s and early 1960s

  10. By tracking my credit cardI they would knew that I always pump a few extra liter everytime they play Yogy Bear at the gas station ❤🐻🤣

  11. I am a german living in California right now. The smoking in Germany always annoyed me, but now it is almost unbearable for me how many people smoke in Germany and at how many places it is still ALLOWED to smoke – like the outside seating areas of restaurants and cafes. I live in a smoke free city right now, it is not even allowed to smoke on the sidewalk ❤️

  12. Das man in Deutschland selten am Zapfhahn direkt bezahlen kann hat einen einfachen Grund. Nur vom Spritverkauf kann der Betreiber nicht leben. Man geht also in den Laden und viele kaufen noch was ein, was sie vielleicht gar nicht wollten oder brauchen

  13. How can she say so many things about Germany that are not true in any way? Like wtf? I've lived in Germany for all my life and think almost everything she says is just wrong… I've never seen anything like that so wtf lol?

  14. I'm American. I think half of this is just being naive about the world in general. We knew all this stuff back in the 80's and 90's.

  15. iPhone is overpriced and isn't better than Android at all. Apple is ripping people off, the new IPhone costs more than a very good laptop… just insane.

  16. Where do you get your information from
    America is named for sex. Girl please I know like to talk but please say something correct

  17. I'm German and although You propably didn't mean it describing number 7 as culture thing really is insulting!

  18. OK, to you people talking trash about American freedoms and rights to arms, let me enlighten you. Americans believe that these rights we have are GOD GIVEN rights, and every man has them. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights simply guarantee these God given rights, never to be taken away. Now specifically, (since you Germans mentioned it) our right to bear arms is for defense. Defense against predators. Defense against men with evil intentions. And defense against our own government imposing its will upon the people. Because our government is "for the people and by the people". In other words, the government works for us, the people, not the other way around. And we consider it our DUTY to overthrow our government if it becomes oppressive, tyrannical or totalitarian. And you have to have arms to overthrow the government. We also just enjoy shooting them (guns that is) for sport. Hope this helps.

  19. Weint sie wirklich weil in deutschen Radios die unzensierten Versionen eines Liedes gespielt werden? Dann soll die das Radio ausschalten ich meine was ist das denn für eine prüde Aussage?😂

  20. For the most SHOCKS there is no reason why. If i go to africa and see that the most people are black, i can´t say i have a shock. (no racist)

  21. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen a partner interrupt some1 in the middle of filming for ☕️ . So cute. 😻💏

  22. Hier ist noch ein Unterschied: ein Deutscher ist nicht schockiert wenn er im Ausland ist und auf unterschiedliche Sitten und Gebräuche trifft. Ja, er wundert sich noch nicht mal darüber, dass in anderen Ländern nicht deutsch gesprochen wird.

  23. Ich kann dieses „Shocking“ und „Weird“ inzwischen nicht mehr hören. Was für eine merkwürdige extreme Ausdrucksweise.

  24. Gas is SUPER expensive in Germany! I'm very lucky to live here due to the fact my dad works in the army, meaning we dont have to pay the German gas prices.

  25. You are wrong about iphone. We Germans like qualitiy products more than any country but we just like Android cuz its quality product to and not expensive . I like more Samsung cuz it dont get broke so fast like iphone when it falls down !

  26. I was in Munich last September and found myself in a drunken guitar circle outside Oktoberfest singing Hotel California and almost all the Germans knew all the words. It was great. I mean, I'm 50 sometimes but some of these kids were in their teens and they knew this song inside and out. Impressive.

  27. Well, yes, "the Germans", what you mainly see in Germany are not Germans. Even chancellor Angela Merkel appears to agree that there are no real Germans, Teutons. So today Germans are people from more than 150 countries all over the world, mainly from Eastern Europe. This also explains that chainsmoking habit. It is a typical Eastern European thing that people already start smoking at six o'clock in the morning. Even German politicians are all of Eastern European descent having adopted German names. Kelly seems more German than most of the Germans today in that country. Seems her ancestors migrated to the US coming from Germany?

  28. Ich muss sagen das ich deutsche Musik einfach nicht mag. Entweder ist sie frauenfeindlich, rassistisch oder sie tun so als wären sie sonst was für Gangsta. Da bevorzuge ich halt einfach. Halsey, Rihanna, Bebe Rexha

  29. It’s insane how inaccurate it is you say it’s not as expensive go to Munich and you will probably pay 6000 per month 😂 you could probably not afford living in a good part of Germany btw everyone thinks Berlin is the best way to experience Germany it’s not true …..

  30. Germans do not like to follow trends at least not when it is fashionable, they like to take the WAIT AND SEE APPROACH.

  31. Berlin is a hippy city or bohemian. It's very rough for German standard, however, the rest of Germany is becoming Berlin. Few months ago I saw ICE 4 train smeared with graffiti in frankfurth hauptbahnhof and it's common sight to see spent drug syringes littered around the main station in Frankfurt(eu fanancial capital)…

  32. Smoke breaks? Living my whole life in Germany and never saw that – after dinner or taking a break at work, but not while eating. We don't want out food to get cold!😂 Yes, many people smoke, but it's not really that accepted. Alcohol indeed, but not smoking.

  33. We dont pay for status and pay crazy prices for a cell phone which limits you in every way with the help of systems like iTunes.

  34. There are apartments without kitchens in Berlin? Did I hear that right? (min 2:15 where she talks about US apts having kitchens)… I hadn't heard of apartments without kitchens unless it's a dorm…

  35. so, i am german, living here (cologne) forever and everthing you say is sooooo wrong.

    your observations are soo superficial, noooo single german smokes during the meal.

    only because you saw the 5 most discusting people in some cheap restaurant really doesn't give you the right to talk about germany like you know anything…
    i also don't shoot a video about americans, their focus on money and hollywood, voted trump as president, gunlaws out of control, no healthcare, don't know where to stop

    and your obsession with swearwords is really funny, like it was OUR invention to use swearwords.

    Maybe check this list out, all those movies coming from your country:


  36. Oh you little bitch are so wrong everything here cost more also cars plus 20 prozent taxes on everything you buy plus 40 to 50 prozent of ypur income is taxed in generell plus social bullshit gas water and that stuff rain taxes are also there co2 taxes are coming soon and all the insurences

  37. When I lived in Germany, we still smoked in restaurants and I picked up the habit of smoking while eating, like my German friends. Coming up on 5 years since I quit! Whew….. lol…. I'm moving back next year.

  38. Blablabla, an American goes to another country, thinks the city she's in is actually the whole country, sees something she hasn't seen before, so it must be typical for where she is, and is shocked that not everything is the same as it is in america.

  39. Having traveled a bit myself…when you get outside the US….you really see how the legacy of the Puritans has flowed over the past 400 or so years. It's ridiculous.

  40. iPhones are technically inferior.

    Android phones had many features years earlier:

    2160p video recording, HFR video recording, multi-window, wireless charging, fast charging, high screen resolutions, bigger batteries, bigger internal storage, etc.

    Apple is not innovative, but overhyped and hyperficial.

  41. 7:27 I don't really understand how it is a "culture shock" that you have to walk 30 sec into the gas station to pay 😅 Also the thing with the Android mobiles is not really something which you can call a culture shock 😅

  42. Yeah no. 4 is the same in Australia – and you're correct, they only make money on non-fuel purchases so they need you to impulse buy snacks etc.

  43. One day I'll catch some Germans back home and pay them back for all the "fun" that I'm having in Germany! …with all the "loving" and "intelligent" Germans!

  44. You have to go into the gas station because then you are far more likely to buy something … People owning (renting) a gas station make almost no money on selling gas – they make money by selling a coffee, beer, magazines, gum, etc.

  45. Germans act differently if they think you are an American. As soon as I said I was a Canadian they almost always said; "Ah! You are a GOOD person." They then treated me better than they were when they thought I was an American (not that they treat Americans bad, they just like Canadians better…like MOST of the world. LOL In your face USA. I also never saw a German stop eating to have a smoke. I ate at a LOT of different restaurants too. I spent 4 months there and ate almost always in restaurants.

    I think you are full of shit.

  46. When I was stationed in Baumholder, as a soldier, I would go to Mainz every other weekend. That place is awesome!

  47. About #4. When you enter a gas station, you enter shop aswell, so you may buy something inside – coffee, cookies or smthg. That's the reason 😉

  48. Damn dude you complain about rent in dc but you live in one of those cheaply made corporation apartments with that kind of superficial modernity that I would call crap. You gotta buy a house in America that’s just the truth there are way too many capitalists who want to part you of your money. They take advantage of your refusal or lack of knowledge of maintainamcr sell it tonyou as s luxury and then provide absolute garbage. My mom lives In one of these things and it’s like you share an apartment with your neighbors. Not to mention the “wood” floors are laminate the construction I.e. flush trim is horrible and they provide you with bottom tier appliances. Oh but the pool is nice and has a grill… even though you share it with 200 people… my house which rents for 1400 in the cheapest part of the United States in Kansas costs me 1,000 after all taxes mortgage insurance everything. That’s the exact price of my mothers apartment AND I get a whole acre, real construction by union carpenters when that existed and wasn’t just a bunch of Mexicans who need work and every single thing in my home is stupid nice because it’s worth it to buy something that will last long and do an outstanding job FOR YOURSELF. Americans are too trusting when it comes to their money. Did I mention I can throw a ducking rave and my neighbors probably would barely notice? Think about your actions. The us economy is the same as it was in the glory days in the 50s the only difference is people’s choices. How do you spend your money? What kind of overt competitive and therefore low paying cushey job do work at? Where is your place of residence? Do you realize that apartments were once for poor people? That historically it was figured to be the best way of getting poor peoples money with the least amount of land? Think about what you are buying! The true VALUE of your apartment is really about 700$ that is the amount of money you should pay in order to decrease the profit margin of your fucking landlord. They make like 1,000$ a head for a place that rents for 1200 which is a stupid low price for Americans. I drive a truck my job sucks but good paying jobs always suck and I make a great living im uneducated as far as college and I make like twice as much as a teacher. My house costs what it’s WORTH and I don’t pay home owner association fees. I live in a safe neighborhood with great cops and stupid low taxes. I drive a decent late model car that I finance and it hurts me 0 at 400$ a month. After everything all the lixuries I am afforded by my actual hard work I have like $1500 to $2000 to save every month. So ya… the world is not all that bad you just aren’t a very hard worker you don’t have a lot of knowledge and that makes you a huge walking target for rent and apps that charge fees and deliveries and all the stupid junk you have convinced yourself that you need even though it didn’t even exist 30 years ago. People say they are “educated” but what does that really mean? I don’t know about you but nobody could ever pay me any amount of money to sit around and do their bullshit work like a desk jockey in exchange for years of my life where you actually pay to educate yourself. Silly. You aren’t that well off you know. People need to understand that your education doesn’t mean you aren’t poor as fuck. Cash is king make that cash start a business period. Just anyone who may read this I just can’t stand that when somebody complains about rent yet they live in a 5 story tall ripoff with obnoxious neighbors like get a grip. The inner city is for the poor and it always has been. The rich people are all out in the country hiding from that nonsense they drive in when they want to go to their favorite restaurant you don’t need t walk down the street for every whim you have while you tryi to convince yourself that you don’t need a car in the GOGANTIC United States! Wealth exists you just have to not be a follower. Think about it folks… is a salary a big number or just a limit on how much you can make. If I told you brother makes 250,000 a year would you think he’s a doctor? Well he’s not he’s a truck driver who owns one tractor and one trailer. He spend 0 years in post secondary school and he doesn’t work for 60 hours a week he works like 30.

  49. Hi kelly I liked your video,I also am living it up in Germany as of recently!The Iphone thing is not frugality it's Chinese child slavery that the Germans despise,Everything that's abundently consumed in the USA Is pretty much made this way!However Volkswagon got caught with thier pants down recently making thier cheaper models in china aswell when thier was a huge factory fire in Taipe along with a bunch of stored hazardous materials for the VW groupe, so I guess let the midnight special shine the light on them right…Anyway shine on you crazy diamond!And keep that man he gets you stuff.

  50. Why on earth would i need a tv screen showing damn ads while pumping gas. doesnt make any sense, i dont wanna see ads anywhere, i got 2 adblockers running so i dont have to see them

  51. I don't date apple users. Usually arrogant, shallow, gullible douche bags who work in sales or marketing. People in desperate need for status symbols. Everyone witch a background in IT would not touch these things with a ten foot pole!!

  52. Smoking is a habit that it is very difficult to break, what has Germany, the US have to do with an addictive substance?

  53. In Deutschland ist es eine Glaubensfrage ob man IPhone oder Android wählt. Den großen Vorteil bei Android sehe ihnen der viel besseren Kompabilität zu anderen Geräten. iPhone immer nur zu Appel und das stört viele. Ich denke das ist der Hauptgrund zu finden.

  54. I like your video a lot!!!
    BTW, German Culture Shock # 4 is probably due to Germans preferably use cash rather than credit/debit cards, I've never been to Germany, so I have not yet corroborated this myself yet, but I've read a few comments/articles about that. Anyway, thanks for a great video! I loved it!!!😀

  55. The amount of German commenters, who either do not understand Kelly or who constantly need to be reminded by Kelly, she is only sharing her personal experiences and of course not all Germans are the same, is too damn high!

    Now. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, Kelly. I really enjoy your content 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  56. In the 60;s and 70'e here in the united states the way language and sex was looked at was relaxed compared to today I'm not sure when we got a stick our butt about it but it's stupid ty for the video

  57. Typical German and Austrian = thinking you’re better and smarter than anyone else, leftist leaning, atheist, and critical of America (but secretly admiring America).

  58. Kelly you got the gas station solution absolutely right. The gas station could only make a reasonable profit by selling other goods or services than gasoline. If my information source is right, the profit for the gas station selling gasoline is 1€ cent per Liter and that is not enough to cover their costs. So in the end, they only offer gasoline to make you visit their shop.

  59. You can pay with card at the pump. DC isn’t an average American city, it’s a swamp of tax money thieves and corruption. Going outside to smoke is what’s strange. Turks are to Germany, what illegals from South America are to the usa!

  60. german gas stations don't make much money by selling gas, they want to sell you something from their shop.
    That is why in modern gas station shops you have to go through product isles to the counter.
    Maybe the gas stations in the US are happy with the money they earn through selling you gas? No clue about that.

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