Olympic Peninsula Humane Society — New Facility

Well the building we’re in now is really old and pretty much falling apart. It’s over 50 years old, it’s gotten a lot of use from thousands of and thousands of animals’s that come through it. So we want to be able to offer more services to the community to offer training opportunities to offer more vet services, those kinds of things and we’re just limited by our current facility and cannot do that. Oh gosh, I think every aspect of the new facility is a bonus. you know we’re going from 2 acres to 9 acres we have the opportunity to offer so much more just in terms of a nice friendly environment, walking trails for the dogs we have a farm where we can do indoor training when it’s, you know, not the best weather. we have pasture space where we can take farm animals like horses and goats, anything that comes in that’s larger. We’ll actually have a space to take care of them here, so everything about the new facility is better and you know, better for the animals, better for the people, and better for the community. Well for one thing, we plan for it to be a much better environment first of all for the animals, that’s really where our heart and passion is caring for the animals that come in but also for the public. People who are looking to adopt an animal. So the new facility has more space, has beautiful walking trails so that people can for instance visit with the dogs and get to know them they can take it out on the trails, The cats will have a much better environment for their health we’re constantly worried about the health of those animals. in the new facility they will have more light, more fresh air, and all of those things equal better health for the animals. So really, our first priority like I said is the animals, and second is the people who come visit us either looking to adopt or bringing an animal to us that can’t keep it any more. We’re moving along, as far as the construction goes it’s probably ahead of schedule. because we’ve had such good weather. As far as fund raising goes, our goal was to raise 1.4 million dollars in order to do all of the work that needs to be done on site that includes building a dog kennel facility putting in all of the infrastructure, the septic system, the parking lot, all of the landscaping.. and then also refurbishing the modular buildings that are already on site. Which we will use for administrations, veterinary services, and for cat adoption So 1.4 million, and right now we’re at about 1.3 million. So we’re very very close to reaching our goal. and you know all of that is from private donations, and from people that just understand the need and that this is an important project for our community.

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