NICOSIA | Lefkosia | Divided Capital of Cyprus | Никосия | Разделённая столица Кипра

NICOSIA | Lefkosia | Divided Capital of Cyprus | Никосия | Разделённая столица Кипра

Nicosia, also known as Lefkosia, is the last divided capital in the world. It is a historical city with walled old town and gorgeous landmarks, but brutally split in two with a border zone, a wall that symbolizes the crisis that still today keeps the two sides of Cyprus apart. One half of the capital belongs to the Republic of Cyprus, another to the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The medieval old city of Nicosia is circulated by the Old City Walls. It has seen the rise and fall of several civilizations, and has footprints from the Lusignan, Venetian, Ottoman and British periods. The Old Town is full of historical treasures, most of them well preserved. It has a glorious face of a city from the Middle Ages, but it also has the face of the war; the Green Line divides also the walled old town in two parts, and the border zone itself is a confusing and sad sight. Selimiye Mosque, historically known as Cathedral of Saint Sophia, is a former Roman Catholic cathedral converted into a mosque, located in North Nicosia. It is the largest surviving historical building in Nicosia. Nicosia is the southeasternmost of all EU member states’ capitals. It has been continuously inhabited for over 4,500 years and has been the capital of Cyprus since the 10th century. Nicosia is also the financial and business heart of Cyprus. Samanbahçe neighborhood, built in the 19th century by the government considered to be the first example of social housing in the island.

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