NC Republican Attempts To Distort History

you want to talk about twisting reality twisting history twisting the facts off nobody’s going to do it better than
virginia fought republican congresswoman uh… from north carolina the claims she’s about to make uh… onto real bucket so let’s watch clip number four here and
you know that she’s gonna come any day challenged by uh… democratic congressman anyway and he said begin their cargoes
is names from california to be a decrepit correct misimpressions but i
want to go to a more fundamental truth to after this quick let’s let’s watch announced today first day when i came
here i heard my colleague from are again blaming george bush for everything
insufficient in this country that with that started in two thousand
and five and he’s still doing that just like uh… many of our colleagues here the by democrats in charge can’t hide
from the fact that they now control the house the
senate and the white house and what are they going to solve the
problem very little i want to say that the sponsor of the
bill actually brought up this issue uh… that arab our friends across the
aisle or trying to say now is afr issue uh… unfortunately the sponsor of the
bill has been helped to change his mind on the issued by the democrats in charge
because it states uh… their purpose is more and actually the g_o_p_ then the leader in starting good environmental programs in this in
this country uh… just as we were the people passed
the civil rights bills in the sixties without very much help
from our colleagues across the aisle they love to engage in revisionist
history them from california thank you mr speaker mr speaker of the seven years that i’ve
been here in the years that i’ve watched this congress beforehand i sometimes lots of florida can’t believe what i’m hearing that
can’t believe my ears today what i’m hearing on the floor really takes the cake the gentle lady from north carolina and
her statement just now indicated that the republican g_o_p_ had passed the civil rights act
legislation with almost no help from the democrats i can’t believe i here’s it was the kennedy and johnson
administration where we passed that great society legislation it was over the objection of people like jesse
helms from those gentlewoman state that we passed that civil rights legislation john lewis mug you know i will not yield john lewis a member of this house was beaten on the edmund pat ethridge to get that civil rights legislation
passed tell john lewis but he wasn’t part of getting that
legislation passed i sometimes cannot believe what i hear
on this house floor and i will tell you today that i will stay and by these statements
and i am very proud of what my party has done today and civil rights legislation
in the united states of america i reserve the balance of my time beverage
in your box came on had to be fair door and said let’s just announced income in
the congress till nineteen seventy-two so he wasn’t there for the vote abut what private cardozo was saying was people like jesse helms and to jesse helms of whatever the civil
rights act alvo not under any circumstances and i don’t think there’s a house with a
night out for a second okay so now but let’s get to the real outrage in which he said uh… is there some back kernel of truth
in what you think that’s actually nixon uh… did a lot of the that environmental legislation that we
know now and of course is a republican right but the republican party more away from that and they said hey you
know what i was the wrong way to go now where fight uh… environmental legislation and they’ve been doing that for the last thirty years it’s like what they do with link it off party of lincoln uh… he’s the one i freed the slaves
back then the republican party was the liberal party so it’s comical could have come out
pretended you know uh… that abraham lincoln was somehow
conservative when he freed the slaves now he was a
level will be freed the slaves back then the parties were to some degree reversed annexes no one’s loop right back uh… in terms of some of the massive
policy including the p_a_ you were in the right direction then concert has got mad at him and then they decided let’s not go in
that direction anymore that virginia passes the come out and say hey
you know what nixon was right and we’ve decided we’re gonna embraced
environmental legislation on foreign well alright didn’t okay though i have a
conversation but what he’s trying to do a strict now when it comes to civil rights
legislation perfect sample she says a lot of
republicans voted for the civil rights bill they did it what what happened right afterwards and and that’s when actually hurt the
democrats in the south a lock uh… on body in the south the democrats did and then a lot of them joined uh… in deadbeat e getting the civil
rights bill passed y doesn’t democratic administration teddy and then eventually and
alternately johnson push for nate pushed and pushed a
democrat and afterwards and this is a critical
point the point is leaving out which than totally perverse the whole story the republicans decided to go with the
quote on quote southern strategy and they thought you see that the
democrats left the mantle of racism behind we can pick it up up and run with it let’s go to the right of the democrats
on this issue let’s be more conservative emo on them on this issue other
republican vote for the civil rights bill when the north and they were a
liberal republicans let’s get rid of those guys and let’s ron from going foward against
civil rights legislation real or a entered their hold party the southern strategy was a bit or of their efforts but i’m not the one to tell you
this number one every single person that’s in politics knows that the so the
strategy is what the republican point is i do after the civil rights bill number
two to have the republican party ken mehlman when bush was president came out
and apologized the n_ double a_c_p_ for their southern strategy where they decided it we can get those
votes that used to go for democrats if were more racist than something that net regina fox comes out pretends the car and a republican party oh would you know was more of a champion
of civil rights and has always been and is now more so than the democrats while that’s a joke which is trying to do is trying to trick
you history peeled for the uh… conservatism sublet were on your
side with wink wink wink don’t worry about it i think about their wallet we you know
from republicans on from sunrise fell back in ideas in s’pore as usual bits of fraud don’t buy into the hype i can’t believe
she is the nerve to go out there but and the republicans are in favor of civil rights and have
been for the last thirty forty fifty years and the david in favor of stronger by
mena legislation as nothing but a joke there’s virginia fought for years and
and but she’s not alone by the way visible the strategy that brought out
every once in awhile before left nobody found out the rifle we made it up callow yet freed the slaves party blanket et cetera that strategy is made to confuse you we were on the
clips uh… on real as they were n in largely black uh… urban areas in the country during election time they have these comical ads idea i don’t
know if you have any room save were to black women will be talking one
another and this eight settings like having girl you
know something the republicans are the ones that re-ask
you know what i want all please stop please try again uh… indeed you know this support my
living ten democrats are guessing illegal please please make the pain stop but they go with his bs to try to trick
both sides so don’t don’t believe that right watch more clicks at the intersection

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