55 thoughts on “OSHO: The Rule of a Barbarous Society

  1. by the state executing someone for crimes rather than life imprisonment, they are saying that a body or organisation has the right to take someones life – which noone in the world has. its all a question of views, but is killing people really an answer to anything? it doesnt provide must justice for the community, the perpetrator and the victim

  2. I attended 3 years ago a great course of human rights and I have noticed that nothing changed because politicians maintain their narrow mentalities!…open mindedness is still faraway,unfortunately!long live Osho!!:D

  3. its not politicians, because theyre generally well educated. its the people that dont have adequate educations that create most of the problems. the reverse can be that educated people form totally new conflicting views though and then create war, but thats just our world being one crazy place

  4. They admit that they cannot do anything to reeducate the criminal, that wouldn´t be so bad, the problem is that by executing, you (the governor, or whoever..) are deniyng that somebody else might do it. And that is the problem.

  5. this man can't be correct in everything. Everyone got full right to live. This equal law is community based rather individual. It is the only ultimate way to put stop for evil action. If not, our nursing homes/prisions are full of false sicks, intentional murderers ultimately false society. No one gets satisfaction by execution but gets lesson for life.

  6. I met a guy who overseas the prisons in Michigan.He says that the reality is that no one cares to rehabilitate.That prisons are thier to punish and make money. These is 1 of the issues but the issue for me is beyond this it starts with a pollutated society and home atmosphere. The question is why are these environment so bad and why do we not care? In america its all about the money and competition.Its probably cheaper and takes less time and effort to kill someone then to actually help them.

  7. Last thing sorry for rambling on. I also think in america that its better to not be introspective and question the system. its better to simply follow the socially constructed world. I mean look at all the people that make Jesus out to seem a capitalist and the churches that during elections say jesus would not for this or that candidate. Its crazy. The man didnt live in the kind of world we do.

  8. I agree with much of what this man says, but this is one subject he and I will never agree on.

    He talks about the death penalty as being murder by the society. I agree in part that society shouldn't need to murder a criminal, because we should be civilized instead of barbaric, but in an uncivilized world, evil must be destroyed. If you allow evil to continue, you're just as evil, because you allow a murderer to continue taking life.

  9. @Gieszkanne

    In the west , Yoga , zen & these things are looked upon as ilogic and mysterious , its rather the only form of pure logic , commonsense we have on earth.

  10. @MURDOCMULDOON pure logic? and how; pray tell, does one tell the difference between two unquantifiable properties? by perhaps creating and appropriating value based on ones belief not weighing the two based on factuality.
    it is the way of all men to assume their path is the correct one.

  11. @rahlzel Hmmmm evil can never be destroyed by evil, it cannot be destroyed because the act of violence that is requiered to destroy something is in it self evil.

  12. to kill someone you've completely detached yourself from humanity. it's not an easy thing to do. you've divorced yourself completely from reality. killing in society is a symptom of a serious illness of the collective mind. therefore people should NOT be in jails, rather they should be in a hospital or better yet, in a loving communal environment from the moment of conception. we were not always this way. something traumatic happened to us during our course here and we've never fully recovered.

  13. @tedoymisojos – the question my friend is what you would do! don't look elsewhere for solutions. what would I do I hear you ask, this needs much thought because man has murdered ever since he opened his eyes!

  14. The problem with death penality is it reduces competition. We should not arrest criminals but live with them, this will help us improve our abilities and become stronger and not be a victim of an attack or theft.

  15. anyone is capable of those disgusting acts. You have no idea what that criminal may have been put through to be so hurt and angry as to do that.

  16. You have no idea how happy and thankful I am for the invention of the camera and the pioneering of the internet. I can be with osho from miles away

  17. en el siglo XXI todavía somo una sociedad barbarie. porque hay gente que esta a favor de la pena de muerte. Me da mucha tristeza.

  18. I used to think that too, but now I understand that because we have a gift of thought, we are not as dirty. Animals are dirty because they don't know any better. We should be grateful for our ability to think and save ourselves from dirtiness. We are lucky.

  19. So I believe Prison itself should turn into nursing home instead of being sent to nursing home in other words… prisons should be restructured to benefit humans to say meditate and help become better and help their joyous nature take bigger expression…

  20. This speech is beyond……….. These type of practise can change the world forever…. Thank you… Osho international 🌏

  21. This is a very idealistic approach. Hopefully one day we get there but I will not be paying for murderers to sit around in nursing homes in my country. They already get off easy enough with enough tax money spent on them.

  22. Since DNA, dozens on death row have been found innocent. So we have obviously killed innocent people over the last hundreds of years.

  23. This view is shocking to me..
    If a man can forgive murder that easily, he can forgive anything.
    This view is causing me trouble though. I'm not able to cope with this view yet.

  24. Hence the criminal justice system is a system in which the criminals are in charge of the justice. Politicians too are criminals as Osho said.

  25. True wisdom, Osho, he’s far beyond the nowadays societies. That’s why the US government kicked him out of the country, and poisoned him to death. He so dangerous to their fake democracy . So shameful.

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