Nehlen Announces 2nd Challenge To Paul Ryan

Nehlen Announces 2nd Challenge To Paul Ryan

Hi. My name is Paul Nehlen. In 2016 I ran
against Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District Republican
primary race. I ran for one reason: to put a stop to the globalist trade deal the
Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP. Speaker Ryan whipped the votes for fast-track
approval for this bad deal. He wasn’t truthful about what fast-track
meant when he said it gave Congress a say in the negotiation. In fact, it did
absolutely the opposite. You see, I’ve run businesses all over the
globe: Fortune level firms, Private equity, all heavily engineered products. I was in
charge of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for SPX Corporation. Also, I’ve
moved factories and jobs back to the U.S. from Mexico, Canada, and China. I know
how international trade works and TPP wasn’t it. There was no way I was going
to stand by and watch that job-killing deal sail through Congress. During the
course of my campaign, I was contacted by the Angel Moms and Dads represented by
the Remembrance Project. These wonderful mothers and fathers had lost children to
illegal alien violence. Since Speaker Ryan had ignored those families, they
asked if I would give them a voice, and so I did. Since the election, I’ve
produced a documentary and written a book. You will learn a bit more about me
and what I stand for by investigating those two sources which are heavily
footnoted back to source documents. Between now and the election in 2018 you
will have the chance to meet me in one of the many listening sessions I’ll be
holding around the district. In the meantime, there are about a dozen
recommendations for my work on LinkedIn. You’re welcome to investigate them
yourself at the address on your screen. Until recently, I stood with many
thousands of Wisconsinites who look at Paul Ryan as one of their own. I was even
a major contributor of his, via the Wisconsin GOP as a Diamond Sponsor of
the Burlington Fall Fest in 2014. But once I learned about his positions on
trade and immigration, I couldn’t continue to support Ryan. At first I
couldn’t believe the Paul Ryan I’d supported was pushing the job-killing
policies that were decimating Wisconsin’s
manufacturing industry. Paul Ryan might be a nice man, but it’s very clear 20
years in Washington DC changes a person. Paul Ryan no longer represents Wisconsin.
He works for the beltway special interests. It’s pretty evident when
Ryan only raised 1% of his campaign funds in our district. That’s right!
99% of Paul Ryan’s funds came from outside our district. Until last year I’d
never run for office I was busy working in manufacturing. I made a small fortune
last year selling a business in which I was a minority partner. I’d never dreamt
of running for Congress, but I ran because every legal American citizen
should have the opportunities I’ve had if they work hard to achieve them!
Part of me hoped that Paul Ryan would support President Trump and I wouldn’t
need to run again. We see that hasn’t been the case with repealing Obamacare!
And it still doesn’t look like Speaker Ryan’s going to help the President with
tax reform. I’d hoped that Paul Ryan would live up to his promises of
repealing Obamacare! He refused to have a vote on full repeal. Tom Tancredo and
others who worked alongside Ryan said that it was entirely possible for them
to repeal it. Paul Ryan’s vision of tax reform is more crony capitalism in the
form of the Border Adjustment Tax. I’ll be keeping you up to date on tax reform
as the campaign moves along. Speaker Ryan refused to debate his GOP
challenger in the primary last year. Wisconsinites deserve to see their
candidates on the same stage answering questions on critical topics like jobs
and trade. You see, I really am a conservative, not just when it’s
convenient or when I’m asking for your vote. I believe that means conserving
one’s culture, traditions, heroes, and holidays. Speaker Ryan believes open
borders and amnesty are the best we can do for corporations seeking low-priced
labor. In 2018 Wisconsin deserves a debate.
Speaker Ryan, these photos behind me? They’re a small fraction of the tens of
thousands of employees I’ve had over the course of a 30-year business career,
along with the numerous US and foreign patents issued for my inventions. There
is nobody who will work harder for the voters of Wisconsin’s First
Congressional District than I will. I’m not beholden to anyone. My wife and
I have poured our time and money into a lot of causes here in the district, and
around the nation. We love Wisconsin. I look forward to meeting you between now
and the 2018 election. My campaign website is follow me
on social media on Facebook and Twitter I’m @pnehlen. Paul Ryan spent $10.6 million dollars to win this primary last year and we still managed
to stop TPP dead in its tracks. There’s no doubt about it. This will be an uphill
climb. But it’s one I wouldn’t take on if I didn’t believe we could win. This will
be an all-hands-on-deck effort. We won’t be able to make DC listen without your
support, financial and otherwise. I hope you’ll sign up to join my effort. There
are many ways you can pitch in. I’ll be in touch.
God bless and have a wonderful day.

66 thoughts on “Nehlen Announces 2nd Challenge To Paul Ryan

  1. Glad to see you still have on your boxing gloves, Paul Nehlen. You should have won Wisconsin and I say it every time I get a chance on Facebook. I believe Ryan won through voter fraud and the Koch bros. were behind it. An ardent fan though I reside in liberal capital… California.

  2. I would love to see you debate Ryan, if you want hints go watch his debate with Joe Biden, Ryan got crushed badly! And this time I think you can do it the Trump movement is still very strong they almost beat Establishment Ed! Good luck to you and I will be donating as once money comes rolling in.

  3. It would be great to hear that you are running for the Senate. I am not trying to sound like a bit**H, put how in the dickens do you think you will ever win against the Ryan/Reince rigged machine. He has this so rigged up. Paul Ryan has been bought and sold by the NWO — I wish you the best of luck of course. Don't forget that Ron Johnson ran on repealing Obamacare. He has wiped those speeches off the internet.

  4. Go get him, Paul. I used to be a fan of Ryan's but no more. We need more successful businessmen who support POTUS in Congress. Good luck!

  5. I think you should do a short video clip where you show all the photos and wall hangings behind you, zoom in on some of them; if it is not obvious, tell what each one represents to you. They look interesting, plus this would tell voters a lot about you and what you stand for.

  6. I donated to Nehlens' campaign last time, I live in Texas. Then the Wisconsin voters overwhelmingly voted Paul Ryan, I got angry at with brain dead Wisconsin populace. I guess they enjoy unemployment and loss of jobs. If it were my campaign- I would ask Mike Cernovich for advice on reaching out & educating those folk. He's a media expert.

  7. Not only does the district need change so does the nation. He has try to damage the Presidency of DJ Trump in his "It's my way only" policies. First, on his so called Ryan-care, ignoring the President's plan and wasting valuable time; now that Ocare is on it's final vestiges there is still no relieve. Secondly, Ryan is, behind the scene, slow walking the tax reform effort, why? It appears he is trying destroy/slow down of the President's agenda. We need to clean the party of the globalist/RINOS and Demms in 2018.

  8. You will win! Remember the last time was pre-Trump and a lot of Repubs thought CROOKED was going to win!! TRUMP WILL SUPPORT YOU..He REALLY wanted to but couldn't ..This time you can REST ASSURED THAT HE WILL!! You can DO IT!!

  9. Don't give up my friend. Good to see you running again in 2018. If it is Gods will you will make it . If I can help let me know. You have a home in Texas anytime.

  10. I contributed a small amount to your first effort to unseat the phony, hypocritical, arrogant, elitist Ryan who cloisters him, and his family behind a walled compound. Ryan is out for Ryan, and is not a leader. He's a text book political hack.

  11. Praying for you Mr. Nehlen. This time you will Win!!! Paul Ryan has become so transparent he no longer can fool the true Americans. God Bless You!

  12. This Wisconsin guy, now living in Nevada, hopes that the folks all over the state get behind this fellow. I plan to spend a lot of time in Nehlen's district going door to door. I'm hoping many of my friends from the Wauwatosa area will make the somewhat shorter trip to do the same.

  13. I looked at your website. Your social media presence and watched several of your videos. You need some serious help if you want any chance of winning at all. I support you over Paul Ryan. Your message needs to change drastically and so does your presence if you want to win. You also have a few famous supporters, such as Anne Coulter, that should be funneling money your way if they are serious. Paul Ryan took several shots at Trump during the election cycle. Trump should be the first to want to see Ryan go if he has any sense at all. Contact Trump for support to see if he is any sort of man. After watching Trump sell the Saudis all those weapons I know have my doubts about Trump as I'm sure any patriot does.

  14. I am greeted by a giant photo of Bannon's head, Trump, police beatings, Obama, infectious disease ads. Your optics are horrible at best. None of that should be on your website if you want to win.

  15. I would have never even paid attention to any of this of it weren't for Alex Jones show & Trump. You have my support Nehlen. 🇺🇸

  16. i think paul nehlen would be a massive boost to the trump leadership. i find his thinking consistent and deeply pro American.

  17. Paul Nehlen is a perfect storm politician, an engineer with a military background, perfectly palced against a cucked gate keeper as in pauls challenge to speaker ryan's seat. also paul nehlan is about as based as you can get and would be comfortable with an endorsement from richard spencer. ???

    paul nehlan is my new donald trump..

  18. i see youth intelligence and a provable record of victory in paul nehlen. i see the kind of politician that clearly does want to make America great again.

  19. You have "by God's Grace" on your Twitter page, but constantly berate people and call them out of their name. Wow so Christian of you! "God Bless and have a wonderful day…"? Get a grip you faker.

  20. What a douche. No wonder he lost to Paul Ryan by 70 points. He'll lose to Ryan by 90 points next time. He's just a douche to his core.

  21. I supported Nehlen in 2016, I donated to Nehlen in 2016. We lost and we lost bad. That's ok. We'll try again. And we will keep trying. I have been saying it since the 2016 election….if we don't get rid of Ryan, Trump will be a one-termer. We must get rid of Ryan. Tell your friends, your children, your neighbors, your parents,  link Nehlen's page to your YT page, get the word out. James from Florida

  22. You have my attention this time around, Ryan has pissed me off enough that I am happy to try something new. Count on my vote in the primary.

  23. Fight hard and win we need Republicans that support President Trumps adjenda because thats what Americans need. Republcans should do what's best for Americans even if they aren't personally crazy about President Trump as a person. But not repealing and replacing Obama care was absolutely ridiculous. Our prayers are with you.

  24. Go Go Go Paul Nehlen !! I will repost this prayer from an earlier post for you. I am in agreement with this and for you to win.
    I am praying that you win this race against speaker Ryan … He is fake and not for Americans. I pray that you win! May God bless you through Jesus Christ

  25. What is wrong with the voters of Wisconsin that they chose Ryan over this guy? No hope for a Republic with voters this stupid.

  26. You're a little bitch. You can't take criticism, on Twitter, so you block people. How's it going these days Mr. 15% of the Primary Vote? Keep sucking Trump's tiny schlong, it's not going to help you next year.

  27. That's all we need another lying racist baby Hitler wannabee! Randy Bryce will take down that smug little a** wipe Ryan! VOTE RANDY BRYCE!

  28. found you on red elephants. .. i will share on every media outlet and keep shating everything about you. more people need to know who you are.
    and yes trump should endorse you… but i respect and understand how its not really important nor does it matter. it may actually turn on ya lol. but people need to know who u are.
    i had no clue u ran against him in 2016! thats crazy! i consider myself pretty informed too…. but ill keep u in my prayers. we really need you. america needs you and more men like you. i pray to god you knock out paul ryan! hes a crook and a liar. hes a globalist and a leftist. may god be with you always.

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