ONCE THERE WAS “YOU” – is it your story? [ Life, Story, Society, Marks, Degrees, The Expressionist ]

Once there was a creation called “YOU” born as a unique and pure individual after recombinations of thousands of genetic variations, nature’s perfect creation gifted with individuality But then this”YOU” was introduced to the existing world and that individuality started eroding First his parents told him to study like other kids do He was discouraged to make mistakes, the moment he tried to separate himself from the crowd he was nudged back into the line again since he was always supposed to follow the same crowd The father wanted “YOU” to become like him The mother wanted “YOU” to become like her, then your school told “YOU” to chase marks, numbers and ranks The degrees were chosen keeping in mind the most lucrative and safest career they can lead to, colleges and universities told “YOU” to compete because the world is extremely competitive and it’s a game called survival of the fittest. “YOU” fought day and night to match the benchmarks your peers had set up Then your society came in and asked millions of questions, someone told “YOU” to settle down, someone told “YOU” to get a job, someone told “YOU” to apply Visa for US, someone told “YOU” to get married, someone advised “YOU” to go for public sector and someone told “YOU” that private is better whatever that someone was saying they all were pointing towards following the crowd to walk the worn-out paths travelled by most of them themselves, “YOU” became nothing but a bet, some odds were placed in your favor and some against “YOU” those questions made “YOU” jittery and restless “YOU” wanted to answer them as soon as possible so that “YOU” could find peace and safety “YOU” started looking for the answers to the questions that Society had apprehended “YOU” with but then there were few seekers and rebels and people with louder inner voices who chose to answer the questions that their inner selves threw at them not the society, they refused to settle down with those limited pity questions they struggled, flinched, fell down, raged but never quit looking for the answers, they were tired, worn out, but at the end they found the answers, after a spell of gloomy, dark period the sun of Glory shone on them Those people are now all around “YOU” today Some of them are carrying the burden of entire nation when they go onto the playing field, some of them are changing millions of lives, some of them are leading the masses, some of them personified perfection and became role models, some of them enlivened the world with their voices and expressions, some of them went on to become explorers and innovators But “YOU” on the other hand played to the gallery “YOU” were afraid, “YOU” were worked up, the inner callings did try to attract your attention as well but was silenced by that deafening noises of customary social opinions, “YOU” rather settled for a safe shell than questing into the unknown horizons, the same horizons that bestowed upon those rebels and seekers, the ultimate liberation and bliss, “YOU” settled for that comfortable limited shell because that questions of this society, institutes and establishments do not go beyond the limits of this shell, even today that “YOU” will be sitting in that cozy little place with subtle complacency digesting the sunday morning newspaper reading about those rebels and seekers, after a week full of tiring and excruciating work that “YOU” just hate to do it’s not your fault completely most of the society, the institutions, the establishments are plagued with this approach of safety and risk aversion They want to build replicas not individuals, they have got tailor-made secure carapaces in which they want “YOU” to fit yourselves, for all those years “YOU” were doing nothing but molding yourselves to fit into that carapaces because since the childhood that was the only place “YOU” were introduced to where “YOU” could end up being, they want “YOU” to inherit the same approach of safety and risk aversion They want “YOU” to pass on this carapaces to your generations The choice is yours the shell can still be broken because that “YOU” is still alive somewhere inside “YOU” all “YOU” need to do is just give him a chance to speak, your action to still break the shell can inspire thousands of others Because this story started with “YOU” that beautiful “YOU” coming to this life and should also end with this “YOU” signing off from this world after embellishing it with it’s beauty and individuality, not with those rotten carapaces.

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