Pakistan’s Hidden Predators (Full Documentary) | Real Stories

Pakistan’s Hidden Predators (Full Documentary) | Real Stories

It’s one of the world’s most important Muslim nations. A nuclear power, ally to the west in the war against terror, and a democracy. But Pakistan is also a country in denial. Turning a blind eye to the sexual exploitation of many thousands of poor and vulnerable children It’s one of the saddest and shameful aspects of our society. I must say that I am totally embarrassed by this. That have not really been able to protect them. It’s going on everywhere, in the big cities or the small cities or towns. Everywhere this is happening. I’ve only had sex [with kids] twice. With two brothers. The first time I sold myself, I didn’t have money. It’s estimated that over 4 million children across Pakistan are forced to work from an early age due to poverty. Of these, up to 1.5 million live on the streets. With no home to go to. For the poorest kids in Peshawar, often the only source of income is picking garbage from gutters and waste dumps for recycling. Working up to 14 hours a day for a pittance. Aqeeb is 9 years old. Playing in a dirty, polluted canal might seem danger enough, But for boys like Aqeeb and his friends, there are other hazards they must face, every day.

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  1. Even Ajmal Kasab who was cought alive in 26/11 Mumbai attacks revels that he was 3rd class failed student and ran away from home. He and 10 young boys who had same background of Kasab was turned into terrorist.

  2. Police admit child protection isn't a priority? What??? These children are your future!!! And they will all be psychologically damaged unless you pass stiff laws to protect them and get rid of these pedophiles!!

  3. homosexuality is always ugly, gross and disgusting, in america and pakistan, in argentina and somalia, it's always disgusting and gross

  4. This is nothing new. Been going on for centuries. This the reason why we don't want them here in the Western world. But the Jew owns the west and they flood us with these people.

  5. I am so lucky i was born in the philippines and my parents raised me well. Im not gonna complain about my life after i watched this. What kind of people do that to childrens.?? Worst than devil.

  6. Pakistan is a failed shithole islamic extremist state.
    Religion matters to them more than humanity.
    And these child rapist pakistanis are flooding in UK.

  7. I hope they do a follow up on how Naeem is. He's been through so much. Someone must had brought him to some other city 1000km away

  8. This things happen to children anywhere in the world. I was once a victim of sexual abuse by 3 teenager men when I was 8 years old. And nobody in my family knows about what happen to me because I was scared that nobody believed me. And those experiences still haunt me till this very moment 33 years after that incident. I am so emotional while watching this beacuse I can relate what they feel.

  9. I'm 10mins in cant watch anymore….I've watched Serbian film…Mexican beheadings……but this is the absolute worst video on the INTERNET

  10. children centre which chases children out at night and welcomes them back in the morning, no this is another paedophile ring, they choose the ones they want and chases the rest, it is the only explanation


  12. LeT,ISIS,JeM,Al-Quida and many terror groups are used to recruit these abused children and used to send them into Kashmir,Palestine,Afghanistan,Syria and this is the reality. Terror groups in Pakistan can recruit any candidate for them for just only 200$. Pakistan is heavily investing on arms pak should invest on social health care and education.

  13. Its really shameful for us as a being of Pakistani and here i believe in Pakistan there is no any agencies bring law or regulation about this issue. So i recommend to NGO,s that they may solve out these kind of grim situation from world-wide.

  14. In pakistan, women are cagged in houses and men are playing openly abusing, asaulting for their desires with kids and sadly abused also became abuser….. Such a shame!
    And my earnest request to filmmaker: please give update about Naem

  15. Peoples lack humanity that's all what a dillima & paedophiles want educated wife who know Quran & pray 5 times what a shame

  16. Same as Rotherham in England. This is what happens when Islam is the ruling religion. Their prophet was married to a nine year old so they are just being obedient to their faith.

  17. Is there something anyone outside of the country can do for these kids? Cause if there is an organization of something I would donate to them in a heart beat to help even one of these kids.

  18. Money is a made up thing the ppl in charge don't have brains like white ppl to pretend that they can be better than this

  19. In short it's all came from British when they came to rob subcontinent, it's British unhuman habits transfer to these people's.

  20. I I know a guy from Pakistan and he told me Men for pleasure women's for breeding. Now I understand 🤪

  21. Im a farmer's son, sent in a hostel at the age of 5 because my family couldn't afford to live in city but wanted to educate me. I was raped there by a senior when i didnt even know abc.
    As i grew my family felt proud of my study but what i lack is a proper family relationship, a good psychological health and most importantly confidence.
    Hope i will recover one day. This is the first time im sharing this, just to see how i feel.
    thanks for your time. 🙂

  22. Aslamalikum
    I wonder why still nawaz Sharif zardari and other corroupts are alive.
    How long it will take u to ====justice?

  23. Kids blaming rapists, Rapists blaming desire and government not doing anything, government complaining about terrerism "REAL MEN ACCEPT THE FAULTS"

  24. And their parents don't care. They just keep reproducing. There is no cure for stupid over sexed breeders. The government should start a sterilization program.

  25. This is just one story, imagine how many Stories about Children abuse there are in the whole world!!!!…Naeem i hope you find the light in your life Child!!! God has to save you from this situation.

  26. Sicko's, beautiful country but horrible people living there, the men who control everything there and that's why they'll never be anything more than what they are now.

  27. How camly he is saying gaand mari thi unki waah kya culture h pakistaniyo ka shame on you i believe that it is a problem in other countries too but pakistanis dont feel shame about this and look how easily and proudly they are saying gaand mari thi unki.pakistan was on the basis of religion and this is how they are practicing there religion. I thought muslims follow every rules of quran but i was wrong .

  28. As a Pakistani, I am really heartbroken to see this kind of culture nourishing in my own homeland. I always used to listen this kind of stories from people but never believed them. Seeing this video, I feel ashamed of myself being ignorant about this crime.
    We all know, this is not only a part of Pakistan, every country have this kind of situations around them. Instead of blaming any single country or a person, we all must take practical steps to eradicate this heinous crime.
    I wish, I were able to make a rehabilitation center myself. But, I will do this in my life when I become able to.

  29. Sharam kro kisey de bachey nal jo kar rhe ho j kar o kuch tuhade bachey nal hove fir keeda lgu tuhanu bewkoof saley…


  31. [email protected] this my email..
    i have alot of evidence about these cases in balochistan …
    which are in they form of recording , visual evidence , and photos
    plz someone do some thing for hummanity

  32. You heard the PM the judiciary and the public on begging and transgenders and children. Kashmir should be freed.. Never annexed to Pakistan as per hateful aspirations against Kashmiris independence in the subcontinent. no wonder Saudi Arabia hates their agenda and Deceptive Media

  33. Seven year daughter is beaten mentally by her family and asked to leave for the roads. My phone can not be wired without consent of Prime Minister… Never trust these people… They are killers not peace holders. 03008221663 my so called mother who has done damage to my daughters existence over saving her sons uniform

  34. So did my brother.. Now he has to prove me mad by posting fake instagram videos through his wife about me on the consent of my elder daughter In-law project education and James united football club.. Paid mentally by Major Osman wife Hora who he is more afraid of rather than Allah. I wish I could leave this country's

  35. It's not just drugs.. Pakistan serves drugged food to people and in the body sprays they sell though hired agencies to kill

  36. Truly a disgusting nation I am so happy we don't have diplomatic relations with them, so they cant step foot on our soil
    Love to India from Armenia

  37. Can't believe the double standards! Women really need to stand up to men and say enough is enough! The f*cking paedophile in pink, the way he speaks of women…the audicity and level of hypocrisy is just unbelievable!

  38. Their parents are responsible for this. I live in peshawar but i also know that these people making documentary about children will never make one against drone strikes of US airforce. They won't even talk about children given free food in madrassa.

  39. That is KARMA PAKISTAN has been doing a lot of Cross border terrorism..
    I wish i could help these poor kids.
    Love from India 🇮🇳.

  40. This is so nasty it’s going to be hard to meet a Pakistani now and not look at him funny or her this is messed up man

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