On Shane Dawson And CANCEL CULTURE

On Shane Dawson And CANCEL CULTURE

Shane Dawson, did he or did he not jizz on his cat? That seems to be the question of the day and your honor. I’m not here to choose nor defend the suspect I’m merely here to analyze the case and to bring to your attention and to that of the jury the facts and the speculations covered in a thick layer of common sense which appears to have gone missing If you don’t know what I’m talking about there was an old clip from Shane’s podcast from years ago where he vividly Described a sexual act with his cat that allegedly took place in 2007 Shane Dawson: And i was like, what if i just cum but like on her tummy Like, that’s not weird whatever *inaudible* and kept going and i came all over the cat other person: No you did not *inaudible* I was also like 19 *more inaudible talk* As soon as this clip was reposted on Twitter the public as they often love to do hastily grab their torches and pitchforks and jumped out to take Shane down Shane posted a thread on Twitter saying that the story was nothing more than a joke and that he’s tired of Apologizing and explaining his edgy and outrageous humor from his past which he has since moved away from he adds and I quote I’m sorry for being someone who thought being super offensive and shocking all the time was funny I feel like without my past I wouldn’t be Who I am today And I wouldn’t be able to grow and spend my energy on things that actually mean something now I don’t know if he did or didn’t jizz on his cat when he was a teenager Was it a joke maybe but the takeaway that I get from this entire situation is how quickly people’s attitude Changes in regards to someone with a profile as large as Shane’s just weeks ago He was hailed as this innovator who is breathing new life into this platform He was being applauded for his doggy series for what he did with the Chucky Cheese Conspiracy for shedding light on a heavy subject like domestic abuse in the case of Brittani Louise Taylor He was widely regarded as a visionary but as soon as the target was on his back he suddenly became the butt of everyone’s jokes and Chucky Cheese himself was somewhere out there probably like Look animal abuse is wrong, obviously and I do hope that Shane was joking But the speed with which the mob mentality takes over in a case like this is terrifying Why do we have this urge to cancel someone as soon as something? Controversial comes out about them in a case like Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby. Absolutely These are undoubtedly monsters who need to have the power stripped away from them because they’re using it in destructive ways But this thing of going back and looking through old tweets and old podcasts from years ago with the sole purpose of finding something incriminating is Ridiculous these days. Everything is documented on the Internet at some point you will inevitably say something stupid and then a decade later when you’ve evolved and matured and even the sensibilities of the world around you have changed to then have something dug up from a different era that’s gonna affect your current career is mind-boggling, especially when you have proven yourself to be a changed person despite the mob mentality making people pile on and despite a Select few or maliciously trying to hurt his career. There is overwhelming evidence That Shane is a good guy people who come in contact with him describe him as a kind-hearted Human being Garret Watts is one of the people who immediately jump to his defense saying Shane is one of the most thoughtful kind-hearted empathetic guys I know and the notion of him abusing or hurting another living creature is as implausible as your arms turning into laser blasting diamond cannons and I’m a little triggered by that last line there Garrett He goes on to close his statement by saying please be forgiving realize that people change and use your power to cancel and nullify those In this world who are doing truly evil things. We love to be outraged, especially on Twitter We wake up in the morning We have a sip of tea we go to the trending tab to check who’s in the shame Spotlight today only to insert their name in the preset Hashtag blank his over party regardless of the severity or the validity of the reason behind it in the most recent episode of last week Tonight John Oliver tackled this exact topic public shaming and towards the end of the episode He says this: “Think of the dumbest thing you did when you were young Then you got caught doing the dumbest thing You did the thing you’ve stole or cheated on or accidentally sexted and again, I am sorry mom Now, imagine hearing about that Every single day for decades on end.” That’s right you and I have said and done some stupid things in the past I guarantee you that every single living person on this earth has made a joke or has said something or done something that could jeopardize their career But most people learn from their mistakes most people evolved and in a world where our lives and our thoughts become more and more public We need to be more tolerant and more thoughtful about where we direct our anger and who we decide to take down because if the bar for outrage is this low, no living human being is safe I think this is a very interesting topic and I’m curious what you think about canceled culture as a whole Let me know down in the comments and while we’re talking about Shane I want to send a huge congratulations to him and Ryland who just got engaged This is going to be the royal wedding of YouTube. So once again Congratulations to these two boys and speaking of boys, which by the way, as a phrase that I’ve never said before the clout boys contest in my last video I announced a little giveaway where I would pick three random people who followed me on Instagram and I would initiate them into the exclusive clout boys club and the winners are Kaden Geier PriscKilla and Nikolaj Wermer who is apparently a dog Congratulations, all three of you are now Clout boys And if you want to participate in my Instagram giveaways just follow me on instagram It’s that simple, but that’s going to be it for this video wilfer and I will see you again very soon

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  1. I've never heard anyone call Shane Dawson an "innovator" for making over edited, dramatized, and easily disprovable speculation videos. Im not saying that he deserves all the hate he's getting now because he doesn't. I used to really like Shane and he's content about 3 years ago before he turned into this money making machine who only cares about scaring his viewers to get popular. The truth is, Shane would switch from one subject from another If it means he can keep buying his Gucci slides and makeup. Just think. Shane used to be a comedian. When that went down the drain he turned to conspiracies, and now he's getting into makeup, because guess what always hits the top spot on trending? Its easy to believe people like him when the act like your friend and someone you can trust in videos, but the truth is youtube isn't all black and white. I personally wish he'd go back to comedy because those are the videos I still find entertaining, even if he didn't make as much money for it

  2. this is 100% the strangest video topic ive ever seen like whos idea was it to talk about Shane Dawson doing, you know what im not even gonna name it

  3. If I ever got famous, I'd be done. I used to joke about necrophilia, cannibalism, and other gory aspects in person and social media platforms. My family and I grew up with dark humor. Really dark humor…

  4. Shane Dawson has a history of strange behavior toward animals. He obviously came on his cat the question is, “Should we cancel Celebrities for Animal Abuse?”

  5. It doesn’t surprise me that a society that is for locking people up in prison and throwing out the key is the same society that wants to cancel public figures. Shane is basically like, “hey guys punishment is archaic how about a little rehabilitation for a change.”

  6. I highly doubt Shane actually did that. He clearly loves animals and he would be the last person I would think would do that to a cat tbh

  7. Cancel culture should only apply to current, unrepentant evils. It should also have a statute of limitations. This culture of witch hunting is really toxic and dangerous.

  8. The first time I ever remember people using #____IsOverParty was when Twenty One Pilots leaked their own song ‘Heathens’ and got in trouble with someone (I think their producers) for it
    Then Brendon Urie was “targeted” when he started getting in trouble for leaking ‘Death of a Bachelor’ a few months before TØP leaked ‘Heathens’
    After that it died down but got a jumpstart in some community and now is being used for everyone and everything
    So upsetting to see it start as an actual JOKE within a fandom and then become the most frightening words someone can hear today in the span of 2-3 years
    Edits: just tried to look up the hashtag and I can’t find it. The closest I can get it the actual leak. It was big on Instagram at the time tho

  9. Im just waiting for the vigilante hacker man who’s gonna make #EVERYONEIsOverParty and just leak info on anyone and everyone he can 😌

  10. Im just waiting for the vigilante hacker man who’s gonna make #EVERYONEIsOverParty and just leak info on anyone and everyone he can 😌

  11. I just discovered your channel. It is so well done! I see myself binge watching the majority of your content within the next 48h 😄

  12. "Congratulations to Shane and Ryland for getting engaged, this is going to be the royal wedding of Youtube!"

    Pewdiepie: Hold my diamond pickaxe…

  13. Cancel culture is trash. Those who partake are also trash. Sorry someone had to say it. The reason isn't because no one should be called out or held accountable but the idea that we MUST take down those who have made mistakes or bad jokes from 10 years ago or in their TEENS… is unrealistic and we would all lose our jobs and livlihoods. As the video states as well this energy and anger is going towards non-sense. I saw a comment today that said "Can we cancel trisha already bc i'm just sick of her." In reality there are people who need to be "taken down" in this world, but the reasons behind "canceling" someone is a pointless public outcry over PC culture. We are allowing ourselves to look at the past with the lenses of today. Of COURSE we will all get offended. It's 2019, culture has changed. politics have changed. what people find funny has changed. Look back on someone's past as a way to destroy their lives TODAY is ultimately useless unless those actions are actively still going on. regardless of that, stupid jokes, stupid comments, things you were saying back in the day is not a reason for someone to lose their career over. no one is infallible, that includes those who call for the cancel of people as well. I'm sure those people have done horrible things or said horrible things that they regret or simply even forgotten about bc they have changed and it was so long ago. If you really want to know how pointless cancel culture is anyway, look at those who have been canceled for stupid stuff like a joke or something they said. Often times they get hit with a wave of hate for 24 hours and the internet, being the internet, forgets about it completely and life moves on. no one actually get canceled. It's more like they get suspended for 24 hours. It's a way for the internet to put their pent up anger and energy until the next "scandal" comes along and then oops, we forgot about it until a few years later when someone else points it out.

  14. It's cancel culture is really bad BUT in the kpop industry and fandom is insane ! Like a person could be just breathing and they get cancelled i can't-

  15. I think that this with Shane was quite ridiculous. But to compare them to some of these people, I'm not sure if they're the same level of pure ridiculous.

    My issue with cancel culture is how it has been morphed into this way of dismissing real issues. Not every person that does some real bad things (Harvey & Bill to use your examples) start off by the victims screaming at the top of their lungs that this person did this. It starts with comments on their past language, behavior, and actions. It starts with, in those men's cases, people ignoring those comments and brushing them off as fake, trying to ruin their career, or jealousy. Because that's what happened. These men got away with their behavior, in some cases actively "canceling" other people's careers due to rejections, because no one wanted to believe it. Hell, Kevin Spacey (one of the ones that really did get canceled) had people for years actively telling male interns to avoid him. We can't ignore that certain behavior and bigotry have signs that sometimes people are good at either hiding or hiding by saying they've changed and because people want to believe them, they will.

    Let us not forget, America actively chose to elect a man after being caught on tape saying he sexually harasses and abuses women and they "let" him do it because he's rich. People actively made excuses for that language (what 2006) because that's just locker room talk. Kevin Hart is still has a career, despite making a joke about beating the shit out of his son if he found out he was gay. Even got a nice little piece, despite saying he changed, where he got to interrogate Lil Nas X about his choice to come out while on top of the charts.

    In my opinion, cancel culture as this thing that a person says one little thing and their career is ruined doesn't exist. While people like Kevin S, Harvey, and Bill should all be cancelled and have been, there are people like them hiding behind this idea that any type of disapproval is "canceling" them and they make millions from it. Meanwhile, you know who's career got canceled? Winona Ryder for being a rich person that shoplifts.

  16. Its because people demand perfection from idols and are angry when those idols turn out to HUMAN FREAKING BEINGS LIKE THE REST OF US!

  17. All I got to say is I LOVE SHANE AND I GET HIS EDGY JOKES and for people who do shit like look up old podcasts and old shit he said you’re just probably someone who likes conflict and drama and that shit is so un necessary and I’m sick of seeings videos dissing Shane

  18. 5:10
    Yes this wedding
    Fk that pewdiepie bs
    That wasnt it
    But Shane tho….this is the Royal wedding…along with markimoo

  19. Well of course people want to “cancel” Shane, or other youtubers like him, who use their platforms to bring to the public eye the real issues that our society has. Because ignorant people are easier to “control” . This sounds like a conspiracy 👀 guess I’m thinking too much😂😂😂

  20. Donald Trump's candidacy in a nutshell because let's get real every room was hating on him but they didn't have anything until that recording on the bus over a decade ago hate him or support him that s*** is exactly how it happened and it was funny as f*** and what made it so funny to me at least was because no one seemed to realize that's exactly what was happening in the Hollywood for the longest time people were digging up shittin trying to get everyone fired because of what Bill Cosby did and not to say Bill Cosby didn't deserve his comeuppance but the things that are being brought up are nonsensical irrelevant and stupid unless it's said I raped and or murdered someone on this particular day chill the f*** out

  21. Yeah, why can't the internet try to cancel actual shit people like onision who time and time again proved himself to a be the cockroach of youtube.

  22. I just realized something that's been nagging at me after I had watch this video how the hell would he be able to do that with a cat unless it was declawed and even then it still has a mouth it still has teeth he would have his dick chewed off

  23. Paula Deen lost her cooking show on Food Network in the 2010s for some “racist” thing (idk what it was) she said in the early 90’s, almost 20 years before hand. People hated her and called her racist, and her career was ruined. The same thing happened to Jeffree Star. Old videos of him cussing people out and using the “n” word surfaced and people were so quick to call him racist, but people forgave him. I’m not really sure why the public is so willing to forgive some people, but not others. Even if Paula Deen did say something racist 30 years ago, there’s a good chance she’s not the same person as she was then, just like Jeffree Star is not the same today as he was 10 years ago. People do stupid stuff and they can change. I think people take things way too seriously and are too quick to jump to conclusions online. Celebrities say stupid shit, it’s inevitable, and as soon as people find out that celebrities aren’t as perfect as they thought, they’re all too ready to burn them at the metaphorical steak. Some people don’t deserve forgiveness, it’s just funny how society forgives some people and not others, i.e. Paula Deen.


  25. Shane's podcast was the craziest shit on any platform till it ended.
    A discussion or conversation on anything that interest them with no limits at all
    I mean anybody who've listened to it knows
    People listening to a clip of it and then going berserk is honestly funny

  26. You are too wise to be a youtuber… Ppl just like to be outraged and hateful.

    I just recently found your channel… and happily subbed.

  27. honestly, if people didn’t see how he was just trying to be an edgy in the past, idk what to tell y’all. it was clear it was a joke and that he was trying to be stupid and shocking, but instead of cancel culturing someone over a dumb joke in the past (you know, like what literally EVERYONE DID IN THE PAST.) we should see “ok he said this a long time ago, it was obviously a joke, especially if he confirmed it, it’s not the person who he is today.”

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