100 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 3, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

  1. It is a joke that Americans need to be protected from the guns that the gun sellers sell throughout the country as allowed by its own constitution.

  2. hang on people jesus christ is comming….he has orange hair
    you voted corrctly jeses will turn water into gatorade…………..


  4. Why would you show the world/potential shooters how the security system works and where the hiding places are!! Would you buy a safe and show the thieves where you hide it?!! Hm smh You guys are so dumb!!

  5. Outlaws and mentally challenged…will not obey THE LAWS ON WHERE 2 CARRY…ANY Weapons…hammers…knives…etc. Kapesh


  7. RE : 13 minutes into report ! How RIDICULOUS this concept of building a 48 million dollar bullet proof high school ! sick persons will always find a way to get into a school and more than likely will be a student and find a loophole to cause devastation, bullet proof or not ! How IGNORANT to GIVE AWAY THE VERY TACTICAL ADVANTAGE THIS SCHOOL "HAD" – past tense NOW ! Waste of money on construction hours, materials and shame on them for giving a FALSE SENSE OF HOPE ! When a shooting takes place at this high school and it will MORE SO by the media ADVERTISING IT ON NATIONAL TV ! STUPIDITY ! ALL weirdos use what they know or discover about a location to PLAN there attack ! They and A LOT OF OTHER SCHOOL DISTRICTS & SCHOOLS could have hired GOOD, EXPERIENCED SECURITY PROFESSIONALS and not wasted SO MUCH on a SHELL of false SECURITY !!!!

  8. The BEST "Design Feature" against terrorists in schools should be…JESUS!…
    It always was until 1962 when the Holy Bible was removed from all public schools…and now we see those results!

  9. watching the news is like watching the latest movies.. It is happening!!! Americans you are loved by GOD but you have turned your back to Him.. Repent therefore call unto God accept Jesus Christ in your life/heart as Lord and personal Savior only Him can save your souls…
    2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land… Mark 1:15-17 And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel. (Gospel of SALVATION through Faith in JESUS CHRIST.
    People read th BIBLE (King James Version) while there is still time.

  10. Making our childrens schools look/feel more like prison. Wouldn’t it be less expensive by not preparing to have an active shooter INSIDE THE SCHOOL?! Prisoners make shanks b/c they cannot get weapons, esp guns inside to them from visitors coming in from the outside! If they do get contraband, it’s always from a corrupt prison employee. So as long as the teachers in these schools wouldn’t bring in a weapon, and the kids are being bussed in & supervised till inside or buzzed in (if late) after a surveillance camera is checked, then walking through metal detectors ect…it could be locked down & guarded at open entrances, surveilled at locked entrances/exits. Why isn’t the money allocated going towards the outside, rather than making the inside safer incase a shooter gets in?! They shouldn’t be able to GET IN! If my son wasn’t already a graduate, I’d be homeschooling. I also think by consolidating all these schools was then a huge mistake & now it’s proven to be a factor (in my mind ofcourse). Too many kids, too large of a school, too much chaos, too little staff, too little oversight & supervision. More violence, more fights, more bullying going unnoticed, ect ect! I was the last graduating class of my HS in ‘96 BEFORE consolidation happened. I went to HS from 9th-12th grades with a total of 852 kids in all. My son went through grades 9-12 with 1,857…. More than double & he knew only a handful of kids from the classes he had, never saw his friends, there were 3 seperate lunch times (on campus only ofcourse) and only saw his friends when school was out and they waited for bus or played sports together. Polar opposite experiences he and I both had. I loved my HS years, was close to all the other classes (either one below or above mine) & had lunch with my grade and one other off campus b/c the school wasn’t up a huge hill you had to be bussed to. I could walk, then drive, walk to work right after school b/c in town across the street. I had that community feel & tons of support from friends and school staff. My son was lonely, some of his teachers didn’t even know his name, & he said it felt like prison being stuck up on that hill, kids faught undetected by staff & one fight was fatal. Drugs were sold & went unnoticed, kids were unhappy & depressed, couldn’t see a counselor (if you wanted) for weeks!Couldn’t even take his lunch outside…and we wonder why some kids are so anti-social or awkward, but technology is blamed instead of young kids who need their minds challenged….being stuck in prison like structures all week?! It’s isolating eventhough there are thousands there, and I feel it lends to antisocial personality disorders that some of these school shooters have 😖

  11. Obviously, regardless of the cause of the fire, it was poor boat design that killed those on board. If that boat were a building, every state in the nation would be enacting new, tighter building codes and forcing older buildings to upgrade, and making the funds available to do the upgrades. If there aren't strict maritime design regulations already, those need to be enacted PRONTO.

  12. Those wing walls won't stop an active shooter. They're an insult to the intelligence of every student who will ever study at any school that uses them. First of all, bullets from an assault-style weapon will cut through those like butter. Secondly, they don't surround the students completely and there is no door on the main wall behind them to let students enter classrooms. Third, and this is the most obvious problem with the wall designs, THERE ARE HUGE WINDOWS EVERYWHERE. Glass shatters, people can just walk or crawl right through… What the heck? Who designed that school anyway, an old NRA puppet??? They need to be asking the STUDENTS for design tips, not relying on their own coddled, misguided "ideas." Today's older professional designers did not FACE this sort of thing when growing up, so, no, they have NO idea what they're doing. ASK THE KIDS FOR DESIGN HELP!!!!!

    Now, who's STUPID idea was it to collect all the students in one single place where the lockers are low so an active shooter can see them all and mow them down with bullets from a military-style weapon in seconds??? That person needs to go to prison for life.

  13. True, strange how the title of the video only mentions Dorian and once you have been hooked they go on about other news. I dont know why they dif that only pointing that fact so you know.

  14. This is NBC chanel, why would they want to show the news after Dorian news? I am asking it is not a rhetorical question.

  15. The change happens at 7:30. Takes a new tone. Dude sounds happy about the news. Then the tone and pitch of the words spoken get disconnected. Very subtle and disembodied. You do not see a person speaking.

  16. I see, Its a little Dorian Gun Control Sammich. Yall people like it, so you get what you look for. I am more concerned with the robots giving us the news.

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  18. MOSCOW MITCH won't pass a COMMON SENSE 🔫 bill in the Senate unless the unfit mentally ill president of the U.S.A. backs it. WTF?!?!? The NRA supporting the republicans prevents anything getting done. Maybe the NRA and their families need to be shot and killed. Then maybe the NRA would get the message.

  19. This is the word of the lord and Savior Jesus Christ.The earth is defiled by it’s people they have disobeyed the laws violated the statutes and have broken the everlasting covenant therefore a curse consumes the earth and its people must bear their guilt.Destruction over the nations,hurricanes, floods, earthquakes,Plagues,Bankrupt city Atlantic City,Detroit economic collapse in the nations.Repent and ask God into your heart while you have a chance to have a relationship with the lord and Savior Jesus Christ beloved.God word is true and real and his word will not be mocked.This is truth given to the nations.May God Bless you beloved.

  20. This could've been all avoid if the elite stop manipulating the weather with their billion dollar toy they have up there.

  21. "What? They won't let us register who has guns? Well make sure everyone has to get a background check, that way we still have the names."

  22. It's funny how Americans would spend millions of dollars to stop active shooters in schools. It does not really solve the problem, just going around it.

  23. Use shooting tragedies as an excuse to design high schools like prisons where your children can be locked down with the push of a botton.
    What could go wrong?

  24. OMG I've never seen such a devastated area! Behind heart breaking. So few were lost considering the mass amount of wind & water.

  25. Plz tell that woman that wanted to stay. Plz do. But No one will be risking their life trying save your stupid self.. greedy "B" rat.

  26. Great news coverage!

    Sad but true, such events can help us learn from this experience and also help people too prepare for more better future organized-evacuation- performance(s).

    I’m glad firearms and ammo will be stopped being sold from Walmart!.?

    It is better to put the weight on separate gun shops to be more accurate compassionate!.?

    It impressive, Too have those constructional advances and style security measures to help protect our children’s lives and our community moral levels!.?

    Thank you too the lady who help rescue those dogs! I wonder after the storm has passed.
    Did all those dogs find their original families? What a story to complete?



  29. Welp i do not carry but i will not be going to Walmart or Kroger from now on.
    I mean they openly tell all criminals that they're customers are unarmed sitting ducks.
    I would watch my back twice as hard in them parking lots now lol.

    Why the f would ANYONE in these times feel good walking into Walmart knowing criminals know it is a soft target zone?

    Seems rather stupid of a move to me but i guess we will see.

  30. I was at Kroger's at Lindbergh in Atlanta Georgia and a person was shot at the doorway twice… That was about 10 days ago from today

  31. I’m just as Concerned about the sewage and Human waste that can bring terrible disease. Very Quickly. Hey….Did those RICH White people send Back THEIR Helicopter for the helpless left Behind? …..Just wondering……

  32. The last piece of news…. looking for a new home "our school has an 8.5 teacher rating, but a 65% active shooter survability. No no, we need to find real state near good schools, look for 80% survability…oh, to expensive, fine, 75%, we can afford 75%".

  33. The shooter that got the gun from private seller so no background check if look at his tattoo under his left eye. Means he already was killer 2 tear drops to murders.

  34. Hey let's make a bunch of laws that only law abiding citizens will follow so criminals can be the only ones armed. That's sounds like a great idea. I mean laws against drugs have really stopped people from getting and using drugs, right? Basically anything that the mainstream news is shoving down our throats should be examined with a fine tooth comb. Its unbelievable how easy people can have their minds reprogrammed to mindlessly accept their own demise. Well done who ever you are. Well played

  35. Instead of spending $48 million on ONE school, maybe we should be giving out $500k grants to Wisconsin teachers who have Master's Degrees, and who had a major pay cut and loss of benefits (the whole point of getting a Masters is to earn more) had their union busted by the GOP, to teach from their homes!

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