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Thank you.Balance, and surviving.Balance is the balance itself of the Nature.Surviving is the challenge that Nature imposes.There’s no purpose in life without challengesSurviving has yet shown great roots in every a small seed of a tree grows constantly higher, and higher toward the lightsurviving is deeply implanted in each living being.Nature itself fights every day for her own survival.she struggles and keeps going onSometimes showing us incredible landscapes,that is all the fruit of thousands of years battling in order to stay alive.She also imposes hard choices.She governs over laws that we often ignore.Love, love is engine.this engine who pushes everything and everyone.As Nature loves the fruit of her own survival,every living being loves as well all the fruits that Nature offers, living according to her rules.this, is perfect balance.Human beings translated love in many different ways while times was passing on,but love was always there.She might be different from one century to anotherbut she kept pushing people to act.Sadly, She kept changing.people started to lose those values that weren’t suppose to ever for other human beings,love for one own family,love for one own Country.hundreds of years will pass,and we won’t love Nature anymore.Nothing remains the same.. when around you there’s only deathMy name is Ludwig Herckel. I volunteered in the first divisionSS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler when I was 20 years old. Yesterday I got promoted to Unterscharführer.Today I lead my men for the first time.-What’s happening?
-I heard something coming from that way -In front of us -Understood
-What we do? -Hold the position
-Understood. Ambush!! Retreat, retreat!I felt quite stupid hiding like a rabbit leaving my men behindI wouldn’t let it happen againCome here..! -What do we do now?
-Shut up! -They came up so fast, what do we do?
-Shut up now! They will kill us! Did you see anybody else? Shit, we need to get out of here. -What’s the plan now?
-We need to be the most silent we can and get back to the Company. -I’m not hearing anything, we can go -You’ve lost your weapon
-Don’t worry.. go first. We shouldn’t be very far. How are you? -I’m doing fine -You’re name is Steiner, right?
-Yes Sir. -Hans was my friend.. I’m sorry -He was a good kamerad.. You will have your time to revenge him. -You’re still alive, now let’s go.The situation was getting quite difficult in the last months...we were convinced to end the war soon and finally see a united Europe.But a year later since Barbarossa Operation, we were still there fighting against soviets and partisans.We strive to be brave and full of energy. I’m proud to fight in this the beautiful Westerwald the wind whistles so the beautiful Westerwald the wind whistles so cold-Oh, you beautiful Westerwald..Over your heights the wind whistles so cold..However the smallest pierces the heart.That week came to the front our new leader of the second company..Untersturmführer Kolbe.After the campaign in France he was assigned to the SS General Quartel.Someone says that he asked so many times to be transferred to the frontthat he finally got the authorization.He is a great leader and a great example.He knows when the risk is not worth it.Everybody gets ready! -Move! My son will be an excellent pilot too! -Everybody to the right side! -Take cover! On the right! -Untersturmführer!
-Yes sir! -Take the second platoon and move straight to the first line of holes ..Infantry will come soon. -Yes Sir. Herckel! -Let’s go! -Herckel, listen. We move across the street and hold the position in the first line of holes. ..Not over than that! -The first, understood! -Let’s move. -Russian aircraft!
-We are too uncovered. We need to move! -Go! -Listen, this is the second line, we move and go forward! On my command! -Take cover! -Take cover! -Herckel! Herckel! We move! -Position! -Hey! Untersturmführer! Kolbe! The line! -We have to hold the line! -Nobody must pass! -Understood! Men! Nobody must pass! -Yes Sir! -Nobody! -Follow me! -Open fire! -More ammo! -Russian tanks! -Russians! The come!! -Keep firing! Keep firing!My dearest wife, today we had to retreat breaks my heart to lose another battle, but this is how it goes.I’m doing fine, but we are sad thinking of our brothers that are prisoners nowI’m still faithfull in the final victory. We all can’t wait to battle again and revenge our kameraden.Most of them are just like beasts. I can’t write you about that, but for sure I will neverlet them to put a foot on German land.-Everything is going to be alright. -We will make it.. -We will get back to our homes.. ..after our victory. -Of course. -we know we will win. know, after the taken of Poland.. we moved to France, many people died, but.. you know.. some sacrifices are necessary, to bring honor to our nation.. and to our lives. -I’m honored that you are with us. You are a great leader. -But the important part is you. ..To find the strength right here. -I have total trust under your command. and.. I will follow your example. -Thank you Herckel. Alright? Good night.-My dear wife, Summer is quite gone. I often rememberour walking with the coloured trees above us. I miss you so much, my dear.I hope to see you soon. For the moment we are not advancing.The enemy keeps growing every day. They are so many..I’m starting getting a little worried about this. That’s why I have to write you through my Journal.I don’t want to give up, but I feel more confortable doing this.You help me a lot during hard moments.I hope you are proud of me and of what I’m doing here.Men, listen. We leave in 5 minutes. The second company got ordered to clear inside an old factory 5 km from here. Remember, we’ve got chosen for this job! For the Leibstandarte!! And for our wonderful Reich!! -I go first with one man. You take the rest of the platoon and cover our butt. -Yes Sir.
-You, with me! -Machine gun!! Everybody advance!! Machine gun, machine gun! Advance! Meisen come here! Steiner! Follow me!
-Yes sir!! -Window on the right!! The window on the right!! -Herckel!! The window on the right side! Grenade! One grenade! -Sniper!! -Herckel!! Take two men and fix this shit now!! Yes Sir! -Steiner! Come with me! -You go with him! Covering fire!! -Move move move! -Sniper! Move move move! Steiner! Advance! Fucking Commie!! Kolbe! Clear! Steiner! Enough! Advance! You good? All of you are fine? Good job. Meisen, on you.I don’t agree too much about Steiner’s attitude. But we were a team.I admire the courage he showed many times.He was often volunteering for patrols and firing squads.He doesn’t care a lot about prisoners. His friend Otto got stabbed withA bayonet even though he was injured. He decided to not spare any of the enemy.Not even one.I never asked him, but I’m quite sure that now that we are retreatinghe’s afraid that enemies will get to his little brother. He doesn’t want him to fight in this war.It’s so cold here..-Attention!!Italy is a wonderful country.I can’t write a lot about here, Partisan activity here is huge.In Cuneo we lost some men, we burned almost an entire town.We won’t stay here long, we will be back soon in the Ukraine.Fighting only for some meters..Conquer again what we lost.-Stay here. Herckel, Unterscharführer, I’m afraid I have bad news.. Ivan broke again into our lines get ready to move.
Unterscharführer, I’m afraid I have bad news.. Ivan broke again into our lines get ready to move. The Wehrmacht is having big losses so we have to cover their retreat. We will form small groups of.. three or four men to deploy a line while they pull back. -So we keep retreating? -Yes, I’m afraid so. -Come here!
-Yes, I’m afraid so. -Come here! -Franz Johann Scholl -Heil Hitler -He arrived today, so please take him into your squad.Another kid..Another soul..Another target..Another dead..Another thought..Another tear..We are sent like chess pieces in a endless chessboard.And I still want to do my best even if I’m just an insignificant pawn.-Scholl! What’s wrong? -I go first
-Good idea. -Good job, hein? Scholl, go get the mine. -I hate these situations -You think we have other choices? -and after all our efforts, we have to cover those loser’s butt? -it seems that theirs is pretty important Anyways, keep digging. Stop saying bullshit. -Scholl, you like a princess. How did you get into the first SS? -I volunteered -Whatever, I bet your parents filled out the forms for you -Very funny, Steiner. -Ivan will come today? -No, not today -The biggest part of their army will pass north. Here only reconnaissance patrols. -We will block those fucking Bolscheviks -Well, thank you Steiner. -Scholl, did you kill someone yet? -No, not yet. -Don’t worry, you will have your time for it. -One more stupid than him for sure. -At least I hope you are a good shooter. At least that. -We’ll see it. -Herckel, this one won’t last longer than a week. -Steiner please shut up. Keep workingWe born.. and we learn.We learn.. and we don’t teach.We want examples to follow. We don’t care in being examples.Other’s lives are getting every day more insignificant. So ours.We survive.Call of duty keeps living in our chests. Yes, we want to live. And we don’t know what for.We are brothers. I see them living. I want them to live.I fight for this now.-Fucking rain..
-I can’t see a damn. -Scholl, I never asked you where are you from.. -Kremmen
-And where’s that? -North Berlin.. ..but then I moved to Oranienstein, into a Napola -Napola? Now I understand how you got here. -My parents wanted to. I felt obliged. -Do you have family? -I have a wife.. -What’s her name? -Margarite.. -She’s waiting for me at home.A new day..-Steiner, news?
-All quiet. -You can rest. I’ll take care of this Get up! -Steiner I know you are tired, but go to Kolbe and ask for orders. -So quiet..
-Yes.. -Ivan will come?
-Yes. ..they always come. -I didn’t volunteer to argue all the time. -He is like that ..don’t forget that you are an SS. -You look like a motivated soldier, but show that in the battle. ..not only words. We are lions! -So?
-Orders are to hold the position even if another group is under fire. We don’t move. -Yes Kolbe is right.. If we leave the position ..Russians could pass through here. -Scholl, come to the MG. -Do you trust him over there?
-Yes.. -Steiner, why do you keep breaking my balls? -Because you are a fucking recruit. -Enough Kameraden, Steiner you calm down. -What was that?
-One of our mines! -Good, they’re coming! -Russians! I shoot first! -Steiner! Grenades Grenades!! Keep shooting! Keep shooting! Reloading! -They’re retreating!!! -Run away, bastards!! -Cease fire! Cease fire!More numbers to add..-Steiner, come with me, let’s take a look. -Unterscharführer, over here! -Get up! -What do we do now? -Orders are clear. No prisoners. -Scholl found it, so he has to shoot him.How can you feel better have authority to stop something....yet you’re not supposed to?-Come on! Show us your honor! -Shoot! -Come on! Shoot him now! -Are you happy now? -Steiner, inform Kolbe about what happened. The patrol we blocked and that we had no losses. Go. -oh yes, with Scholl.. Please stop it. -Scholl.. who are you writing to? -Technically to my mother.. ..but I.. ..I have no idea in what to write. -Did you write to your parents? -No.. since months. -Here.. -Write to them.
-No.. -Come on, write to them. -I’m sorry.. I can’t write. -What’s your mother’s name? -Margot. -Are you doing good?
-Yes, I’m alive -Do you eat well here?
-Yes, all the time.. -Is it warm here?
-Very warm.. ..We are all sun tunned.Once again, I’m proud to not suffer the war alone..but with my brothers.-With love.. Steiner.The following day we received the order to leave our position and join the Company again.-In the Napola they taught us to be obedient -In what Napola did you go? -Hessan Nassau, but they taught us well -Many of use kept studying, but I volunteered in the SS. ..if they really wanted to serve, they should have volunteered too. -I think so too, Scholl -And you Unterscharführer? Why did you join the SS? -When I was a kid, my dad left for the front.. ..Even though he was too old. My mother was very proud of this. I hope.. ..that is the same for my wife as well. He never came back, and we had to leave our home. We weren’t able to survive with the money. Crisis was huge. So.. ..moreover the place where we lived wasn’t Germany anymore.. That’s quite heavy to realize. My mother had to work all day long in order to have some flour to cook some bread. We always ate that bread.. That year for my birthday, my mother brought me a little tuna can. It was the first different meal I ate after months. Damn.. No one ever came to say what happened to my father. -I’m sorry.. -While we moved, my mother couldn’t find any other job. ..This was because most of the economy was held by the Jews. Naturally they preferred to help Jews instead of helping us. Often we had to hide and sleep in haystacks. It was the National Socialism that finally gave her a job. -Did you volunteer to thank the Führer? -One day, my mother received a letter from the Gaulater saying that our Nation was proud of what our father did for the Country. Nobody ever cared about it.. Now yes. That’s why I fight.Winter was approaching. We got transferred to the western part of Ukraine and we were oftenasked to help other divisions as communication support.Landscape was so breathtaking.It was weird to combine all that death in such a beautiful place.My loved Margarite, snow covers everything.For the moment we hold the line. I feel safe with my friends, even thoughIt is I who is their point of strengthHere is so cold.I don’t even know what day is today.I hope, you think of me.-Hey guys.. -Merry Christmas -Is it Christmas today? -Merry Christmas Steiner
-Merry Christmas Scholl -Merry Christmas Kameraden
– Merry Christmas Herckel-Merry Christmas Margarite..-I’m very sick of this Always us to cover the shit. Always us to do this job.. ..that other idiots can’t do. -Steiner, if they need our help, we go. Because maybe tomorrow we will need their help, and we are screwed. So, if they need us, we go. Stop it. Nothing else to complain about. -Did you see around us? What do you see? Snow everywhere! Covering our fallen Kameraden. We should retreat once again, hold a line, wait for them and kill them all! -Is this what you want? Everyday we keep losing meters, every day we are the closer to our homes!! This war, it won’t be only with us if we keep thinking this way, and if we lose a meter today, we won’t get it back tomorrow! You understand this? Do you want your brother to fight? Do you know what they would do to our families? Or our women? They will destroy everything! They are also fighting for their land! While I breathe, I will do my best to get those bastards out of my country. Understood? You just think about your fucking job. You are a fucking soldier just like me, we don’t count a damn. And remember that this talking is undermeaning military moral! You are an SS. Remember that! You know they could execute you for that. Should I report you? Uh? -I’m sorry my friend.. But this is how it goes. This is totally shit, but we can’t do anything. What are we? Nothing. What did you expect..?What are we in this World?What can make a single soldier?How can we choose the best, even when things do not go as your leaders promised to you?The only thing I do now is dig..dig, and dig again.I took an oath to my leaders… I believed in them.At the end of March we got transferred to Netherlands. One thing was sure..We were no longer training to win in Russia,We started realizing that we were training in order to defend our country.-Scholl, a little higher. ..good, you got it.I miss my wife so much but I feel uncomfortable about getting back to herNone of us went home.They were so much worried about the war,that they didn’t want to waste one single day.Things got worse and worseAmericans landed in NormandyNow we started to feel real fear in being completely surrounded.France is quite different from the East,even if there were debris everywhere, it looks sarcastically happier.I received other men in my platoon.many of them were just drafted boys..It was weird to lead drafted SS in the First Division, it was very weird.The Führer wasn’t sparing anyone.Kolbe refused any promotion. He didn’t want to leave us.He got assigned again at Hitler’s office but he never left.He’s the man I admire the most.We hold the line.Beating the Allies would have been an excellent propaganda to get our revenge on Russians.We should have known..It wasn’t like that.Americans are advancing right into our line, we need to attack right now and stop them. ..Sturmscharführer Prunelle came today and will join the Second Company. I want you to fight with all your strength! Like lions!! It’s time to push them back!Lions..Faces were getting pretty the same..Results were always the same.-Are you nervous? Because all of this? Don’t get discouraged. We’ll totally make it. Alright. Five minutes. -Alright, we will move together. You, you and you, with me. I will move on the left side. Understood?Once again.. Another battle.Another big question..Will I be alive in an hour?Together..So desperateTired.. I feel my hands so heavy.Sick..Convinced souls. Dead.Is this my time to go?I need to see you one more time..-Sturmscharführer! Sturmscharführer! I move forward!Alone..You watch over me.No soldiers.. No bombs.Take care over meDon’t abandon meYour light is life.I love you..-Are you alone? Who are you? -You are lost. -I guess so too.. Americans defeated us. I believe.. They went that way. I woke up all alone.. Do you have some water? I lost mine. Thanks. -You belong to which company? -First Division SS ..Leibstandarte.
-Ah the first one.. -My name’s Herckel, Unterscharführer
-Unterscharführer.. -And you? oh, a regular soldier. What division? -21th We were in Caen. -Why are you all alone? -Where are you from? -from a small town, West Germany. -Braunschweig? -Me too, but I have never seen you before. -Me neither, what’s your name? -Hermann Dietwolf. -Well, you don’t look German.. arent’ you? -Ah no no My mother is from Spain. You know that Jews work for us, right? -Of course. -And we hate them, right? -They are the ruin of our Nation. -Yes, sure.. Do you know that we are killing them all? -What.. We send them to work camps, for us. -Sure, that’s what they tell you. -I don’t know, I’ve never been in work camps. -I didn’t believe it as well.. But I’ve seen it with my eyes. -Where? -In Poland.. I was patroling around a Train Station. Trains came from everywhere filled of Jews. Then they were sent to several working camps. One day a train arrived with women. They got separated before getting on to it. Someone caught a Jew hiding in the town. They wouldn’t send him with the women, so they brought him behind the Station. SS were talking about a special treatment for them. Do you know what’s that?
-No. -Since that moment, I’m scared to see my wife.. ..among those women. Her father is Jew.. ..and her name’s Eleonor. We fell in love.. and we changed her last name. We married and we moved to Braunshweig. Since I was drafted, I’m scared to death that they might find her. That’s why I desert. I suffered that guilt for too long.. ..Now I can’t any longer. Is this bad..? Is this wrong..? -She gave me this, before I left. -I won’t let them get her. -So what are you going to do? -I don’t know.. ..I will surrender to the Americans.
-Surrender? -They will help me! The war won’t last too long. -..maybe not. -Good luck Unterscharführer -Good luck Dietwolf. -You were lucky. -Here you are Herckel. I heard all about you. ..but listen, you never took your leave. Next week there is a plane going to Germany. You go on it. Alright? -You are alive! I felt totally different going home ordered by Kolbe I didn’t feel like a coward. My dearest wife.. I’m coming to you. -It’s so weird to be home after so much time. -That’s what you say.. without you here is so boring.. -What do we eat today?
-I reserved two places for tonight at the restaurant. ..we go to Haussmann’s
-Oh! That’s great! -You are so beautiful. Shall we go? Come. -..What..?
-You are gorgeous. -Thank you.. But.. is at the front? -Russia, was a disaster. -So many cities are bombed. Here we are so lucky -This is a small town. They don’t care about here. -I’m sick of this situation ..if the Führer..
-Don’t talk like this please. -You’re right.. things aren’t good. But I love you so much and I love Germany so much. I won’t give up. And we all want to do our best. -I imagine, it’s not easy at all..What does a man have to fight for?What’s the meaning of love?Love.. Isn’t this beautiful? You..Time for love.. Time to be brave.Duty is something we can’t avoidBut love.. is something a man can’t live without.I want to stay with you.. now.Doubts keep staying inside meI need answers.-Eleonor? -Eleonor? I met your husband in Normandy. Are you there? -Hello, my name’s Ludwig Herckel. -What do you need?
-I met your husband at the front.. I found out that we didn’t live so far.. and I came to visit you. He told me about you. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.
-Does he live? -Yes. -Is he doing well? Is he injured? You can tell me. -He’s doing fine. He wasn’t injured when I met him. -If you see him again, please salute him from me. -I will do it. Now I have to go. Nice to meet you Miss Dietwolf. -Unterscharführer
-Kamerad, what’s going on? -I’m driving two Gestapo officers. -Gestapo?
-Yes Sir. -Heil Hitler
-Heil Hitler -What happens? -Please let me go! No..! -What’s going on? -Do you know this girl? -No. -Her husband is a dirty traitor, and checking on his documents we found out that ..she’s not German, but she’s from Poland. -Unterscharführer, are you sure that you don’t know this woman? -No, but what did she do? -My name’s Eleonor, my name’s Eleonor, I’m not Polish! -I bet she was a Jew -Are you insane? Why did you had to shoot her? -Unterscharführer.. ..your documents please.
-Of course. -Unterscharführer, so you don’t know her.
-No, I already told you so -Heil Hitler
-Heil Hitler. -You can’t catch me, you can’t catch me!
Oh one soldier! -Come kids, time to go home.It’s hard to hide what you feel inside.your men expect to find strength inside you.I got promoted when I got back here. I’m very disappointed about how things are going.Whatever the Third Reich is doing, I need to find a new motivation....or I will die soon.-Scharführer Herckel, I introduce to you Sturmscharführer Prunelle. So you can talk later and get to know each other. You leave us now. -So.. What are you writing? -Nothing important.
-Good. -I heard you have some feelings that could undermine moral from you. No more! Lead your men, understood? -You know that we are surrounded? Do you realize it? -Yes, I know.
-Shall we all die like dogs? Is it right? -That’s our job, that’s what we do. We fight until the final victory. The final victory! I’m trying to keep you away from judgment, Herckel! -We’re fighting for nothing, Kolbe! -You need to calm down. -Why do I always have to follow your great ideas, Scholl? ..nothing! -I’m more stupid than you because I end up following you. Nothing. -oh wait, you bet I find candies here? here! Check this out. -Let’s go! -Hey Steiner, you know that this fucking weather reminds me a lot of your home? -Why you always have to say bullshit? your home is even worse.
-No whatever, you’re wrong. -It rains bombs, come on!
-You’re just jalous! -Let’s move! -Come on, you know that I’m just kidding with you.. -Steiner, here’s full! -Nice. -Is it you that stink so much? -Yes Scholl, I only fart when you are around. Let’s go, move! -“Come on, come on”.. Yes I come.. You stink of shit, I’m coming. -Did you call me, Sir? -Scharführer.. ..whatever you’re doing.. it must stop right now. ..or I will send you to judgment. -It won’t happen again. -I leave in one hour. Get back to your men. -Are you escaping, Sir? -I’m very sick of you. This is not longer a game! I gave you an order! Get back to Kolbe’s platoon and do your job. I will do mine. Dismissed, Scharführer. This is what we do.. We fight.. Until the end. -I’m sorry for being rude today. I really want to do my best, especially in front of the others. But I understand how you feel. While you were home, I had to escort a Standartenführer for an inspection. Sometimes is hard to understand if something is right or not. ..but you have to do it. Of course you have to.Why do you have those weapons? They belong to who?Talk now!They probably were a starving family.. He told me, that I had to shoot them. ..He ordered me. -Her, her name was Eleonor, a girl who lived.. not very far from me. She got shot. They killed her, because she was a Jew. I.. I only wonder now.. What the world will think of us, when all of this will end. -If we lose this war… ..we are cursed forever. I never killed a Jew. -Herckel, are we moving?
-Yes, tomorrow morning. -are they going to transfer you?
-No. ..we keep staying with kolbe. -Herckel, listen.. ..what’s going on? -I don’t know.. I’m just very tired. -At the radio they said that Americans executed 13 German Prisoners -Don’t believe in everything they say. ..I don’t believe it.
-Alright my friend, ..I’m with you tomorrow.What if Dietwolf is right..?-Herckel, an American soldier. The only survivor of a Patrol. Check him out. -Look.. Dogtags. -Untersturmführer -They can kill how many the want, they are not going to win this war. What.. -Why do you have this? Look at me! Why you have this?! Answer me! Bastard, fucking bastard! Answer me! -Bastard! Bastard!
-Herckel! Stop it!No point to look atNo strength to holdAny sense, any reason.-Where is the Untersturmführer Kolbe? Thank you. -Oberschütze Hans Von Grobel -Do you have your Soldbuch?New soldiers kept coming.New meat.. to send before getting caught.Time to leave … No energyI will kill them all those bastards.-Grobel, take your stuff. You come with us.Eleonor.. killed by them..the other killed by us.What am I fighting for?-Herckel! Take three man, go that way! -Shit!!! Shoot!! Herckel Shoot!!!! Shoot him! Herckel Shoot him! Come on!! Are you stupid? Why didn’t you shoot? -Pull back. Steiner!! Steiner!! Run..!It only takes few seconds.Nobody wants to die this way.After years you become numb..Yet you have to fight..Of course you have to.You have to.Steiner..-It’s hard to believe.. -He died in my arms. -The only thing we can do now, is to honor him. Nothing else. -So what happened to your ugly faces? Steiner!! -Hello Kameraden What’s going on? Everything is alright? Time for sleep, alright? Good night. -To you, Steiner.We kept losing men. The war was not going to last too much longer,and the more the days were passing on, the most I was fighting for my wife.For my lovely Germany.We were destroyed and we raisedWe were destroyed again.-First and Second platoon here! -The second platoon goes first. The first follows backwards. Understood? Did you understood? -Open fire! -Did you see where the sniper is?
-I don’t know! -Cease fire! Cease fire! -Kolbe! Where’s Kolbe? I’m so sorry to leave you here, brother.. -Scharführer! Retreat! Now!! -First and second platoon retreat! Move move move!! -I’m sorry for Kolbe, Herckel. ..can I help somehow? -Can you bring him back? -I understand. -For what.. ..are we fighting for? -You know, I love my Nation. I don’t care about politics anymore. I only fight, for what I love.My dearest Margaritein a place where I can’t find out what my real duty is,I can only tell you that I did my best.I tried to be a good example, a good Soldier.I never gave up even when I was feeling discouraged.I hope to see you soon and hug you again,telling you that I did everything I could.I really fought for you. For my house. For my land.I love you so much.The War didn’t last too much longer.Soldiers realized that the Allies were pressing all around.Their offensive became more desperated.But they kept fighting.Sometimes they could see little sparks of hope..other times they could only wait.wait to live..wait to die.Even if we fought for the freedom against their tirannySoldiers did fight for their lives, for their country.many of them didn’t want to see another defeat.many of them were terrified to see their enemies in their cities, in their homes.but they had to do it, they had to be there.waking up, they had to embrace their rifles,and finish what their leaders had begun.another bullet, another bomb, another to catch the to live one more day.German Leaders were accused of terrible crimes against humanitybut we learn that those crimes were committed by all of them.those responsable of crimes were punished as they deserved...but do we know if the guilties are only in their army?they were pushed to do everything they could, instead doing nothing..sadness.. hopeless.. desperation.-Unterscharfuhrer.. -I tried.. to do everything I could.. -I cannot anymore..Their honor, was loyalty.while generals were ready to die for their Leader,Soldiers were ready to die to defend their people, their brothers.Politicians are often wrong,but soldiers took oath to their lovely Nation, as my husband did to ours.they fought until the end.even when age didn’t call them to duty..even when they could had only hope a bomb didn’t fall into their house.we all want to feel confortable being in the right part of the situation,but we don’t wonder too much if dropping atomic bombs on people is right also.millions died. Millions will die tomorrow.and we won’t do anything.History is written by winners.They are able to tell us what happened.They are able to tell who the evil is.They can show us other armies’ crimes.They can hide their owns.We judge too much often about thing we don’t know,we always look for someone to point the finger against, because it’s easy.but I could never deny that thanks to that evil german Soldiermy husband is still alive.I won’t teach to my children to believe that they were all right.But I will teach that I opened my eyes, and I saw thatthey were not all the same.

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