Oranga Tamariki offers assurances over welfare of charge

Oranga Tamariki offers assurances over welfare of charge

Oranga Tamariki has removed
a boy from a ‘gang pad’ after he was allegedly dropped there
by a government carer. The agency said it confirmed
the boy was safe and with whanau as soon as it was alerted
to the situation. It said that it was “working to wrap as much support
as possible” “around him and his whanau
due to the attention” “that this has gained
on social media.” A video of the boy and a man
who lived at the ‘pad’ was posted on social media
yesterday. Oranga Tamariki says it cannot
make any further comment until the facts
have been established.

13 thoughts on “Oranga Tamariki offers assurances over welfare of charge

  1. There needs to be accountability for every single social worker, all the time, coz I believe it's the bad apples hiding in that job that cause untold stress and grief.

  2. So you spend millions of dollars changing the name from CYFS to a cool name like Oranga Tamariki and still can't do the job right. How about spending those millions on an overhaul of a corrupt social service. What a waste a tax payers money. Shame on our government department, what a disgrace to the future of our country.

  3. Bloody disgusting CYSF. Clearly you sleep very well. Oh and by the way, please change your name back to CYSF your not worthy of a Maori name.

  4. I’m glad stories like this are being told despite it being pretty shit! The ministry and oranga tamariki need to stop putting out there fake news and just do a better job seriously

  5. Safe with family? Yet in the full clip the dude doesnt even know the young buccs name lol. All the lies to safe their own bum

  6. Fadil Zubaidi

    1 second ago

    My 12 years old boy told me " Dad why OT hate you so much, Mum is the one who's beating us not you, when we try to tell them how we feel, they just ignore us, they reply by saying you should listen to your Mum " Mum ( Tongan) was arrested numerous times for beating the children extremely violent behavior OT knows that Mum's got mental issues, police stepped in and removed the children from Mums and her violent abusive Tongan boyfriend who's convicted of beating a woman and served time in Tongan jail.

    The supervisor at Panmure OT ( Pelenaise Vao) was Tongan too and friend of the mother, they ambushed the father by inviting him to a bogus meeting in order to snatch the children from the father, kids were given back to Mum and to add insult to injury OT has awarded Mum a new private expensive house in upmarket suburb of Remeuara with her abusive partner……. what the hell is going on in NZ …..are the Satanic cults taking over the government or this just normal here …….could someone explain this to me please cause I can not stand seeing my children suffer anymore ….and I am very close to taking drastic action…please help by advising what to do, I've made over 1000 complaint to Cyfs and now sugar-coated called OT , they totally ignored my pleads as the father who's being adored by his children, what should I do ????

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