100 thoughts on “Nomi Prins: “Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World” | Talks at Google

  1. So basically people calling for a universal income are right. Corporations have it, so should everyone. It is a great system, we'll always have money because money will always be created. Central Banks rule! Central Banks forever!

  2. Bitcoin or a similar public cryptocurrency currency on prove of work, might be a better anchor for money, it requires energy and energy is a good measure of development to measure from. Note: (I mean cleaner energy like the new nuclear tech and solar, etc…)

  3. After 52 minutes of speaking of the sinister conniving required by such a sophisticated scheme and the factual result of these schemes. The speaker STILL gives the corporate leadership the benefit of the fucking doubt. How?

  4. 28:00 insofar as volatility is portrayed in a normative sense, it is a non-falsifiable hypothesis. either say leverage or be more specific about what aspect of "volatility" you are criticising.

  5. The idea was fine ! It’s just that if you own the banks and the printing press for more dollars. And you own the news networks and the insurance co. And the power co . PGE And the military industrial complex! Now you have a problem!!

  6. The capitalist, it is true, pays him in money, but this money is merely the transmuted form of the product of his labour.

  7. Acting like each central bank is independent is an illusion. They are all part of the same entity. Also, the same people that own all of the central banks also own and control all of the large corporations.

  8. The natural default of every bank to be able to create our currency out of thin air is not a fabrication but a reality. Hard to see how it could operate in any other way since none of us would have any money. All money is created as debt at its origin, even when created by default of government spending. Population increases and they need money to live. It's the management of the debt which reaches a point where it should start to be removed as debt back to nothing, especially government debt. The strangulation of debt on the economy that cannot be paid down put to a populace that is distressed without the incomes to enable them to do so is the problem. Returning to the gold standard would be a move back to the conditions that led to its abandonment. What a nut!

  9. and yet we won't do shit about it… These psychopaths need to be rounded up, tortured, and shot… and all recorded… and anyone that goes in to government, corporations, and banking must be forced to watch! They literally are destroying humanity! And if humanity wants to survive it must destroy the psychopaths! How many women have to whore themselves out to pay the bills? How many people are killed by robbers because wealth has been stolen by the bankers? You can blame the little guys just like the big one want you too!

    Why should they get away with their insanity when most other people do the right thing? We need to hunt them down and show them what real consequences are!

    It's not as if these people are stealing all this wealth from the people to do good things.. .they are building their private child sex islands, they are building their harems, etc…

  10. i understand what she is saying but she is leaving out the strong issue of the USA having a horrible system of deficit spending (purchasing much more than we sell) supporting companies and employment all around the world and Germany is a large exporter not importer – which is nothing like the southern European countries like Greece who export very little.

  11. When people stop protesting with their signs and words and and start protesting with their guns and blood shed, maybe things will change?

  12. It has more consequences than just deceit… it effects society… the poor will get poorer, people will become more amoral, etc. It's undermines the meaning of money and eventually tickles down to the people that do real work that keeps society going…

  13. Do 15T was fabricated out of thin air… that is enough to give every human on the planet at least 2000. Exclude the people that make over 60k a year and it's probably 10k. That would do more to stabilize humanity than funneling it all in to the private bank accounts of psychopaths!

  14. The US government is INSANE! It is full of psychopaths who only use it to extract wealth in to their bank accounts! They don't give a shit about the real consequences to humanity! These people to be hung. They are worse than murders(they kill many indirectly through their corruption) and as it turns out, many are child rapists.

  15. What they do is kick the can down the road because they don't actually know how to solve problems… but they do know how to embezzle and print money. Every time they kick the can the risk grows exponentially… they hope they can kick it long enough to push it on the next guy and make it his problem.

  16. Everything is already fucked up beyond repair. There have been far too many crooks who have extracted far too much wealth for the system to ever become sane. A war will break out(most likely nuclear) those that caused the problem will most likely survive and continue their insanity on the next epoch of humanity. Any solution that attempts to reduce power from the psychopaths will be destroyed by them using their wealth. E.g., if a new currency is used then they will manipulate it. E.g., if bitcoin became currency then they will simply use their ill gotten wealth too buy bitcoins and it would simply be the exact same problem.

  17. There is a limitation… because each time the rich get richer. Since the richer are involved in the processes of this "distribution" of money… and many, maybe all, will use it to gain more wealth… the poor do not have this capacity and so they remain at the bottom. Over time the poor class become larger, more crime, more hate, more unhappiness… and eventually something will give. They will get fed up with the psychopaths screwing them, destroying their families, their society… and fight back.

  18. Whatever can be done with money can be done without it! In fact, much more can be done without it if someone figures out how to properly motivate people to work. The system is broke and capitalism only benefits those at thee top.

  19. Nomi thank u so much for having my side on this I am in no way in collusion w any of these pple I jus wanted to make things better it alll is insane I'd really like to talk w u please 4154251928

  20. An jus to clear it up for any one who's wondering I worked for wat I have I built my own buines wrken for 9 yrs almost every day day an night I was the first beta tester from face book which got the coun ether for all my data I've had face book since it started an my data retrieval was out standing the amount of hrs I put in w Amazon an linked in face book an one other I also have been mining Bitcoin since 2oo4 which grew over the yrs I was given free samples of kbc the gold crypto an a stock of gold an some silver an also I built my business thru my one email which was connected to a vine program I'm told plus all the commmisions I received literally joining every typa ecommerse store an trader agency an mining an medical health weed u name it I trued or opened buineses to this greatly increases my money since it was joined as a huge multi computing program which I was tryin to not do on purpose but ended up being the out come in in no way tryin to hurt our economy or any thing of the sort of any thing I was guna use it to start my own lending company or sorta private bank to help fuel the growth an fixture of the country iwas guna lend to buines to both fix the economy an to give my self a recurring revanue due to all the work I put in building this wat the banks did oor are doin has nothing to do w me an y I've been so upset that this was even happening I have no involvement in it an I new some thing was happening this video sheds light on that an didn't want to get thrown under the bus I hope u guys see I am totally not apart of that an this asfar as I no way earned by me

  21. 1. "Helicopter Ben" came up with this QE as a last resort to get out of the Deepest Recession. QE did the job and Janet Ellen put on Auto pilot the QT, which was relaxed by Powell for some time.2. There is NO inflation to be seen anywhere in the world. This is the quiet UNEXPECTED event of this QE. Nearly 15 Trillion $ "EXCESS" money is there for now 10 years and NO inflation! What happened? 3. At least in US, there is Full Employment for whoever SEEKS it. And the Philip's Curve is dead & buried. Wages increase slowly happening but NO inflation. 10 Yr T and 30 Y T is at its lowest, with all other bonds trending down. 4. What Fed does is it buys enormous amounts of MBS & corporate/govt Ts and hold them for some time. It credits the money as reserve in the a/c of the participating banks, which again creates the telescopic effect (4T becoming 40 Trillion dollars for the banks to loan). But the DEMAND for credit is subdued. Some money goes into the Stocks and the rest remains in the Reserve a/c UNUSED for the most part (In other words when there is NO DEMAND for easy CREDIT, the effect of QE is MUTED) is IDLE. Hence no INFLATION. 5. As long as Stock Market remains in the reasonable p/e ratio (about 20 = 5% earnings yield) there is no problem…. Happy days are here to stay!! All the PESSIMIST can keep selling their Doomsday stories and make a living!!! Lol…!!!!

  22. How os it that Trump exposed the fraud,told Americans the system is rigged against them, now liberals say he is the one that did it.kill the messanger.the liberal communist way.the liberals commit the sin.then blame it on the man trying to expose and defeat the fraud.people better wake up.if you did not work for it.it don't belong to you.stop being lazy thiefs.the treasonous traiters have been around for over a hundred years.the entrenched deep state is afraid of losing thier high state of living off the people and stealing thier hard earned money.end the Fed and IRS.they are illegal lying deceiving thiefs.the people's working traded thier life for their money.not the lazy mooching Trump haters.

  23. "Cunjured money by the Fed" Definition of conjured – call upon (a spirit or ghost) to appear, by means of a magic ritual.
    The Fed is there to print money in case of "interplanetary aliens"
    The Fed "is kind of a subsidy of the financial system" Translation: counterfeiting/fraudulent

  24. People blame everything on the central bankers but what about the lawyers and courts? They seem to escape blame and responsibility. There are remedies in everything all of these entities do, you just have to be knowledgable about how these operations function.

  25. KInd of a scattered presentation by Ms. Prins and she side stepped the role that the PetroDollar and the huge U.S. debt plays in all this. She also dodges the inherent ponzi nature of the fiat currency system, which ultimately will always result in a massive balloon of debt.

    Gold is not a fixed commodity as it is being mined all the time. It's quite likely that the Chinese have stockpiled as much as 20,000 tons of gold, in which case they could simply announce this as their reserve and instantly sink the U.S. dollar. Russia has also been stockpiling gold, as have many other countries. In August of 2018 the Chinese created a gold backed PetroYuan which directly competes with the fiat PetroDollar.

    It's good that she pointed out that the Chinese have actually used most of their created debt to fund productive assets in the real economy, as opposed to just propping up the never ending financial casino of Wall Street, etc. She really should've stressed how the QE merry go round, which can never stop without inducing a crash, totally crowds out any kind of investment in the productive economy.

    It's also worth noting that the U.S. is now a net exporter of oil, so the other major oil producers no longer need to support the PetroDollar, which further weakens it and makes a U.S. economic crash more likely. Thus, we are really looking at a perfect storm with a massive trade imbalance, massive corporate and sovereign debt and a world which really no longer needs the U.S. PetroDollar.

  26. Let them all fail…Make the money available to producers of real things and real work, not the usurious elite, rent seeking, bank corporations cartels. Who have taken over everything from policy to legislation, politicians in their pockets with Marxist collectivist political correctness and all the fraude economics of this ruling class. Who own the system in the united states communist gulag with money for nothing… with the alphabet departments backing them up with surveillance and megadata mining on the captive population. Prosecuting decent and whistle blowers, in the name of national "screwcurity". While inventing boogeymen all over the world like russia afghanistan korea china turkey ukraine syria pakistan iran swarthy arabia germany greece Lybia egypt lebanon etc.etc. for the perpetual war cash machine.

  27. Opps, it’s forever guys (our control & domination). Somehow I don’t think that is going to fly with the angry masses.

  28. Nomi Prins is a beautiful warrior. I find that many people cannot pay attention to such an important subject. We are all blessed to have such a wonderful profit bring her energy to enlightening the world. God bless you Nomi I hope your pen cuts deep into this leach that has been draining our world of our energy and efforts. May the force be with you Nomi

  29. when the 1997 Asian financial crisis hit, the west told them specifically not to prop it up with measures that would turn them into "Zimbabwes' ", skyrocketing, out of control hyperinflations of their respective currencies.
    fast forward to 2008, and the west did EXACTLY what they told the Asian countries not to do. Asia was like WTF ???!?!!!?

    imho, this is all by design to force the west into [prob] a WW3 with China and/or Russia, stemming from the PNAC (project for a new american century) report.

  30. We've all been brainwashed to think that Capitalism is a great thing…even when Capitalists are robbing us blind with false ideas such as 'Trickle Down Economics', 'Bank/Wall Street Bailouts,' oil wars, fake trade wars, Military Industrial Complex, etc.

  31. This should have 6+Billion views! This woman knows her stuff and QE is one of the most scariest things ever invented. The Second Great Recession that's right around the corner will make 2008 look like child's play. Be very, very, very worried folks and you'd be a fool if you still have anything in the stock market at this point.

  32. She's not a very good public speaker, her whiteboard charts are practically unreadable, and she doesn't understand her subject matter all that well. China really isn't that much of an exception. They created just as much debt-money as US, Japan and EU. And most of their infrastructure ended up being unused. They built entire cities of unused apartments. It was a huge misallocation of resources. But in the USA, similar overbuilding of condo apartments occurred in Miami and other cities. And we've got a lot of excess retail inventory in malls and Main Streets. In both China and the USA a large portion of the new money went to the major corporations (state-owned in the case of China). The only difference is that in China the corporations used the money to expand capacity in hopes of gaining market share, and in the USA the corporations bought back their shares for the most part, which results in increased earnings for the remaining shares. Now, if there's another recession, markets go bad and there's a problem paying back their debts, the US companies can simply undo their share buybacks and issue more shares. But the Chinese companies can't un-buy their excess capacity. It either has to sit idle or operate at a loss, neither of which is going to be any help in repaying their loans.

  33. "They'll get it all from you, sooner or later, 'cause they own this fucking place. It's a big club, and you ain't in it."

    george carlin.

    i suppose its true. but we are ALL in the planet eating club. all part of the mEgAcAnCeR

  34. It's all theft. It is stealing from people who have previously saved money, transferring the wealth to those who get the newly printed money first.

  35. When the government controls the economy isn't that called Communism? What do you call it when the central banks control the economy?

  36. Videos on youtube that criticize central banking and the federal reserve are usually shadow banned, and even taken down, . So how is it then, that Google is posting this content?

  37. This is to help push the idea evil people used paper money and big tech can save us with their cashless crypto electric money system they are creating

  38. Terrible audio. and she totally skips over the whole fraud of the fed system to begin with… that is how the real rigging happened

  39. here's what the internet knows about you:

    your full given name

    your date of birth

    your place of birth/ towns of residence

    your medical problems

    your addictions

    your sexual preferences and fantasies

    your children, including what they look like and all of their data

    your hobbies

    your pets

    who your friends are

    who your best friends are

    what your friends like to do and all of their data

    who influences who & group dynamics

    where you went to school

    what qualifications you have

    your bank, including special password (and george osborne passed a law allowing the tax man to raid your bank at any time if they claim you owe,)

    whether you have disposable cash

    how impulsive you are in buying

    all of your supermarket items

    your insurance companies

    your car

    your convictions

    your credit rating

    your deepest fears

    your greatest hopes

    your company/ employment and all of the data that goes along with that

    your employees' data

    your shopping habits

    your political preference, including and focusing on those who are completely anti-establishment.

    i'm sure i've forgotten a few, but you get the idea – the internet is the matrix, it's how they are going to monitor and control every one, as john saw 1900 years ago and warned us in revelation 13:17. not messing.

  40. Is the irony lost on anyone that Google is the one backing this while they're shadowbanning anyone who's been exposing this for a decade plus? Playing both sides against the middle eh?

  41. This is what happens when you have a mercantilist government; I wish more people would demand liberty. They have put everyone in a box, so we are all slaves, although I can say what I want, eat what I want, live where I want, we have to purchase these things with their dollars. 1/2 of every transaction(the dollar) is controlled by a small group of people. Free markets are equal to competing currencies, not the choice between McDonald’s and burger king

  42. so why don't the worlds population wake the fuck up and start the revolution…were all in touch now . wouldn't be that hard to organize JUST FUCKING GET TO IT PPL!!!

  43. New Google Talk – How to Harvest People's Mind. Write Shit Biased Code. Peddle Crap Adverts for Needless Products and Services. How to make Deals with Authoritarian Regimes to Create Software to SPY on people. How to Hoard billions of dollars Offshore. Thats Google. Outside all this institutional ball-talk …

  44. The Central Bank has been paying Banks on their Excess Balance Reserves and they haven't been lending enough so the Velocity of Money is low.

  45. A little bit like Celente : MUST WATCH. Exposing The END GAME.. Which Is Now UPON US. By Gregory Mannarino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsV0g-8bWvE&feature=em-uploademail

  46. The arguments for preparing slides are that 1) you look prepared and 2) people can see them. 12 minutes in and not getting much.

  47. I wonder why there are no critical book reviews – critical meaning both adverse and positive? Instead one finds publishers' blurbs – positive, of course. Yet, in reading comments, I see that many readers find Ms Prins's style turbid, difficult. I have found many of her sentences difficult to parse; pronouns with unclear antecedents, seeming contradictions, elliptical. There is a need for serious, analytical reviews of books that deal with her subject. A writer should have oversight just as much as the institutions she covers.

  48. A Financial System designed to Steal w/Monopoly Money from it’s inception, along w/a Economic System the has Absolutely No Moral Fiber is always going to Fail those that Did Not Create It. Money Buys Morality. Without Morality there is No Humanity. Not to Ones Citizens, Employees, or Neighbor. Why are the Elite on such a Speedy Agenda to Cause Demise for All of Those Who are Not Them? Food for Thought.

  49. Central Banks are mandated to be separate from national governments but not corporate networking. How could things be going wrong?

  50. So yeah if economics were taught as a core subject in public schools like math and science, within one generation central banks would not exist, with in 2 generations, government would not exist and their would be absolute decentralization of power. To most folks who are still indoctrinated (by school, Hollywood, so called news, religion, basically everything) a world without government does not make sense because its a mental block that has been put in their heads by design. But once you're able to get that mental block removed……man … you can see everything so much clearly. But yeah, by design, you're supposed to have that mental block and you're supposed to be compliant. So keep pledging allegiance to that flag on which ever plantation you serve and reside on
    until you figure it out.

  51. The world economy is based on:

    * Greed

    * Speculation

    * Manipulation

    * Fraud

    The world economic Motto:

    • Profit over humanity

    • Profit over environment

    • Profit over safety

    • Profit over integrity

    • Profit over anything and everything

  52. Maybe Google engineers can come up with a viable replacement for central banks, through software engineering.. I know there are some good guys in there somewhere..

  53. Is this some sort of honey trap for people who are still able to assimilate facts, people who are able to comprehend the possible outcomes and understand what must have been the planning behind it? Or is this just a case of 'getting the finger', from the perpetrators? Either way it won't matter in the end.

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