Offending Society

Offending Society

quick dick ,cdick coming to you here
today with a quick dick mcdick toonie where you get two dollars with my
opinion cuz 2 cents don’t buy you very much anymore today we’re talking about
offending society now before quick dick begins his toonie let’s do a little test to
help some of you who don’t need to see this video skip to the end and call quick
dick an asshole if you voted for and support Justin
Trudeau if you’ve told somebody in the last week that you find that highly
offensive or if you need to go to a safe space twice a day
save yourself four minutes go to the end thumbs down quick dick and call him an
asshole for the rest of you that have a sesnse of humor let’s have a look at society we have changed Merry Christmas to Happy
Holidays because some people do not believe in religion Christmas is a
religion thing I thought it was just a time you stressed the hell out over buying people a bunch of shit they dont need we give out a participation medal to somebody even if they finish
dead last just for showing up because they’re offended if they don’t get
rewarded for it how are we setting somebody up for success in life when we
teach them at a young age that they get rewarded just for showing up what do you think would happen if quick dick
showed up and only fed half of the cattle out here do you think he would
get a participation medal for trying to feed some of them don’t worry girls
you’ll get fed Halloween has been changed to orange and brown day in some cities
because people find the idea behind Halloween offensive have we checked to
make sure no one’s offended by the colors orange and brown we have to have
three kinds of bathrooms in places now for people that are man women and
haven’t decided of what they want to be we are to let one decide their own gender quick dick has
got some apologizing to do quick dick is sorry for referring to you as sters he
should have been calling you testicularly challenged quick dick did not mean
to offend you by calling you heifers he should have been referring to you as
recently emancipated females actually qquick dick is sorry he even referred to you
as male you can decide which pen you want to go into the steer pen
or the heifer pen the decision is yours we actually spent time changing our
national anthem to be gender-neutral now most people maintain that the words
were originally gender-neutral and were changed during the first world war you
know what else happened about that time income-tax oh it’s just here until the
war’s over well I don’t see the government scrambling to change that can
anybody tell quick dick what it cost to change two words in our national anthem
people are like Oh didn’t cost anything yeah cuz the Senate is volunteer and
guess what we still blew it because we say God keep our land well right in line
with Christmas how could we have that in a national anthem can anybody tell quick
dick when we as a society decided to push our auger and hoppers between our
legs and let this garbage happen now minor Hockey Canada age categorizes
their groups by using the words snowflake novice Adam peewee Bantam midget now minor hockey
Canada has removed the term midget from their age categorizing because it is a
derogatory slur have we checked with all the other age categories did anyone
check with the snowflakes themselves before we named a hockey age group after
them I’m sorry i’m sorry coming up at 10 o’clock tonight on the
Quick Dick McDick News pee-wee Herman launches an outraged complete that minor
hockey Canada did not contact him before they decided to name a specific
age group of players another story were following tonight a bantam rooster
speaks out about how he is completely offended that the Minor Hockey League of
Canada could possibly use his name to define an age group also tonight the
Atom speaks out saying did they know that they breathed me and consult with
me before they use my name to define their age group in minor hockey these
stories and more on the quick dick mcdick at 10 at what point in time do we stand up and
say that is enough of this nonsense I’m sorry we didn’t consult you before we
named the hot dog did that offend you I’m sorry it’s okay I’m offended by the
shape of the hot dog we need to change the shape of it listen all quick dick is
saying is maybe we need to spend a little less time being butthurt as a
society and spend a little more time on realistic things because if we continue
down this I’m so easily offended path that we’re on before you know it we’re
gonna have a leader of the country that cries that apologizes to everybody for
everything instead of telling them to suck it up oops too late but that’s just how quick
dick sees it this is quick dick mcdick reminding you to keep the whitetails jumping and your
auger dumping we’ll catch you next time

100 thoughts on “Offending Society

  1. Now I'm not going to hit you with a dislike because I generally share your sense of humour.

    I'm not gonna lob insults at ya just for sharin' your opinion (that'd be kinda rude).

    But I gotta call you out on a poor take, Quick Dick.

    If you have any respect for factual information and scientific advancement, you ought to at least look at what Progressive Lefties (real ones though. Not "Speak to the Left, Walk to the Right" Liberals like ol' Drama Teacher), Scientists, and Researchers are saying about sex and gender, in regards to historical, sociological and specialized scientific (Endocrinology, Neurology, Psychology, and so on) types of research.

    I agree with you one hundred percent that Outrage Culture and this pervasive "Offendedness" is giving us a lack of a reasonable back and forth discourse, distracting people from real issues and leading to needless polarization… but I wouldn't just accuse the Left of perpetuating this absurdity. It takes two to tango and for every one person shouting "Trans Rights!" there's at least two reactionaries calling them a snowflake and shouting slurs at them.

    This has been a constant throughout history. Action and Reaction. Proponents for change, and abhorrence of change. It happened after the French Revolution, with (Classical) Liberal reformists being opposed and persecuted by Metternichean, monarchist conservatives. Happened after the 1848 Revolutions too much to the same effect. There was a long and toiling fight for universal suffrage/voting rights (for men, for women, for all! the vote of all things had to be fought for! In Canada, America, Britain, France, numerous nations!) Name anything we take for granted, and somebody in history had to punch, kick, push, shove, shoot, picket and/or scream their life away for us to have it!

    (That said, when I both are sides are guilty of perpetuating meaningless wars of words I mean it. You can't get anywhere by shouting at everyone. Some you certainly do need to shout at and drown out their nonsense, until they go home and sob because their irrational hatred of change or love or compassion or whatever is so caked onto their lens that all the Windex on Earth can't clear their vision.

    Others you need to talk to, state your case, give your reasons).

    If I can pilfer a good quote from philosopher, David Hume:

    "A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence."

    So, given my view of history, when I hear people shouting in favour of their rights I'm already inclined to support them. And if what they say has any good proof behind it, I'm more inclined to believe them.

    Anywho, I'll recommend a couple of other YouTube Channels here for you to peruse on the loo and I'll link a quick page about a study I read a little while ago. It's really short but gave me a real 'aha moment. Honestly though, you really ought to devote some effort yourself to exploring the topic with an open mind. I really hope you can find the time to look at this a little bit and I wish you well in your work, my man. =3

    Have a good one.

    Some sources: > (Philosophy Tube/Oliver Thorn's video about Transphobia).> (Harris Brewis/Hbomberguy's videos about Bill Nigh's new show from a little bit ago). >> (Natalie Wynn/Contrapoints' video about the discourse surround Trans people but with specific regard to attraction, perception and sexuality. She is trans herself, so her opinion has a little more weight than the other two. I started here). (This is a study about transgender brain structure and brain activity done by the European Society of Endocrinology).

  2. Your vid was great, spot-on and was very needed. Western society is going to Hell, because of the touchy-feely cretins left of liberal. Socialist and communists have bloomed like rotten weeds in no small part thanks to the "teachers" and "professors" in our "schools"!!!

  3. Ya CANADA, A CORPORATION, Traded on the New York SNOT market, and you vote? As You is the second person, A corporation is a civilly dead entity not a real person, Lawful vs legal,, Eye for Eye is land Or eye,eye, ye will do as I say Law of the sea, YHWH said Beat your plow shears into swords, Turdrow said we will get those guns, BNA says they are to give us guns, Oh thats right I forgot UN says we cant have them, look into who is the Principle, and how many used a death cert for ID, for the dead is all capitals, I was told to go to the cemetary and look at all the capital letters, worked for me? Objects are trusts and corporations and so on. romley Stuart or Bill Turner on Utube see who much you learned in your life.

  4. Get this story among the ''offence morons'' etc

    Some totally unknown singer from Indian root, living in BC banned a producer on twitter. He had a potential promotion to her songs… the producer had a twitter link on something Trudeau said on a political issue which he mocked, and she doesn't agree with!

    I call this kind of behaviour LEFTIOTISM 101

  5. Humanity must be bored for finding issues where there aren't. Global warming and people being offended, are big problems!

  6. Damn Quick Dick I am offended that you have not done a gun control video…..after all all them there evil incarnate killer devices are common in the vast Saskatchewan-ness….and as such we are directly responsible for ethnic gangs in Torontoville…..

  7. Offending society.?! Fuck yeah I'm totally in.
    What's funer than throwing a baby off of a cliff?
    Catching it with a pitch fork.
    I certainly do hope I offended someone.

  8. I will walk out and demand my money back if someone sings that song wrong. Don't [email protected]#$ with our heritage and history. It sounds jarring and horrible what snowflake decided it was a good idea to change it?.

  9. QDM-When you hit 5Ok SUBSCRIBERS- I'll drive up there in MY farm truck and buy you lunch….from the deep s0uth U.S.✔

  10. I'm offended you moved back Saskatchewan without notifying changing the registration on your beard licence…. Oh never mind Notley didn't get that one in before the election. ALL GOOD. (It's so cool I had to add Notley to the Google Dictionary… te he he)

  11. ter·ti·um quid

    /ˈtərSHēəm ˈkwid,ˈtərtēəm/


    noun: tertium quid

    a third thing that is indefinite and undefined but is related to two definite or known things.

  12. Right on brother. There's a shit ton of Canadians that are turning into the worlds biggest pussies. It's pathetic and sad and my hat is off to you sir for this video!!

  13. I am showing my kids all of your videos because the crap they are taught in school is what is wrong with our country….. appreciate your efforts to make a positive impact on our lost country….

  14. Since moving to Blaine Lake, Sk. I have come to enjoy being surrounded by you people. Thanks so much for the insight and laughs. Oh, where the hell did you get that great hat? I was lucky to find one similar a few years ago, but it's almost worn out.

  15. my premier recently shared one of your videos;
    I can't think of a politician making me laugh since the "twerking" press conference.
    I love it!!
    Keep these coming!

  16. 5 minutes after the video ended and I’m still laughing my ass off! Quick Dick please run for Prime minister of Canada! I will give you my vote!

  17. I just say what the fuck I feel if someone is an arse and I make sure to offend bullies who try and silence free speech, starting with vagina serving compulsorily heterosexual god spouting religious morons. There….hahahahahaha. Let's see if that's removed.

  18. oh, hey a little 9 foot Goebel bin. I used to make those.

    Uhh… Sorry. I hated rolling 9 footers and never got the hang of it.

  19. I guess this is what happens to people who are starved from sunlight, sequestered to their homes due to weather conditions where your deep freezer temperature is warmer than outside the house and the government of Canada and its economy is held hostage by a bunch of Wagonburners.

  20. There should be no god references as that is just bullshit to say we expect a made up idea to protect our land.
    If someone/thing challenges us it's not a made up deity gonna be building sandbag walls and loading ammo.

  21. Lad , you have to run for Prime Minister, at this point we don’t have one , you’re a shoe in !!! Lol !!

  22. Sadly there quick dick it's just too easy..the lunatics have the asylum… all you need is a heartbeat to vote…Walla you have a destroyed nation

  23. Quick dick you are a damn funny man, i love watchin your videos and laughin:D im just guessin but do u live up near yorkton? Lol

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