The hippo probably has one of the most interesting mating processes in the animal kingdom. During the mating season, a male hippo mates with several different females within its social group. The mating process does not happen very often. Mating happens only every two years this period puts them in a group known as “K-strategists” Which is a group of large mammals that only reproduce after long periods of time. There is no specific season for mating. But it usually happens near the end of the dry season and the beginning of the rainy season. Right now, the rain brings plenty of water and food, perfect conditions for mating and eventually giving birth. A single extremely aggressive male dominates a large group of females. Other males may challenge you for mastery of the group. Fighting between males is frequent during the heat season. The winner is entitled to mate. Where does mating occur? Mating between the male hippo and the female hippo happens in the water. In some cases, although very rarely, hippos may choose to mate on land. They are the only land animals in Africa that mate in the water! Gestation and puppies After the mating period The female hippopotamus has a long gestation period of 8 months and may be one month less or more. When she is close to giving birth, the female goes into complete social isolation until she gives birth to her calf. The baby hippo is born underwater. Underwater childbirth helps the young hippo mother save energy during the birth process. Return to the pack The new mother only returns to her hippo group after 10 to 14 days In some cases, it may take longer for her to return. Pack hippos must accept the pup In some cases they can kill the pup when they are overpopulated. The mother and the puppy have a very strong relationship from birth. This is unexpected for hippos As they are considered aggressive and isolated mammals. They usually stay with their mothers until they reach the age of seven to eight years. This age is close to the age of sexual maturity. This is an amazing animal with an amazing breeding model.


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  2. Acasalamento a cada 2 anos? Então o hipopótamo tem todos os motivos para engordar, não é como os humanos que acasalam toda hora

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