Overwatch | How to fix mic being muted in voice chat

Overwatch | How to fix mic being muted in voice chat

Hey what is up people my name is Razortech and welcome to this tutorial video so yeah basically… i’ve heard that a lot of people have been struggling with the mic’s in this game umm… like with the mic’s… finally gone muted and not being able to connect to voice chat voice channel and stuff… so that’s what i’m going to be showing you how to fix today ok so basically there’s this little like.. icon that pops up in the left… top left corner that tells you that your mic is muted and it just kind of occurs for some people and they have no idea how it got there that is what happened to me so thats… part of why I wanted to make this video just to kind of teach… teach all of you guys *extreme stuttering* how I dealt with it basically now there are a lot of videos of this on the internet but they are all basically just regarding PC so I figured i’d make one regarding console so that all of you console gamers out there will know how to fix this as well alright so… if you have this icon… then you have most likely… probably like… either missclicked something because I missclicked something… you know.. after the game when you like… vote for people I kind of… clicked some buttons there and i’m not really sure of what I did but I… yeah so after that… it basically just… that icon was on my screen for like… ever yeah so I apparently muted my mic and that was… really bad because I didn’t want that sh*t on my screen and I didn’t want my mic to be muted you know what i’m sayin so yeah… how to fix this though is: umm… you need to go into a game alright so i’m just gonna go into Practice Range real quick just to show you… you can’t do this in a lobby umm… yeah… alright the other videos tell you to click the “N” button or whatever but that obviously doesn’t exist on PS4 ok so what you are gonna want to do is while in-game just… click the “options” button (on PS4) bring up the menu and then click on “social” and the go onto “groups” and here you will see this… channels tab basically if your mic is muted then you will have it like that with the thingy filled in *stuttering* if you want to fix that, then just simply untick the box and you should be fine basically I have some game footage to show you guys umm… yeah so that’s basically it while in-game, go into “social” and on “groups” and then… yeah it should all be fixed so if you enjoyed this video, make sure to leave a like! umm… it has been your boi Razortech and I really hope this video helped you guys out umm… i’ll see you in the next one I guess… peace

25 thoughts on “Overwatch | How to fix mic being muted in voice chat

  1. Great video! I smashed a like for you too! I'm having a shoutout series every sunday. It features channels like yours so they get recognized. All you have to do to enter is
    -like the videos
    -stay active on the channel

    That's all you have to do! I hope to see you! Peace out.

  2. i have this problem where i cant unmute the mic button no matter how many times i clicked on it any advice?

  3. After trying God knows EVERYTHING! I decided to see if my network was
    the problem, and it was sort of… I have unlimited data on my phone so I
    was tethering via usb my phones data to my PC. And it worked great then
    the problems with mic started to happen, I decided to hot spot my
    phones data to my PC via wifi and long and behold the mic issue went
    away. I have no idea how it works but it does, especially since my hot
    spot is so weak but for gaming it works perfectly, even better then my
    tethering via usb. I don't know if this is going to help any of you guys
    but it worked for me so I decided to post this here in hopes that it
    may help any of you ladies and gents. Good luck!

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