11 thoughts on “News Now Stream 12/23/19 (FNN)

  1. just dont do this on Christmas …we are so tiered…time will tell, and God bless us and all the decisions that will be taken on the senate

  2. Corey Booker the cockeyed queen of Newark were 90% of the fentanyl and heroin that is flooding the northeast comes in to the country. He failed Newark people of lowa send him out of your state as fast as you can.

  3. Cory booker does not matter.. He needs to move on fix his District,
    Not the education nor the experience to be sitting in and speaking when he needs mental help himself.
    California has a shitty system look in th street every democrat state sucks..

  4. This Booker talks like a Klingon from Star Trek…..his from another Planet.
    Thank God he didn't show of his proficiency in Spanish/Klingon…..that was really difficult to listen to.
    He bend over backwards, do anything to get Elected💦😅🤣

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