10 thoughts on “News Now Stream 10/08/19 (FNN)

  1. You kidding?!?!
    POYUS TRUMP was asking the Democrats a year ago for them to work with him on lowering drug prices, and Trump already lowered them without their high. Hahaha
    Now Democrats are claiming the credit!
    I smell stink!

  2. Im 62 yrs old and have nevrr been asked any of these type of poles. Before they can continue to check out all of the corruption by the DNC, liberals, deep state. Fair is fair.

  3. Wait, what?! People clapping when Pelosi comes out??! Why??! I clicked on this video because the headline was about power outages.

  4. You know what- I say investigate them all just like they did President Trump!!! Arrest and jail all who are found in ANY corruption- I don’t care if it’s a democrat or a republican- it’s time they all become accountable to us!!!

  5. Trumps excutive
    action on scipt pricing has forced Dems to get off their asses and actually do their job. About time. They haven't done a thing of value for several years. Of course Trump will get no credit for starting this push.

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