26 thoughts on “Opposition reacts to government’s fiscal update

  1. Theres your new conservative leader..Then the CBC reporter that wanted to have a pissing match Will lose his Job hahaha..Defunded CBC

  2. Merci Monsieur Poilievre ! 
    Thankyou Mr. Poilievre!
    Monsieur Poilievre pour le Premier ministre!
    Mr. Poilievre for Prime Minster 🇨🇦

  3. Economic Update, Aah its not our fault, it is the World Market, it is low interest rates, it is the pensions (Old Peoples Fault) it is nothing to do with a complete failure at International Trade, hindering resource development and pissing off every country in the world….Recession coming to a work place close to you. If Pierre is picked I might consider re contributing to the C.P.C.

  4. Trudeau should be next to go to jail for obstruction of justice….


  5. Oh I loved his last comment
    Did you see the look on the reporters faces? They were dumbfounded
    Ah dah what does he mean? All the experts say there's no recession coming. Oh I guess if you destroy the oil industry it will most definitely have a extreme affect on our overall economy . Talking about having their heads in the sand. I'm surprised the Liberals and the media can still breath with their heads buried so far!!!

  6. Finally you hear the words Liberal Cabal! And finally someone who firmly stands up to reporters and tells… I'm sorry you don't like my answer!

  7. Why the video was not edited to cut the pre- start time? Is CPAC trying to annoy people who want to watch? Is there similar thing happened to Liberal's media conference broad casted by CPAC?

  8. I do want to give up watching this video, when will it start? Is CPAC responsible to deliver a news report (Video) in good quality?

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