Non-White Cultures that Contributed to Civilization #FACTS

Non-White Cultures that Contributed to Civilization #FACTS

Sometimes you’re just like, “These are the people that run my country!” Hi, I’m T1J, follow me on twitter.
So recently, Republican Congressman Steve King made the following comment on LIve TV: This guy gets to helps write our laws!
He was immediately accused of preaching white supremacy and being a racist. Which could
very well be true, or he could have just not phrased what we wanted to say very eloquently.
Whatever the case is, his statement was just wrong.
So Mr Congressman, you’re asking, “where are these contributions” from Non-White
People? Well, I’ll give you a couple examples. Now I’m just sort of gonna do a lightning round version of this, because many long books have been written about different cultures and their influence
on Western civilization, and it would be impossible to try and cover it all. But these are two of the most significant examples in my opinion. Ancient Chinese civilization is responsible for many important inventions, without which
our culture could not exist as we know it, including mechanical clocks, paper, cast iron,
gunpowder, seismographs, compasses, porcelain, silk fabric, and alcohol, shoutouts to the
Chinese. Even the fireworks that we Americans use as
a patriotric display of independence on the 4th of July was invented by the Chinese.
The ancient Chinese also made several important discoveries and advancements in various fields.
For example, It’s said that the Printing press played a key role in the development
of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment in Europe.
And its true that, Johannes Gutenberg, a german, invented the printing press. But the Ancient
Chinese invented printing. There was a period of time between the 8th
and 13th centuries known as the Islamic Golden Age, during which there was era of massive
innovation across many fields in the Islamic world. Some of these were upgrades of Chinese
and Greco-Roman ideas and some of them were brand new inventions and discoveries.
Muslims were instrumental in the advancement of mathematics, a Persian man named Muhammad
al-Khwarizmi is known as one of the fathers of algebra.
Muslims during this time were also early proponents of the scientific method, hundreds of years
before the idea was adopted by Europeans. Muslims proposed some of the first ideas about
human evolution, and a Persion astronomer was the first to discover what we now call
the Andromeda galaxy. The Islamic world is also responsible for
several things we use on a daily basis, like coffee and guitars, and other musical intstruments.
The advancements of the ancient Chinese and medieval Islamic world are two of most significant
examples of non-Europeans having a major affect on modern civilization, but there are countless
examples, like I said there’s tons of information about this out there.
Another problem with the congressman’s argument is that Europeans gained much of their influence
through war and imperialism. So white people can take credit for the advancements of other
cultures simply because that culture was dominated and absorbed by the Europeans.
There have been many great advancements in science and technology from people who live
in Europe and the United States, but whose culture does not originate there.
And if you want to go back the beginning, the very concepts of medicine and mathematics
and language and architechture can be traced back to prehistoric Middle Eastern and African culture.
Much of what later societies contributed was just a reintroduction of ideas that have existed
for millennia. I don’t diminish the advancements of the
West, The West invented the internet, and for that I am eternally grateful.
But we can’t talk about the legacy of Europeans without also bringing up the massive amount
of torture and bloodshed that they caused to get where we are today. If Steve King wants
to talk about how great white people have been to history, he’s gonna have to tiptoe
over a lot of dead people. So I dunno if this guys a racist, but I do
know that he’s a lawmaker, and it’s very trouble that there’s a guy in one of the
most ethnically diverse countries on Earth with such ignorantly Eurocentric view of history,
that has a say on what laws get passed. Yeah, that’s a problem.

99 thoughts on “Non-White Cultures that Contributed to Civilization #FACTS

  1. Africa (Egypt) gave us writing, for fuck's sake. This was a new low for idiotic statements by American politicians, and that's saying something.

    Great video T1J!

  2. all culturs step over alot of body's not just European. there is nothing special about how they did things to make it worse or better then the others.

  3. Why am I even surprised that a US politician could be this ignorant? Also, just off the top of my head, more examples of non-Europeans that made major contributions to civilization: the Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Persians, Hittites, the Egyptians, Ancient India, the Phoenicians.

  4. oh GOD holy lordis I feel like im the only white person who likes and isn't offended by your content. I don't think you're trying to bash white people but… you're pretty much right about MOST of what you talk about.

  5. Ok modern white people, you don't get to take credit for shit that dead white scientists invented. You are not Tesla. You are not Albert Einstein. You're not even Bill Nye. You have nothing to do with them and are likely as different to them as you are to any random non white, and they would probably be offended that you tried to take credit for their work just because you are the same biologically insignificant race that they are. There isn't a club of white knowledge that you contributed to and take credit for just because you were born white. I'm multiracial, does that mean I get to take credit for all the things anyone has ever done well, ever? Do I get to claim Picasso's brilliance? Do I get to claim Yao Ming's basketball talent? Do I get to claim the survival skills of Native Americans? No. That's stupid as fuck.

  6. And the kicker is that this doesn't even scratch the surface.
    For thousands of years Asia and Africa were considered the bastions of civilization while Europe by comparison was seen as full of crude 'savages'. #FACTS

  7. Our numbers come from India, including the very concept of the number 0. We'd still be using Roman Numerals if it weren't for them

  8. Obviously this guy is a gain idiot. It reminds me of that guy who said that women can't get pregnant from a "Legitimate Rape"

    Hopefully his stupidity will make him lose his seat.

  9. It's ironic (not surprising, though) that for all King (who in the words of Sarah Palin is "very strong, he goin' rogue") and his buddies go on and on about CHYNA and RADIKUL IZLAMIK TERRUR they sure didn't look into their respective histories very much. If those societies are "enemies" of the West (which is to say, Chinese and Islamic civilization shouldn't be enemies of the West any more than "Christendom" is) then wouldn't it pay to not underestimate them? But that's probably too much for King.

  10. I hate how people give this a pass like he's not racist. That level of ignorance is bigotry against non-whites, obviously.

  11. really liked your content as usual however I don't think it was necessary to bring up bloodshed by whites /whilst not mentioning the bloodshed of other cultures in relation to civilisation as we know it

  12. Correction: it's Arabs who contributed to science. Those people were not necessarily Muslims, and often they weren't.

  13. I have an question, because I don't think I've ever heard anything about it: Did the indigenous African people invent anything that stuck in other civilizations? I of course don't mean people of African descent in America etc, such as Katherine Johnson from NASA. I mean African Africans, speaking indigenous languages. I know it's hard to tell at this point what they invented, owing to the fact that they didn't have many written texts, but maybe archeologists found something cool? I know about Egyptians, but this continent is so huge and full of humans that it would be kinda weird if Egyptains were the only ones with all the good ideas.

  14. One of China's biggest contributions to world civilization is the creation of the state. They developed the idea that the state is a seperate entity from the people in it, and that the ruler's power derives not from the person but from the position he holds. The ruling dynasty could lose their legitimacy to their position, what many people know as the Mandate of Heaven. However, the position (Chinese Emperor) is still powerful, and could be claimed by others.

    Gross oversimplification, and obviously there are many different ideas from China concerning this.

  15. I don't see how somebody can go their whole life and not realize how stupid it is to judge someone based on the color of their skin. I was racist for a few years throughout middle and high school, but I quickly realized how ignorant my views were and fixed that shit.

  16. Blacks haven't contributed much, as a matter of fact I can't think of anything that blacks have contributed. Chinese, Indians, japanese, Indians, South American natives? Sure. Any Black civilization? LOL nope.

  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but he said 'contribute MORE to civilization' – that is, more than white people.
    Hard to quantify obv, but can you prove him wrong on that?

  18. There is a small possibility that the congressman more specifically meant "the old powerful and wealthy" which is just as ignorant entitled and stupid if not more so. And he may have meant that group as a demographic through all of civilization developing rather than which race contributed to the world the most as a whole. Some village elder type thing. I'm probably giving him a lot of benefits of the doubt and I'm not sure that meanings any less stupid but there we are.

  19. The brilliance of the West is not in what it discovered, but what it perfected.
    If the Chinese had fireworks, where were their armies of guns and cannons ? Europe took gunpowder and completely revolutionized the world with it.
    If they created printing, we created the concept of mass printing press, the spreading of books from widely different cultures, as well as independent journalism.
    The Indians and Arabs created the zero and advancements in maths ? Europe became an engineering and mathematical powerhouse during the Renaissance, far outpacing any other region of the World.

    The point is not, and should never be, "I did it first", but "I did it best". And in our West-dominated world, it is pretty obvious that the Western world was the best at using any and all inventions to their fullest potential. Starting from the Renaissance, it didn't limit itself anymore, like others did in the Muslim world or China. It was constantly pushed by a hunger for more : more resources, more land, but also more advancements, more technology, more reliable tools.

    It is pretty useless and childish to fight for "who did it first". Europe and the West enabled inventions and thoughts from everywhere in the world to congregate and be used in new and innovative ways, which no other civilization ever did on such a scale. It had the means and the will to do so, and it did it with such effectiveness that it eclipsed the rest of the world for centuries. That is where the West succeeded.

    (I would like also to point out that "Western Civilization" isn't "White civilization". Are achievements from the Ottoman Empire considered "white", since it had a huge part of eastern Europe ? Is Averroes, one of the great philosophers of the Arab World, white or "brown", considering he was born in Cordoba, in what is today Spain ? Mixing race with History is never a good idea…)

  20. To reiterate what I posted on FB (reordered):

    Just to make a point to Congressman Steve King, Christianity was invented in the Middle East. Is he suggesting that the Middle East hasn't contributed something culturally significant in the form of Jesus? Because… I'd like to see him defend that to his constituents.

    I'll add ancient Egypt here, with black ink, sundials, makeup, water clocks, and many other things. The origin of paper is disputed because the Egyptians were making "paper" from papyrus before paper from woodpulp was being made in China, but either way, neither option is European. Written language was invented in the Middle East (you can argue about hieroglyphs or cuneiform or whatever, but whichever thing you choose, it's still not European). Agriculture itself was invented near simultaneously in the Middle East, China, Africa, and India. With that came a number of important technologies – sickles, plows, pottery, etc.

  21. THANK YOU! That man's comments made me cringe so hard, but then, I'm actually educated, so there's that.

  22. Great video! It baffles me that anyone can so blatantly ignore the profound and meaningful contributions made by so many non-white cultures.

  23. A not insignificant portion of the food we eat today was originally domesticated by people of colour. Just off the top of my head, rice originated in Asia and Africa, potatoes and corn in the Americas, wheat in the Middle East…

  24. when doing your videos do you know of heart what you're going to say? How long do you rehearse your words before you start to record? I ask as I'm currently in a speech class and would love to know how you are able to deliver your thoughts and content so well. Thank you in advance 🙂

  25. Great video, but porcelain was invented in Europe several hundred years after China while trying to find a way to turn lead into gold (which is the foundation of alchemy). I real like the content but I felt you might find this interesting. Keep up the good work.

  26. Math, architecture, literature…and personal hygiene. Cause heaven knows it took the West a LONG TIME to learn to take a bath.

  27. Well done man, I really respect the fact that you're trying to improve, and it's showing. Excellent video ^.^

  28. Great video. Facts are the best response to ignorance. It's disappointing that someone as willfully uninformed as Steve King keeps getting re-elected. I can't believe he's been in office since 2003.

  29. 'If Steve King wants to talk about how great white people have been in history, he's gonna have to tiptoe around the bodies of a lot of dead people.'
    That's a brilliant line.

  30. Totally right! The Incas also were centuries ahead of European agriculture before the Spaniards came and conquered them for their gold.
    One thing to note is that EVERY civilization has blood on their hands. Anybody that had superior firepower and numbers is guilty of abusing it at some point or another. For example: before the Spaniards came and took out the Incas they themselves where holding military campaigns absorbing and conquering other civilizations around them. They also had the nasty habit of human sacrifice (which Europeans did themselves), slavery, and head shrinking.
    Nobody is taking poopies that smell like roses.

  31. Not to diminish your point but a lot of the things that you state that a single group invented was invented in other places as well without connection between the two. Like Greece invented their own alcohol even though China also invented alcohol. Lots of the things listed were invented by multiple cultures around the same time period

  32. Can I just say, watching you develop as a YouTuber is absolutely amazing. Your content was ALWAYS there, your cinematography has improved sooo much lately. I love sharing your content (you've taught me so much to integrate into my social work profession). Thank you for contributing your lovely logical thoughts to the arena that's typically so filled with rants and emotion. Thank you thank you!

  33. Normally I get frustrated with people calling everyone they disagree with racist, but this is one instance I would have thought the label completely warranted. I commend you for acknowledging the (tiny, in my opinion) chance that this guy is not racist. Way to rise above name-calling!

  34. Yes! Yes! Yes! I heard him saying that and my brain just exploded! Hell, if it wasn't for ancient Islam, Europe might not have made it through the middle ages. Through the Court of Alfanso X I believe concepts of hygiene were introduced as means to stave off disease (not that those ideas were too popular). They introduced the idea of universities, and secular hospitals that admitted all people. Also… bagpipes. I know some people would argue that they are not something to brag about, but I would disagree. Bagpipes came from the Middle East.

  35. Honestly, no one should be taking any credit for the achievements of historical people. You can only take credit for your own achievements, actions that were caused by you as an individual. I'm Asian, but I didn't invent fireworks, alcohol, gun powered or anything mentioned in the video. It would be ignorant of me to consider myself superior because something some other people did when I wasn't even around.

    It really frustrates me when white people try to establish themselves as superior by listing white achievements. Don't get me wrong, these achievements are worth celebrating, but we need to acknowledge that they were caused by individuals. This is why we don't blame all white people for things like slavery.

    Great video btw 🙂

  36. Off-topic, but I kinda feel like bloodshed is inherent in every civilization and the growth of civilization requires people to die due to or for a cause. We strive for a more ideal world because a perfect world is either abstract at best or illogical at worst. In an ideal world, we minimize damage but damage is a key component of the game. Kinda like how Buddhism says the First Truth of the noble truths is that all life is suffering, pain, and misery. To grow as a society, to see stuff like writing, medicine, mathematics.

    The ancient Chinese had the "Zhànguó shídài" or warring states period to unify China which lasted decades and had untolled bloodshed.

    The Islamic Golden Age had intellectual stifling as ijtihad(diligence or independent thought) were eventually rejected for taqlid, a following of "expert opinion". The idea of ijtihad is still a divisive issue in the Muslim world. Not to mention, when we (as in modern Westerners) discuss the Islamic Golden Age, we mainly forget to discuss the geopolitics of the times. The expansion of the Muslim world from the time of Muhammad to the 1500s saw rapid changes in territory due to conflict. There was major bloodshed there too.

    There was "massive torture and bloodshed" in every rising empire in the history of man. That's an inate by-product of imperialism, and I mean no disrespect by challenging your assertion that we should inherently bring up the dark history of European advancement when you don't do the same for Ancient China or the Muslim world during the, Islamic Golden Age. I just feel like it's a bit disingenuous. I dunno, I don't mean to be a dick. I'm also rambling as fuck.

  37. Who here wants to live in India? 💩
    Who here wants to live in the Middle East? 😱
    Who here wants to live in Africa? 😨
    Exactly. ✔️

  38. Thank you for making this video. I get so flustered in the face of boldly, proudly ignorant comments like his and it gives me hope to see calm, diplomatic, rational, eloquent, detailed responses like yours. You'd be terrific in office, should you ever decide to go that direction.

  39. Didn't King so 'no other subgroup had contributed more?' not no other subgroup had contributed at all. That's a bit of a straw man dude.

  40. Haha, as soon as I saw the Vid title I immediately thought of China, agriculture and gunpowder alone skyrocketed civilisation.
    Most of the greatest advancements in humanity have come from interactions between different cultures. I would not have it any other way

  41. Something is different about your channel lately. Maybe it' the scope of the topics, or your general tone… I'm not necessarily saying it is a bad thing. It is good to see a YouTuber experiment with their channel. The new feel, though, reminds me a lot of the MTV youtube vids. So are you trying to appeal to their audience?

  42. What was Europe's contribution to Egyptian and Chinese civilization?

    Here's a tiny list:
























    SHALL I GO ON???

    As you can see, white western civilization has contributed quite a bit to Egyptian and Chinese civilization.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Who discovered a way to harness electricity, and spread this magic throughout the earth, to every country, even into outer space?

    White men.

    Who invented cell phones, and put them in the hands of Ethiopians?

    White men.

    White men have given more to the world, than they could ever take back in return.

    Regarding slavery, whites were not big players in global slavery, especially in comparison to the Arabs and Sub Saharan Africans. The Trans Atlantic slave trade pales in comparison to the Trans Saharan slave trade, which lasted for 1400 years.

    In comparison, U.S. slavery only lasted 89 years (1776 -1865) even though blacks were slaves to black, natives and mostly whites for a total of 245 years.

    Also, during slavery, 99% of whites did not own a single slave.

    Whites did not start slavery, but they were the first to stop it.

  43. When will the Chinese give their own citizens human rights?

    When will the Arabs stop cutting off the clitorises of their 12 year old girls?

    If you look at the world from the year 1500 and beyond, it's been the West and the rest.

    The coldest, smallest, least populated continent of Europe gave more to the world than they could ever take back in return.

  44. I'm sorry to disagree with you but the Chinese did not invent gunpowder. The Chinese invented something that they used for what we call today 'gun powder tea'. The Chinese 'gunpowder' was not of the good quality as the whites (real) gunpowder and according to many it wast really 'gunpowder' at all because the Chinese 'gunpowder' did not even have the quality to actually fire..a gun…

    I'm not saying todays whites are better then todays non-whites but 95% of all inventions ever created came from white people and 99% of the inventions that allow us to live the way we do came from white people. so peanut butter, drums, coffee and all these kinds of 'inventions' don't have any influence on how we live today…the entire west would be exactly in the same situation without these 'inventions'

    no hate but you seem to be one of those people who be like : WAH WAH pharaohs where black, moors brought civilization to the world, white people stole everything WAH WAH even though there are no indications that any of this is true.

    so if white people had nothing but everybody else did, how come 7% of the world population can colonize and kill the rest of the world while the vast 93% majority ALSO happened to be 'technologically superior'? and how do all of these technological advancement magically disappear somehow?

    europe was COMPLETELY destroyed in ww1 and ww2 there was not 1 brick standing after ww2 but they where on top AGAIN in only 25 years while china has been around for 50k years and africa for 150k years who's stuff did they steal this time? and europe's technological advancements didn't magically disappear after europe had been destroyed…

    so again, no hate here, but I'm white and getting sick and tired that non-whites keep bashing whites for everything we did. while non-whites did the same!

    every race did slavery and colonization, whites where just better at it!!!

    GO TRUMP!!!

  45. Loving the high def and the new background – would watch you either way, but it's definitely easier on the eyes now!

  46. other huge examples are ancient egypt, who provided great ammounts of trade and became a powerfull part of other empires.

    and Carthage, who by proxi taught the romans how to make ships.

  47. I personally try my best to understand as many cultures from around the world, seeking to understand them all #ImpossibleGoals

  48. The Islamic Golden age wouldn't have been possible without generations of imperialism and bloodshed by the Islamic Caliphates, beginning with Muhammad. So how come the legacy of western society is stained because of it's history of abuse, while other societies get less criticism?

  49. How the hell did that guy at least not know about China or hell Japan!!!! Is this a generational thing? One of the few things I can remember about world history was that China invented gun powder and paper and the names of their dynasties. (The class admittedly wasn't very in depth, most world history was Rome and England with a dash of France)

  50. The white, and white – like, rulers and ruling elite in the former lands of black civilizations, are not who they claim to be.

    Specifically those of egypt are NOT egyptians, those of north africa are NOT berbers, those of arabia are NOT arabs, those of palestine are NOT hebrews, those of lebanon are NOT phoenicians, those of iraq are NOT mesopotamian's, those of iran are NOT persians or elamites, those of turkey are NOT anatolians – THEY ARE ALL CENTRAL ASIAN TURKS !

    That said with the understanding that in earlier times, Greeks and Romans settled in these areas: and in North Africa, they were followed by Alan's, Vandals, and Goths.

    And also in the 19th, century, french and I
    Italians invaded, and settled in north africa. And with the understanding that when the turks of the ottoman empire, relinquished hegemony over those lands after WW I, they and the european powers, merely handed control over to local turk elites.

  51. that "white supremacist " ignores us black's , Asians , south Asians , Latinos , mixed , Amerindians , Polynesians, Melanesians

  52. if he is talking about usa when saying "western civilization"….his country is just a 200 year baby. civilizations have existed for way longer than that and everyone owes in some degree to some other country. when they formed, every esencial thing already existed; writing, mathematics, medicine, etc.

  53. it appears as if the posters on this thread seem to think that the boom in western contributions over the past few hundred years doesnt compare to mud huts and bronze tools. we took basic building blocks and turned them into awe inspiring inventions and contributions.

  54. Brother, you are going to far. Civilization comes from Black people. I quote a white scholar De Volney:
    "Just think that this race of Black men, today our slave and the object of our scorn, is the very race to which we owe our arts, sciences, and even the use of speech! Just imagine, finally, that it is in the midst of people who call themselves the greatest friends of liberty and humanity that one has approved the most barbarous slavery, and questioned whether Black men have the same kind of intelligence as whites!" – Constantin François de Chassebœuf, comte de Volney

    M. Constantine de Volney, Travels through Syria and Egypt in the Years 1783, 1784, and 1785 (London: 1787), p. 80-83.

  55. He Never said "white" culture you idiot , Western civilization hasn't been "white" since the 100's…lolol…idiots…

  56. I tell what brother I have nothing against you but you Country will be destroyed soon and the white American European have to be cut off

  57. Sorry, but what he said is still correct on it's face. When you consider the volume of contribution it may not please you to hear but it is absolutely true that Europeans contributed more to humanity than any other subgroup of people. Facts are facts. That doesn't mean other civilizations or cultures have no value, it just means you're absolutely wrong. If you put European contributions to human civilization on a list and compared it to East Asian or any other region of peoples, Europeans are hands down the winners. Sorry, but it is what it is.

  58. …as a asian chemist that works with a lot of white & asian people… I believe black people did some good work with peanut butter… that's about it… sorry but the truth hurt's… just look at the test scores from california in 2017 in regard to black teenage boys… OVER 70% of them failed basic math and reading comp in high school!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!! stop with your bullshit excuses!!!! A day without white, jewish and asian inventions… is a day in darkness! Grow the fuck up you imbeciles! I love reading the comments below… all social studies losers.. enjoy your life's using asian, jewish, and european inventions! last time i checked… black people in africa can't even manage to put asphalt on the streets!!!! Pathetic!!!!

  59. ahahahahah… i love reading the comments on this… look at all the major cities in africa… they suck! no inventions… no automobile companies… not one semiconductor company… nothing!!!!! you all live in the past and fool yourselves… meanwhile… over 70% of black kids in california can't pass basic math in high school… so so so sad… but keep up with your excuses… really convincing stuff…

  60. He wasn't saying that the West has had the only effect on Western civilization. He was saying that the West is the only effect on HUMAN civilization as a whole. What stupid ugly man.

  61. the 1 janitor;
    I love negrology; the statement made by that white racist congressman WAS NOT ABOUT THE FIRST, THE OLDEST, THE MOST ANCIENT, THE VERY FIRST, the statement was made the most influential CONTEMPORARY influence of white race that have changed to course of every living being on this earth, AND yes it was not Chinese, Indian, or Negro or Latino *****IT WAS WHITE****one statement also can be made with a absolute certainty, and that is NONE WAS NEGRO, no negro influence of any kind.

  62. What about Subsaharian Africans that Contributed to Civilization? Neither one? Damn you are black and even you did said nothing about the (not so useful) African culture and tribalized way of living…

  63. Just to make it clear. One, I don't claim superiority for any ehtnic group, race, or religion. For those who don't study any anthropology however. It is important to realize the geographic locations we know today in North Africa and "the Middle East'' do not fit our modern terms today as people have moved and settled. In addition, egyptians, iranians, turks, persians etc. were white, aka caucusoid or indo european. Mediterranean We mold ethnic groups groups today by location for whatever reason instead of ancestry and anthropology. There were nubians in Egypt. Generally as slaves. As were jews. But to paint them as arab or subsaharan African is a misrepresentation. Arabs are still largely in Arabia. And are not a race. Ever wonder why its not a choice on tests or paperwork? Arabs are white as are most middlr eastern people. However due to PREJUDICE they are not granted the same status because of religous and cultural choices. If you do your research you will see how quickly alt-rights and racists are to dismiss them as white. When in fact, they are legally and genetically. You can even see it with a quick search or visit. Today or historically.

  64. Christianity, one od the greateat cultural influences of Europe originated from Mesopotamian culture.

  65. The sad part is that this shouldn't have to be said. The reality is that all of mankind contributed to our current civilization, and that should be largely understood in this day and age, but some people insist on this white supremacy bullshit to which there is no solid evidence.

    From the top of my head, I can cite at least ten Arabic and Indian mathematicians, some African philosophers, tons of Asian engineers (from all parts of Asia), and at least two important Amerindian political leaders. I'm not very knowledgeable about other human populations (like Maoris and Eskimos), but I'm certain they must also have their influence on our current civilization, and even if they don't, they still deserve respect and inclusion.

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