New Formula for The ‘True Age’ Of Your Canine Friend

New Formula for The ‘True Age’ Of Your Canine Friend

how old is your dog really in human
years as researchers come up with a new formula for calculating the true age of
your canine friend and it’s not multiplying it by seven researchers
looked at changes to DNA overtime specifically methyl groups these methyl
group molecules are added to DNA at a consistent rate over time researchers
say this can be used to calculate the age of humans and dogs the Yale team
found a way to match the DNA clock of both species be sure to subscribe and
like our video before we get started calculating the age of a dog in human
years is much more complicated than first thought
scientists claim the idea of the dog’s age in human years is its age times 7 is
a myth according to researchers from the University of California they have
created a new formula for calculating the relative age of a dog compared to a
human based on the rate that molecules are added to DNA the team led by
geneticist Tina Wang say it isn’t easy to come up with a true comparison
between the relative age of a dog and a human as they reach maturity of
different rates and different dog breeds have different lifespans the formula
looks at changes to DNA over time specifically to the methyl groups which
are molecules that add themselves to DNA at a consistent rate they can be used to
measure the age in humans and dogs in a process known as the efficient etic
clock dog lifespans vary from 6 to 7 years for larger breeds to anything up
to 18 years for smaller dogs but despite the lifespan difference they have a
different physiological trajectory they found similarities in the timing of
major milestones between dogs and humans the similarities were particularly
strong when similar aged dogs and humans were compared the new formula based on
the Ephesian etic block involves finding the natural logarithm of a dog’s age
multiplying it by 16 and then adding the to the total using this formula an 18
year old dog would be 77 and a 2 year old dog would 42 in human years
the team did find that there were periods in the life of dogs where the
clocks didn’t match humans including during puberty as they mature earlier in
their lifecycle than humans researchers say even with the issues
around puberty their formula is still more accurate than the dog age plus 7
min this research has been published on bio work so how do you calculate the age
of your dog in human years ISM human age equals 16 LM dog age plus 31 in simpler
terms human age is the same as 16 times the natural logarithm of dog age plus 32
to get to the age of your dog in human years is you multiple the natural
logarithm of your dog real age by 16 then at 31 you can use the Ln button on
a calculator to get the natural logarithm of your dog’s age you can also
use an online tool to calculate the natural logarithm just enter the dog age
to get the correct value you then multiply that figure by 16 and add 31 to
the total example if your dog is 7 then its natural logarithm number will be 1
point 9 4 5 9 you times this by 16 to get to 31 when rounded down then add 31
to find out your seven-year-old dog is 62 in human years you

One thought on “New Formula for The ‘True Age’ Of Your Canine Friend

  1. Thank you for your information regarding the calculation of dog age by humans.
    However, I don't think the formula is accurate for every dog.
    But, it would be interesting to try calculating my dogs' ages according to the formula.
    I gotta try just for fun.

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