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evolution of Civilization part 1 our existence in our story Welcome to a new series called evolution of civilization This history series is designed to introduce profound topics that shaped our lives in our civilization It’s an overview of topics without getting lost in too many details or academic debates The hope is that you gain a broader perspective of your place in the world and a more intimate connection with the Arcs and themes the context and considerations The ideas and decisions that shaped it It’s about telling our collective story in unfamiliar way Hopefully offering insights and perspectives that may add to the understanding of ourselves The first three episodes were created to set the stage and give some context to the main series The first episode will focus on the profoundness of our existence as the foundation this most obvious phenomenon is ironically overlooked and Acknowledging our existence is a meaningful place to start a real human story The second episode will set sail into the cosmos to view the highlights of our elemental past From the beginning of time as we currently know it – the origin of the earth in The third episode will travel through the human past to arrive at the dawn of civilization From there, we’ll begin our primary. Task of walking along the paths of the monuments created during our evolution We will look at things like the history of language and the origin of cities for example so first things first let’s begin again at the beginning when telling a story we usually begin at the beginning But this story has a completely different kind of beginning than all others in The story of us. We must think about our existence first Which means that we start with our very being here now? We don’t begin the story with thoughts. We begin with our being with our senses The fact that we’re listening to this The fact that there is anything to listen to in Our existence is not mundane despite how it often appears The mundane is Meaningless in the face of existence. It’s the deepest of all things and That requires a different beginning than a bedtime story Here we are in existence Right now is a miracle it’s strange that we never talk about existence just the plain fact that we exist nothing more the most fundamental thing of all is almost never talked about similar to death Perhaps these things are too real for most of us perhaps. They are too deep and important to be left a casual conversation Doesn’t it strike you as odd that we’re here That there is this voice? You listening? We’re on this gigantic rock that’s spinning around a giant fireball One of billions making up our Galaxy alone and countless other galaxies That there is life Out of the infinity of space and time here we are now and that This voice and yours and all the others are the expression of that universe unfolding continually What a miracle existence is The subject really comes up, and if it does, it’s bundled into questions like why are we here or what does it mean? What is our purpose and other existential questions which are great, but are really a side note to the simple fact of existence Existence that which is occurring right now and keeps occurring Out of nowhere here. We are Quite Miraculous when you think about it But if existence is so profound, why does it seem so ordinary I? Think existence is a miracle But existing on the other hand is rarely that for most people Certainly the fact that life survives by consuming itself is not the best way to exist but it’s a miracle for us to experience existence and Especially now that we understand the world so well Our knowledge of it is unprecedented in all of history and probably in all of space and time So it’s always great to retell our story Everything that exists including you and me right now is an expression of the universe itself We are way for the universe to know itself we are the universe and we have woken up to ourselves as The universe we see ourselves when we look out That’s a quite a profound and humbling notion To be connected to everything to be everything across space and time all at once We keep popping into existence in different forms always ourself. The one universe just varieties of it One of these forms has developed over countless generations To learn and understand what’s happened and occasionally? We look back at Ourselves in awe All other animals oblivious to such knowledge Engaged in a Hostile world without such understanding What’s more is that they exists in a world where life survives by killing and there’s no way out? The greatest of all horrors is occurring for most beings Since this fundamental acknowledgement of ourselves is so rare it seems. We’ve gotten ahead of ourselves in our daily lives as if the train showed up and we were born and we got on without question and Now we’re going full speed ahead in a direction that we can barely under control but good reason of course that being daily living is demanding the Process of becoming civilized in a world spinning out of control since the beginning of time is not easily reconciled our civilization has been in damage control since the beginning our First task then is to be aware of our existence in an authentic way first simply to notice it and Then to keep noticing it to develop an awkward To remember it and to share it Once we’ve collectively recognized the profoundness of our existence, then we’ll be in a better position for learning how to live in the world We can appreciate our existence by spending time and reflection mindful of our situation Beyond that we can tell stories about it about ourselves where we came from where we’re going a practice going back to our origins What’s new in the modern world is the bountiful knowledge that informs our stories, and that’s what this series is all about So now onto our story the types of stories will be covered here are very familiar to us yet at the same time largely unknown in any concrete form for example more than half the people on Earth now live in cities including most of you and That may be the only place you’ve ever lived But this is altogether new for humans. So where did cities come from? When did they originate and why? That’s a topic for a future episode Furthermore, we think of history and too far abstract terms as if it happened so long ago and therefore largely Alien to us A Reflection of our education system in part, but also due to humanity’s historic Lack of knowledge only in the past few hundred Years have we compiled all this data and Only now are we beginning to sift through and put it all together With this new information we can see how recent history really is that all these things just happened By picking the right moments ideas and connections Largely unknowable until the Modern age we can revitalize a real and interesting heritage At times in the past we could do this But only a select number people and about very select topics Without ways to share it and in a palatable way for a general audience in Our modern world. What is significant is being able to see all this at once and picking the right things to focus on? We’ll grab certain aspects from the timeline the chose patterns that couldn’t be seen otherwise our New knowledge allows us to create new threads to connect us to so many ideas By looking at the history of language for example We can see new cultures Emerge, and we can see where they spread and what they brought with them Will shrink the historic timeline to make long ago events seem modern and relevant? even going back 10,000 years People are much the same as they are now with similar feelings desires wishes needs urges The main differences are what we have around us and what we do with these things in Many ways that’s not much of a difference What we wear changes, but not whether we have clothes Where we live changes, but not the existence of communities all? The things that we don’t notice because they’re so obvious and plentiful just started recently Nearly all that We know is from the past 10,000 years a blink of an eye in the history of the cosmos the Earth and life Going back 10,000 years. We just began to produce metals. We just developed agriculture We just learned to really navigate by the stars Humanity just started cities. They just started language writing and reading schools Likewise, we just started things like Wars Wars only started recently I mean, they’re not inevitable In the past few hundred years we just discovered the micro world of germs and atoms the Macro world of space We just discovered our heritage both human and animal we just created Democracy’s Most let’s just move from rural spaces into cities We’ve only just now begun to explore space Now I’d like to move on to what this series is not This is not a detailed or thorough account that’s reserved for academics and people wanting long expositions in book form every single sentence can be taken apart and questioned Analyzed and studied by academics who can find much more detail and add? Clarification I can even find issues with anything covered if given enough time That’s the topics are thoroughly researched from academic sources so in closing The world is so filled with info that it’s daunting and overwhelming in Fact it’s impossible to take it all in What happens then is that we don’t learn the truly significant events, and we collectively forget in Their place we learn what the controlling interest want us to learn like parents popular culture government What is helpful standing back and looking at our heritage in a new way? It can give us context to show us who we truly are Which is much greater than we thought? It guides us forward where we had not seen a path before It’s important to tell a new human story one that contains our significant events beyond the events that we learned in school by Authority the ones that made us truly human The ones that happened over generations too long to tell without our modern knowledge The ones that happen over great spaces too large to comprehend until now The ones that were created by the common people those who built the world those who suffered from the lack of understanding of it It’s relatively recent that we compiled the story to tell we lack the Macro view And now we’re in the early stages of retelling that story To borrow a line my hope is that after our exploration we arrived where we started and we know the place to the first time?

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