Nestlé’s commitments to society and the environment

Nestlé’s commitments to society and the environment

When you’ve been around for almost 150 years you operate in 197 countries and you sell millions of products a day you have opportunities…and responsibilities A responsibility to respect people and the
environment to do the right thing to be transparent. That’s why we’ve asked you how we can
be a better business. We’ve listened to what you said and taken action. We turned your feedback into 38 commitments a set of commitments you can hold us accountable
to that we apply across our business sourcing manufacturing packaging marketing consuming We’ve already come a long way but this is just the beginning we know there will be challenges and while sometimes we might surprise ourselves we won’t always get it right first time but we’re determined to do more and to share our progress with you To find out how we’re doing, visit:

15 thoughts on “Nestlé’s commitments to society and the environment

  1. Fooling people for 100 years

    Chutye Nestle go back to your country. Don't put Indian gay videos like the one above to sell your chooth products to us.

    I promise never to have Nestle products again. If you want health you too will

  2. 0:16 Says the company that steals water and sells it off, believing that water isn't a basic human right. You take water from poorer countries and they have to buy your water to drink and have been left with dirty water to clean with and cook with. Filthy corporation.

  3. Their Purina, Beneful, made all my dogs barf. One split blood and died.

    They are aware, that their dog food is killing dogs, and yet they lie, and say,
    "Ni one has ever had any problems."

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