Natural hair struggles? Not anymore for these young girls | Nancy’s Workshop

Natural hair struggles? Not anymore for these young girls | Nancy’s Workshop

Mm-hmm. Hairdresser:
I don’t like to say,
“You have kinky hair,” because I find, like,
it’s saying something negative. I’d rather say,
“I have a tight curl pattern.” Right? We’re supposed to empower
each other. So, we never say to a girl,
“Oh, your hair is hard,” or “your hair is kinky.” We just say, “You know what? Your hair has
a tighter curl pattern,” but we can do something
beautiful with it.” Okay? Ça va bien?
How are you guys today? Good. Good? So, my name is Nancy Falaise, and I grew up
just hating my hair. I wasn’t accepted as a
biracial girl in my high school, and with my afro, I got teased all the time. As soon as my mum
gave me the okay, I wanted to straighten my hair. I wish someone like me
would have taught me when I was younger. Has this happened to you a lot, that people want to just touch
your hair? Nancy: I don’t like it
when people touch my hair. You’re not respecting
my bubble. I kind of feel like
it’s rude. Yeah? ‘Cause I wouldn’t
go up to somebody and just,
like– Touch their hair? Yeah. I feel you. My name is Ashley, and I’m
in seventh grade. My favourite subject
in school is drama, because, um– I don’t like
drama, but I like drama. I’m really generous.
I love to share anything I have. But I will not share food, because I really like my food. Okay? (water whooshing) Ashley:
I don’t wear my hair down often
at school or really anywhere,
because it looks messy or it looks bad. I feel like everyone else
who does it with straight hair looks really good. Hair is such a big part
of our life, our body. Like, everything. You really want to, like,
impress people with your hair or just fit in. Like, there are things
I won’t do anymore ’cause I’m scared
that people will judge me. I feel like it’s really sad, because that’s the way, like,
I was born, with curly hair. So, I should just do my hair
the way I want to, but I feel like I’m living for
the world, kind of, which sucks.Thank you. Okay? Mm-hmm.(air whooshing) When I had cancer
and I lost all my hair, I felt really,
really, really unattractive. But when my hair grew back,
I understood that I don’t need to have
straight hair to be beautiful; that my curly hair is fantastic. Breast cancer was
the best worst thing that’s happened to me. Seven years this year. I’m in seven years
full remission. And, um– I’m sorry. But it’s a big, big thing
for me, seven years, because… …when I went in and I found out that
I had breast cancer, you know,
it was an aggressive kind. And he said, “If in seven years
you’re still here, you made it.” And I’m here. Ready to start styling our hair, making ourselves
even more fabulous? Yes? You have the nourishing cream. You guys see it
on your station? I suggest that you guys
part your hair in four, from the front to the back and from the ears
to the ears. Okay. Okay. Oui. Wow. Oh, wow. Okay. C’est d’accord avec ça? You see, your hand becomes like
a comb. Nancy:
Perfect. Okay. I will. Like, her curls
aren’t defined enough. Alicia:
Can I say a bit in English
and a bit in French? I like watching soccer
and playing soccer. I will describe me as, um… Nancy:
Guys, I wanted to show you
something else that you guys can do
in your hair, which is called a twist. We’re going to show you
on Helen. Your turn, Ashley. Did you see how your hair
is looking? Byanca:
D’accord.You guys almost done? Let’s see. Where are you at? If I was you, I would add just a little bit more gel,
just right here. The rest is really good. Mm-hmm. Nancy:
We teach others. I teach you guys; now, you go
home and you teach others. We uplift each other. If all the women uplifted
each other, it would be a better world. Okay? Cool? Yeah. Cool.

100 thoughts on “Natural hair struggles? Not anymore for these young girls | Nancy’s Workshop

  1. I am also natural God Bless this woman. I will be traveling to France (a few different cities) does anyone know where she is located or how to contact her at here show. I would feel honored to allow her to do my hair.

  2. This was absolutely amazing. I loved that you had girls with all different hair types. And they all left smiling. I'm 53 and I learned something. Beautiful!!!

  3. I started loving my curly big hair the age of 19 i stopped straightening it daily and 2 years later my hair is stunning and realy give me relaxing beautiful feeling of freedom😍

  4. I'm glad shes helping them. But plzzz…. detangle with some conditioner with slip. It doesnt have to hurt….. oh my word….

  5. Most naturals from my generation need this also. Most of our moms had relaxed hair and didn’t know what to do with our natural curls. We are trying to figure it out.

  6. I’m not crying just something in my eye 😅 love that these girls have found confidence and sisters through this experience

  7. This made me emotional watching this, but in a good way. I am so thankful that my parents and family never made me feel anything was wrong with my hair or my skin. Even growing up in a predominantly white area and having a few little yips and yaps it never really got to me because my mom used to call me her little black doll. I was able to shake it off real quick. I LOVE this and I love how these beautiful girls started almost blossoming as they got more comfortable and more confident. This is fulfilling your purpose. Kudos to everyone involved.

  8. I'm reading the comment sections and it seems that every woman with coarse hair seems to go through this at some point or another, Including myself. This is why we need to uplift and empower each other and really get sisterhood going full throttle.

  9. I am going to share this documentary with a little 4c hair girl I know that hates her hair and is on the road to weave and wigs.

  10. I need to go here, I have 3b hair and my parents both have wavy hair and they think that it’s a puff ball and that it needs to be straightened🙁

  11. I do love this workshop we need to reach our younger generation to give them the knowledge to embrace and love the skin and hair their in 😍😍

  12. I'm still struggling at 47 with being happy with my 4c hair. I just had a big pity party I hate my hair outburst last week after taking my braids out. It's so much work then you have the ritual of tying it up at night. I know our hair is strong, the strongest strand there is, i still need time to reprogram my mind and not be concerned about what the world thinks.

  13. I love these videos, I don’t know why but, the older I get learning about everything has becomes so much more attractive to me. So satisfying!! ✌️❤️

  14. Beautiful. Thank you so much for showing these girls how beautiful they are. I was thinking about going natural but my stylist acted like she wasn't up for the journey so i cut her off. I promise to show this video to every little girl i know.

  15. I WISH just like everyone else here, that I was let know how my curly hair was beautiful I spent a lot of of school years never being able to really feel confident about my hair. THIS is beautiful, what she did with these girls! And I agree no one should just go up to you and touch your hair without permission.

  16. This woman is doing a great thing. She's teaching young girls to accept themselves and telling them they're beautiful just as they are. There's no greater rebellion and power, I think, than in being happy with who you are and not changing that, especially when society tells you differently.

  17. …Didn't think that I would watch this whole video but Nancy was so positive. More girls old and young need to hear this 😊

  18. This is so beautiful! Thank you, Nancy!! I wish you were around when I was their age. 😊 It took me sooo long to love and appreciate my hair. I'm in my 40s, but now I've been natural for almost 11 years.

  19. Absolutely beautiful!! Each and every girl! Thank you for such an amazing video.
    God bless each of you.♥️♥️♥️

  20. Also..Thank you for bringing black girls/girls of color together with all different complexions and different (all beautiful!) hair types from wavy/curly to tighter curl patterns.😊❤

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  23. Oh my goodness!!!! This gave me so much joy to see it made me cry. Oh how I wish I had someone to do this for me when I was 11.

  24. I love this 😍 beautiful little girls. Now they can teach others how to care for their hair. That woman is awesome.

  25. Wow I loved it!! I wish I knew this when I was little. I'm almost 33 years old and I only started to learn how to take care of my curly hair 2 years ago

  26. Thanks for the information. I never understood why people felt the urge to touch my hair without any permission. I decided to also touch a persons hair when they touched mine to see what happened. The looked uncomfortable and surprised when I did it back to them.

  27. Beautiful 🥰😊🤭😍 I wish someone had helped me when I was their age. There were only a few pictures of my type of hair. Blessings to those beautiful girls.

  28. The most incredible video, so inspirational, I always think that every one is in this world has a mission, we just need to find it within us.

  29. Absolutely Beautiful. Love her attitude in regard to the young girls. Her beauty confidence is being transferred to the girls. This was used to happen when we were tribal.

  30. This woman deserves a NOBLE PRICE. for *positively changing the mindset of a generation of young people who are told otherwise *
    Thank you. How i wish I had a black daughter to make her proud and unapologetic like my black sons.

  31. I’m the same way with my hair, I hated it for 24 long years and relaxed it. I love it straight, but it’s time for a new look, it’s up to my earlobes when it’s curly and I know it’s going to take a while. I just want it long already

  32. No I'm NOT crying!!!! ….Oh my gosh I so appreciate this. How many of us used to put white turtleneck shirts on our head to cover it in playtime pretending we had long blonde hair! Because even in playtime we could never think our hair was beautiful as it was. I wish I had you too. You would have saved me so much pain.

  33. This is epic. Love what the teacher said at the end. It would be a better world if women and young ladies encourage each other. Magnific.

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