Outline Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings: What Makes Them Soooo Special?

Outline Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings: What Makes Them Soooo Special?

Hi. I’m Katie from What Katie Did and today
I’m going to be talking about fully fashioned stockings, or outline heel fully fashioned
stockings in particular. Now outline heel is where the heel has an outline to really
make a feature of it. Stockings like this were made in the 1950s, although they were
very rare even then and they would have been kept for very best, for cocktail wear and
couture gowns and things like that. You certainly wouldn’t wear stockings like
this every day. We’re actually very lucky that outline heel fully fashioned stockings
and other fancy heel types are still being made. I’ve mentioned before about Aristoc
in the UK who were the last mainstream hosiery brand to actual make fully fashioned stockings.
When they disappeared in the very, very early ’90s, that could have been the end of fully
fashioned … definitely the end of any fancy heel types. The factories that are still making
fully fashioned stockings today, it is definitely out of love of the craft and their love of
nylons and trying to keep them going and not to do with commercial gain at all. Although, obviously it’s a business and money
comes into it. You certainly don’t go into making fully fashioned stockings to get rich
quick! Our fully fashioned factory reserves one machine just to make fancy heel types,
so they’ll have machines just to do the point and the cube and the basics, and they’ll reserve
one machine to do the fancy outlines and Havanas and contrasts and things like that. And this
means that quite often we are out of stock of our fancy heel types and this is because
when you change the machine, it’s not done by computer. It’s all done by hand and it
takes an awful, awful lot of time and effort to change all the needles and change it all
manually. So they’ll knit all the outline heels in one
go, and just run them two or three times a year if we’re lucky. So, luckily we are stocked
up at the moment which is one of the reasons we’re doing this video. But quite often you’ll
visit our site and you’ll find that we are out of stock and it won’t just be us. It will
be like everyone who sells fully fashioned stockings will be out of stock because there’s
only one source to get them from, or two sources to get them from and everyone will be waiting
for the next run to be made. Our outline, or empire heels as we call them
are very close to my heart because I actually wore them when I got married and they are
my favorite, favorite style. And when I got married nine years ago, we were hoping to
go to Burgh Island in Devon for our honeymoon and Burgh Island has an art deco hotel on
it called the Burgh Island Hotel. And it was built in the ’20s and it’s absolutely beautiful
and it’s where the writer Agatha Christie spent a lot of time and wrote some of her
books. And although I didn’t get around to it for our honeymoon, we didn’t get around
to it for our honeymoon, we are going there in a couple of weeks. Nine years late, but
we’re getting there eventually. And I’m really looking forward to wearing
empire heels there because they have a big evening dinner and everyone has to dress up.
There’s no choice. If you don’t dress up, you’re not allowed in the restaurant. So I’m
really looking forward to going back in time and being surrounded by glamorous people and
being able to show off my empire heels. If you have any questions about fully fashioned
stockings or any of our items in general, please get in touch and I’ll get back to you
soon. So in the meantime, take care.

14 thoughts on “Outline Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings: What Makes Them Soooo Special?

  1. Outline heel nylons are the perfect finishing touch for a stylish, elegant and glamorous statement outfit.

  2. What I can't understand is why if this kind of Stockings are becoming more popular why aren't being made more often?.

  3. So classy stockings its the stocking i love to wear they are so elegant they blend in with the outfit you are wearing and your high keels very stylish stockings Katie Donna xx

  4. Dear Katie, I have stayed on Burgh Island a few times, not for about 5 years or so now. You will love it. I hope you are staying on a Wednesday or Saturday night, they used to have a band these nights and it would only stop playing when the last guest went to bed. Great dance floor. Tea was brought to you in bed on a tray each morning. The hotel owns the island, oh, and try to arrrive when the tide is in then you will be picked up by the sea tractor. It really is a step back in time.

  5. Katie Love Your videos ❤
    I wear pantyhose & stockings with My suits,tuxedos and dress clothes.

    Feel free to laugh, but You give Great insight on hosiery

    Much Love from North Carolina USA

  6. Me and my partner love your site and we have purchased every colour of the coloured seams with champagne leg appart from mustard. The pumpkin ones look really cool and i hope you announce new colours too. We also recently purchased a pair of full contrast fully fashioned from the site and we are really pleased with them too and we are waiting for the diamond heel fully fashioned to come back in stock as they look amazing. Keep up the good work we love your stockings. 💏

  7. Seams sensationally erotic to this simple Englishman who has his head turned by ladies who're well groomed and essentially add hosiery to their fantastic femininity. Thanks again x

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