32 thoughts on “Obama:Bailout Worked-Chrysler Profitable, Paid-Back, Private

  1. Bailout worked? LOL

    Trillions in bailouts that the majority of americans did not want, it doesn't matter what you think is right Obama. The economic numbers plain do not support your claims, numbers don't lie polititions do.

    The bailouts didn't work, show some balls and admit it. Why is it so hard to find a leader that has the brass to talk to the american people and present the facts.

    A crap sandwhich is a crap sandwhich no matter how it's served.

  2. Obama is a traitor.
    By reinstating the Patriot Act, he proved that.
    He should get booed EVERYWHERE he goes in this country, by people with properly functioning brains — everywhere until his first and LAST term is over.
    Let him know he isn't wanted or welcomed.

  3. How come the President doesn't tell us how he inherited the auto bailout from former President Bush? He should at least give credit where credit is due. I was only for giving them money until the spring of 09' so that they could ease into bankruptcy. Bankruptcy would have been the best thing for them and the country in the long run. It would have lessened the moral hazard and given them a real new beginning where they could start with a fresh slate. The bailout was a mistake in my opinion.

  4. why are all u conservatards angry at obama, 1st off he got the fucked up economy that 8yrs bush & republitards left him, u all wanted the auto industry to fail, buts its alive & well because of obama & the dems, we have the begining of universal health care, killed bin laden & another killed yesterday, as for u patriot act whiners, it was u conservatards that were all for it when bush was pres, your nothing but a bunch of hypicrites & knuckle scrapers, face it hes done a good job, losers……..

  5. That's great, until the next time the twits that run these Too Big To Fail companies run their respected businesses into the ground while giving themselves millions in bonuses for destroying their own companies. When you reward bad behavior, you guarantee it will continue.

  6. Thumbs up to this…. Chrysler a very profitable PUBLIC company at one time, with a very high stock share value, (right before they crashed) Train wracks their company, and pays their CEO millions to do it, then runs the stock value down to nothing, has the PUBLIC loan them the money to buyout the company at a very very discounted rate and also to re-structure (B>S)… Now, they paid back the loan in no time, and are private.. how great for the people who now own it right.. fuck the PUBLIC….

  7. Hi no liberal here. But, why are you so nasty? The auto bailout would have happened under a republican administration too. And it has worked. Sorry, it has!! GM is leader in sales in China, almost tripling Toyota. They´re also growing fast in Mexico and Brazil. Chrysler is doing pretty well with new more efficient models. The new group Fiat/Chrysler would be a nice surprise in next years.

  8. We just lost 1.3 billion on the Chrysler deal thus making Obama a liar. Who would have though haha. Fiat now owns the company and the U.S. government has no interest in the company. Fuck Chrysler, Fuck Obama & Fuck Congress for screwing the American people on behalf of the UAW.

  9. 1. I don't hate anyone. 2. Do your homework. Ford didn't take any gov't bailout money and made consistent profits. 3. Have you seen Obama's new desk plaque? It reads "The Buck Stops with Everyone and Thing But Me." 4. You need to read the NYT ariticle about this. Fiat, a foreign–get that union people–foreign company, will end up owning Chrysler. And, despite what O says here, the gov't lost 1,2 billion dollars. That's also fm NYT. Qut being fools

  10. @dog1701: Quit being a hater. Bush jacked us, and he's been working to correct Bush's blunders. Mittens said we should let them fail. Remember that? GM would not be number 1 for sure if we had let them fail. Mittens don't know business that well does he…

  11. Great job President Obama!! Many of us who see the truth understand what you have had to deal with and what you have accomplished in spite of the haters and obstructionists. Keep rolling full steam ahead. While the GOP was talking, you were taking action. Love it!!

    Now please put Hilary on the ticket. It would be the best strategic move for the future…

    God bless…

  12. @cjlovick Yeah right. Everything GM builds is junk and they STILL AREN'T PROFITABLE, which means the taxpayers are still paying for their junk.

  13. I think we shoull all show our support for the amanzing job the president and GM have done since the bailouts. Let's all buy the superior car of today, the Volt, so we can all perish in a magnificent ball of flames.

  14. @dog1701: Your hate and ignorance does not change the FACT that GM is #1 in the world. Hate on…. does not change a thing. It is what it is…..

  15. @lcromy: Wow…how blind and dumb can a person be if he actually believe he is intelligent? I am a college educated veteran…. Unlike most conservatives, I actually understand economics….

  16. @cjlovick What numbers? Are you talking about sales? Yes, GM has always sold a lot of vehicles, that doesn't mean that they are good vehicles. GM's sales numbers are just a testament to the stupidity of the American people.
    According to reliability and quality ratings GM is junk.

  17. Wow cjlovick, you are offending a veteran and in the same breath 'loving america', What is the deal with you? Try making an argument without calling peole names.

  18. "Bailout Worked-Chrysler Profitable" WHAT? Fiat paid off the government note on Chrysler and now Fiat owns 61% of Chrysler. GM still own 1/3 of it's bailout. How did that "work"?

  19. Im confused, are you saying you against the buyout of chrysler to fiat? plus they intend to buy the remaining shares of chrysler. Are you against that too?…………what is it with you people. I can never understand what you want because you keep changing your minds.

  20. You are what I call "someone who suffers from hypnosis." You have been hypnotized by the GOP. Anything that does not fit your logic is rejected. Even if it is truth.

  21. Icromy im calling you a Troll because i know you are not interested in hearing the facts. All your interested in is regurgitating political talking points, and changing the argument when someone gives a an answer. The reason no one in the public sphere debates this subject anymore is because they have come to a conclusion that the Auto bailout for the large part did what it was suppose to do. Even the Economist finally admitted they were wrong about the Auto Bail out, and that it was worth it.

  22. Proof?……….as in wether the Auto-Bail was worth it?…..i dont have to prove anything to you. If you disagree with the conclusion, go argue with the Economist magazine and every other credible network eco editorials.

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