Panic: Welfare Recipients Can Earn More Than Teachers!

Panic: Welfare Recipients Can Earn More Than Teachers!

i wanna talk about an article that was
written by Kristen Tate on Ben Swann dot com that’s been SWA and
and dot com and it’s basically a conservative freak
out article responding to a Cato Institute study and the study according to this article
on Ben Swann dot com the cato indeed Institute study found
that some welfare recipients make more than those in the private sector and
gives the example above a mother of two in New York who’s able to collect 38,000 for dollars per year and welfare
handouts and that this is more than the starting
salary over teacher in this state and then the
article goes on to say perhaps more unsettling is the fact that in 33 States welfare recipients make more than they
would make at an eight dollar an hour job in fact in 12 those states welfare recipients
make more money than they would at a twelve dollar per hour job where is
the incentive to work so Lewis this brings up again this idea that the welfare social welfare systems in the
United States are such that they encourage people to
be lazy and to encourage people who not even not for laziness is the article
argues but simply because they’re intelligent they say wait a second if I
can make more by not working then I won’t work and therefore that the problem are the social the
problem is the social wealth welfare prop programs I completely disagree with this this is
a brilliant article not because if the point is trying to
make but because I’ve the point that it inadvertently make switches
conservatives are against paying teachers more and
conservatives are against raising the minimum wage the problem
here is not that on welfare with two kids you could you could collect thirty eight
thousand dollars in benefits the problem is teachers are paid miserable wages
particularly at the beginning their careers and the minimum wage is too low right
between right the problem is the problem with
welfare is is welfare fraud it could very well be one of these
people making are close to be equal to twelve dollars an hour in a place where
they literally cannot find a job I’m and of course as we know
teachers all over the country are severely
underpaid there is some areas in which they’re paid very well I most areas they’re paid very
poorly and I mean it come on education has to be one of the
things we focus on that’s exactly right and this article really tells us so much about the conservative mindset
which is we can look let’s accept the data right in New York a mother with two children could collect
thirty eight thousand dollars a year more than the starting salary of a
teacher in the state and by the way I think that includes benefit that it that includes a in other
words salary replacement unemployment type benefits in and poverty benefits in
addition to food stamps and other social services all kinda wrapped up together we can look at that same data
and we can fundamentally disagree about the problem conservatives say welfare benefits are
too high we need to eliminate social welfare spending which by the way is represents a small amount above the
above the country’s budget however reasonable thinking people see
this and they say why are teachers paid enough why are we
always laying off teachers why has the minimum wage not even kept up with
inflation not even kept up with inflation forget
about anything else in terms of actual adjustments to the
real minimum wage it has not even kept up with inflation this is very very telling and I just I
think that maybe the Dunning Kruger a fact is
taking place with a lot of the is becoming a factor with many other
conservatives who were emailing me about this article will definitely see
the responses to this to this topic only get emails on YouTube

100 thoughts on “Panic: Welfare Recipients Can Earn More Than Teachers!

  1. dont you love people who only read the title and only watch the first maybe 10 seconds of the video and then write their opinion of it…

  2. This entire video is bunk. Teachers in the US earn much higher wages than teachers in other developed countries, including some European examples. This coupled with comparatively lower living costs, and lower taxes, leaves US teachers much better off than their foreign counterparts. They have FAR more purchasing power.
    The problem with US public education is that it's not competitive. There's plenty of money, but also a captive consumer. Adopting the Swedish model could alleviate this problem.

  3. i really hate this republican mindset screw the poor dont look at the corparate welfare that get more than half of the money btw even thoug this guy is right so whgat does it means? lower the welfare or raise min wages? ,the answer is pretty clear for the %90 of us but some people just refuse to see it since they have been indoctrinated anything thing that is remotely social is liberal – marxist propaganda, so bad… so sad

  4. The individual earns very little I agree, but here is another stat for you. When a parent is a min. wage earner 80% of them only bring in 20% of their household income meaning they are not the main source of income for that home. Most min. wage workers are a second earner for a home and most are just extra income that isn't necessary to make a living. This whole idea that min. wag earners are poor trying to support a family is a myth.

  5. There's no reason why problems and solutions can't have multiple factors. Yes, teachers are paid too little, and yes, welfare pays too much. Teachers provide a valuable service for the money they get, welfare recipients provide no service or benefit. One solution would be to require welfare recipients to give some labor, or heck just work for it in a job. I'm sure the state could find some work that needs to be done if they tried.

  6. Raising the min. wage will do nothing but hurt the economy. In welfare you are not investing money but instead giving it to people who produce nothing. Raising the min. wage you ruin the value of the dollar. In both cases you are ruining the economy. You need to learn some economics. Raising the min. wage or not lower welfare will both hurt the poor.

  7. Mid & lower class conservatives R stupidly lured into supporting the elimination of public schs by the prospect of lower taxes, so they enthusiastically join in vilifying those "union thug teachers." They don't understand the cost of being forced to send their kids to for-profit schools will overwhelm the tax savings. The only beneficiaries are the rich who own more property (thus save more on property taxes) will own the for-profit schs, & would never send their kids to a public school anyway

  8. Your entire post is fallacious, but I'll just address this little tidbit: " just imagine how expensive things would be if the minimum wage were $22/hr"-That's a misunderstanding of how economics works. The costs of goods and services on the macro level is the result of inflation, or the total amount of money in circulation. Raising wages won't affect that, and the GDP is high enough to support $22/hr, all things being equal. Always use GDP to calculate where wages should be.

  9. It's mighty funny that people who call themselves conservatives will focus on public aid for poor people, yet have NOTHING to say about CORPORATE WELFARE which amounts to many times what public aid for poor people get, if you look at the graph of federal spending, at most about 2% of the federal budget foes for aid for poor people. How about the money the government has given to the banking cartel, petroleum cartel, the auto industry, etc.

  10. I don't know what they are including in "welfare" benefits, but when I needed help for my son and myself in Georgia, I received $245 in TANF and $270 in food stamps a month. That is no where near minimum wage.

  11. SSI $710 TANF (1child) $144, FS $141, per month Virginia….that's far below the poverty rate, I would love to see some of these people live on that!

  12. It's mighty funny how these people who call themselves conservative don't want to talk about corporate welfare at all!

  13. 1. That is an old 1980's photo of Mr Ben Stein. 2. Welfare, no i have too much self pride 3. jobs are hard to get, so i do understand

  14. Nope , increasing just the teacher salary alone will not make as big an impact v.s cutting welfare. It;s different from increasing the min wage.
    Instead , i think being more careful in approving welfare applicants and maybe raising the bar a little would help more.

  15. Everyone seems comfortable with this figure of 38 000. I personally refuse to believe it, we have adequate social security in Canada, but a mother of 2 would never receive more than 2000 a month, and 'm being generous, 'cause it's actually closer to 1500. If you have 2 kids, 24000 is not enough anyway. Mothers who work 3 part time jobs(fast food, dry cleaning, Wal Mart) have no time to raise their kids and live in abject poverty. I would prefer they stay home and raise the kids.

  16. They could reduce the maximum wage of teachers and increase the starting wage. IDK by how much. but from what I have heard the starting wages are ridiculously low, especially when they are trying to pay off their school debts.

  17. I havent read the study but it sounds like they are doing apples to oranges. They add all the benifits (health, food, ect) that welfare provides and gets a number then compare to only the salary. They are not including the retirement and health benefits that that we provide our teachers.

  18. It irritates me so much when people simply restate exactly the point of the entire video. Do they assume that we weren't paying attention?

  19. I guess David and I think the same way because when I heard this my first thought is why do we not pay teachers more.

  20. Cirque du Soleil acrobats earn more than teachers, not to mention perks and a less stressful environment with which to do their job. Ironic, eh?

  21. Hi David. Are you the real Pakman? I wonder why you dont just name your show "The Pakmen"? Like the Young Turks. Naming the show after yourself seems a little…..unfair?

  22. Welfare pays based on cost of living, and these days businesses do not. That's the problem. Welfare is not the problem.

  23. It is all about morality, but you have the wrong morality. I'm the one who embraces self-interest and you embrace sacrifice. Go to Objective Freedom dot com to learn about the morality and philosophy of a free society.

  24. Republicans hate teachers, they don't want to pay them a good wage, they don't want teachers to unionize. Republicans don't even trust teachers to do their jobs and teach their kids, and often prefer homeschooling. But after a school shooting, they yell that we should arm the same teachers who they've been beating down. What we need is a union for teachers who bear arms, the only was you can get the right to support unions or teachers!

  25. You really need to cite your sources because that is not the norm. I collected food stamps and I did NOT have another income coming in. My income was $13000 a year. Average salary $250 a week. I did not know many people who live the life you're describing. Thankfully I got my BA and MEd so now my life is different but I did that while I got the benefits that you claim my family never really needed. Oh and I'm $80000 in debt so please don't tell me how the government paid my way through school.

  26. The minimum wage is mean NOTHING if you do no address THE PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE. We need to eliminate big government and our military industrial complex, and in the interim enhance LOCAL social programs. Our enemy is big gov & big biz.

  27. Actually, you are referring to the median. Average is about $70,000 last I checked, but the averages are skewed by extreme values. What this means, effectively, is that you cannot use averages to understand where a typical worker lies. The median HH income also doesn't give you an idea of how many people are contributing to that income. In many cases, 2-4 HH members are contributing, putting the annual median per capita income at roughly $12,000-$24,000. In essence, you're a moron.

  28. Actually, you are incorrect. For one thing, "welfare" is meaningless. You need to specify which program. Secondly, all Federal need based aid programs require employment to qualify (in the case of TANF, a job is required on a short timeline), except for disability, which is more difficult to get into than the secret service. Read up on these programs before exposing yourself as an ignorant little shit.

  29. I do have to give you points for that honest assessment. All this means, though, is that raising the minimum wage is but one of many reforms needed. Providing generous social services for employees of companies with smaller margins would help (fueled by a more progressive tax system), as well as subsidies for many of the mom-and-pop businesses. Rewriting labor laws to favor unions and collective bargaining would help as well, since they favor businesses more.

  30. I can't believe people think having a $22 an hour will not make prices go up. The GDP being "high enough" doesn't matter. When businesses realize that their services are being demanded more (from higher income from those purchasing) those businesses will take the opportunity to raise their prices so that they don't run out and that they can make a higher profit. Thinking on a Macro level is like thinking like the government does.

  31. I think less people would have jobs though, and small businesses couldn't afford to keep many employees at all, all we would have is big corporations that could afford to pay $22/hr

  32. Do you actually know any teachers?
    Nevermind, obviously you don't. If you did you would know that teachers work at least as hard as any other educated worker (generally more) and get very little pay for it. My mother puts in 50-70 hours every week as a teacher and gets not one penny of overtime.
    And it's not like there's any real job security for teachers. Even a moron like you knows that education is the first thing on the chopping block when the politicians decide it's time for budget cuts.

  33. Our 1.7% Q2 GDP is pathetically low, and that's assuming that inflation is almost zero; which is impossible. Think about what you're saying though. You're telling me that increasing the price of producing a good or service will not cause the price of that good or service to increase. That makes absolutely no logical sense, at all. Common sense should tell you that the more it cost to make something, the more it will cost to buy that thing. Also, the inflation rate is understated to begin with.

  34. every moth there's a case were teacher sexual assaults a student. where have you been? David Pakman does a story like that every month and it's getting worst.

  35. "Houston, we have a problem." If you're old enough you remember those $8/hr, $12/hr and $16/hr jobs from 15 years ago. The problem: those same jobs still pay $8/hr, $12/hr and $16/hr. Because of corporate greed, the big companies have frozen all wages and have eliminated many labor unions. What has the federal government done about this? Nothing! Now we're getting complaints that workers are going on welfare rather than getting a frozen wage, low paying job??? Ridiculous!

  36. I call bullshit on the NUMBERS, too!

    38k?? REALLY…?

    WHO on social benefits is "making" 38 grand IN ADDITION TO their incomes from current jobs?? The Cato stud seems to assume that EVERYONE who is poor or low-income is equally eligible for ALL of the possible programs.
    However, some may need or ONLY GET a specific few.

  37. Can a SINGLE person (at least 1) on these programs tell me FOR SURE whether he's EVER come CLOSE to receiving 38k in benefits??

    Show me that person, Cato…

    This is just theoretical mumbo-jumbo, probably not even running the numbers correctly

  38. And if it takes 38k MORE than what a minimum-wage worker gets in income to PROVIDE FOR HIMSELF AND/OR HIS FAMILY at a minimal level… DOESN'T THAT JUST MEAN WE SHOULD WORK TO RAISE INCOMES SUBSTANTIALLY?? So that they WON'T need these programs in the first place?

    Come on, anti-welfare conservatives…

    You pieces of shit

  39. I mean, maybe in NEW YORK OR SAN FRAN, it "costs 38k to live a minimally-decent life", but I'm sure that MOST people on these programs get FAR LESS. Plus, aren't a lot of poor folks IN HIGH-COST AREAS, so it TAKES FAR MORE MONEY TO ACTUALLY AFFORD SHIT??

    Naturally, you would ASSUME that the agencies PAY OUT MORE TO SUPPLEMENT LOW INCOMES. DUH! Is this a 'surprise' to conservatives??

  40. LOL

    No pun intended, but maybe you need to EDUCATE yourself on how difficult being a teacher CAN REALLY BE. They have to plan out extensive curricula, take HOURS AND HOURS per night grading things like homework, tests, etc. manage sometimes unruly kids for 8 hours a day

    I'm no teacher, so I can't say for sure, but I have heard quite a bit FROM ACTUAL TEACHERS and educators regarding what goes on, and it's not "a cakewalk", by any means. If it is, why don't YOU go into the field

  41. And I'm not sure where you go the crap about "paid" summers…

    Pretty sure they HAVE SUMMER OFF… unless they are allowed to teach some summer school stuff for a month or 2

    There's even a very valuable documentary on the subject. I forge the name, but you should probably give it a look. Don't talk out your ass. It's very unbecoming.

  42. As is typical right-wing fashion, this "Hanz Blitz" guy REFUSES to acknowledge all the PUBLIC help he has or may have gotten over the years that MADE HIM WHAT HE IS TODAY (e.g. teachers that prepared him TO AT LEAST GRADUATE HS AND GET THE JOB HE HAS NOW)… while extolling the "Virtues" of his 'skills' and 'prowess' that's partly DUE to said benefits.

    Hypocrisy much? YOU benefited, but you CRITICIZE and backstab those that helped you get where you are today?

  43. They want to claim how "great" and "skillful" they are in certain ways… but they don't want to talk about THE PUBLIC OR GOV'T-FUNDED HELP they got that HELPED BIG TIME in getting them there. Like student loans to help afford education

    There's no such thing as a 100% self-made man. EVERYONE got where he is today if he is successful through at least SOME public services. That's just a fact. This is not Atlas Shrugged or John Galt's utopia; this is the real world.

  44. Yes, you can praise hard work, ingenuity, etc., and certainly a lot of successful people DID have a lot of the 'right ingredients' in their personalities and mentalities to succeed. But some of it also had to do purely w/ luck, opportunity and BEING IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME to take advantage of certain programs, benefits, etc.

    But a lot of conservatives DERIDE these programs that helped THEM when it 'mattered', ignoring THEIR history of help or pretending they DIDN'T get it.

  45. It doesn't make you "dependent" or "entitled" to admit that, yes, SOMETIMES PEOPLE NEED A 'LEG UP' when shit hits the fan. And SOMETIMES that will come from government services. Big fucking DEAL…

    Whether private or public, MONEY IS MONEY. The 'distinction' is a little absurd, if you ask me. BOTH private and public can be corrupt, have bureaucracy, etc. It's more the specifics of EACH INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM OR AGENCY that matter, not whether it was PRIVATE SECTOR OR GOV'T, necessarily.

  46. A lot of righties, for some reason, seem to almost ASSUME OR IMPLY that money takes on "evil" supernatural properties when GOVERNMENT GETS SOME OF IT. Like black magic… lol

    how about we do something REALLY USEFUL and MAXIMIZE the funding for socil services that help the needy? By COMBINING the efforts of private and public, not trying to pit them against each other or having one replace the other… Government can't do it alone, and neither can nonprofits and charities.

  47. Instead of trying to correct your misinformation myself (that's obviously a fool's errand) I'll simply urge to go and actually find out for yourself how much school teacher's work and what they do over the summer.
    I doubt you will, you seem more intent on bragging about your unskilled/semi-skilled labor CV and bemoaning government in all it's forms (except the military) like your average teenage libertarian C-student.
    Also, you may be interested to know that I worked in a factory.

  48. I understand the thought behind raising minimum wage, but by doing so you lower the value of those who are making a little more than minimum. I am a skilled Blue Collar man in a repressed area and have worked at the $14 to $20 range for over 20 yrs. And have less spending power now more than ever. The greed at the top and our Military Industrial complex are our biggest problems….KEEP FOCUSED!

  49. No, you are a moron. What I said is that the average household income of a min. wage earner is over $47,000/yr. Also, when a parent works a min. wage job 80% of them are earning less than 20% of that household income. Min. wage workers are advertised as these poor individuals trying to raise a family but really they aren't. They are young an secondary earners in a home. Over half of min. wage earners are not the highest earner in their families.

  50. Money has the potential to lose value when the government takes a hold of it. Instead of investing it they just give it away.

  51. Raising the min. wage and taxes are the last things we should do. Raising taxes never helps the economy and raising the min. wage will only hurt the economy in that it is frivolous and all the side effects are negative. You can't subsidies mom and pop shops in that the government can't pick winners and losers and shouldn't invest in a business when they don't know how well it will. Unions are hurting businesses as well. You ideas will hurt the economy in that it will lower the value of money.

  52. Businesses pay base on worth. People can work a job and don't need it to make a living like most min. wage earners. They work the job but it isn't a necessity to live.

  53. PANIC! No. Not really. To be collecting that much, she has to be in New York (the most giving state in the nation) & she has to be collecting long term disability, unemployment, food stamps, TANF (which is TEMPORARY), medicaid, as well as collecting from a host of programs that NY has that other states would never dream of. Most "welfare recipients" don't qualify for cash assistance & if they do, it is equal to or less than the sum of their necessary bills, not including rent.

  54. Most people on "welfare" are collecting less than $20,000 in benefits annually & are not "living the good life" in any way. The way stories like this make light of people who are literally starving some days is disgusting.
    Honestly, people don't WANT to stay on assistance, they just do what they can to survive & they refuse to make a stupid choice, ie: take a crappy job that lessens their benefits just to stay on benefits & never see your kids

  55. "No, you are a moron."-As we will see, not the case. Watch you once again say something stupid: "What I said is that the average household income of a min. wage earner is over $47,000/yr."-Which is not accurate. That is the median. Learn the difference between the statistical average and the statistical median. "Also, when a parent works a min. wage job 80% of them are earning less than 20% of that household income."-Also incorrect, but note: many HH members have to pull an income to stay afloat

  56. I see you failed your high school economics class. Keep up kid, your lack of intelligence is embarrassing you.

  57. I assume you mean based, not base? Your spelling and grammar are a reflection of your general ignorance on the subject of economics. Of course, I realize I'm probably expecting too much out of someone with an IQ of a rock.

  58. No, my spelling and grammar are a reflection of that this is a youtube comment section. Here it is, you raise taxes you don't help the economy but potentially hurt it. You take money away from investors or value money highly so they invest less. You also place money in the hands of politicians which is never good and the government will then overpay certain people thus lowering the value of the dollar. With the min. wage you have this. Lets say you have an owner who makes $500/hr base on a…..

  59. …..40 hour work week. He employs two groups of people, one that makes $5/hr who work flexible hours and low skill jobs and one that makes $15/hr who works full time and have more responsibility. He pays them because they are worth that much on the market based on what society thinks. To them $5 is all worth the same in that the $5 group does a job worth $5/hr, the $15 group does a job worth three times the previous group and the owner values money because he invests it and makes a risk……

  60. ……Now you force that owner to pay the $5/hr group $10/hr. Here is what happens. The $15/hr group feels no change in worth in that they get no raise, if anything they feel more worthless because their job was originally worth three times as much as the other group but not anymore. The $5/hr group lowers the value of the dollar because now the got a raise for doing nothing. Think professional athletes that go bankrupt, they go from broke to millionaires in a second to play the same…….

  61. ……sport they have been playing for years. Money has little value to them because they did nothing to earn it. The owner still values money so they will just end up cutting employees since raising prices will ruin business. That $5/hr group isn't worth that much so the owner will fire them. The two big things are this. One, economist very rarely mention human nature in their theories. They don't think how doing something will make a general population feel which is hard to do. Another……

  62. ……, like a car, TV, rent, food, etc. is only worth as much as someone makes it. You do something like give money away either through welfare, the government overpaying or forcing a company to overpay you lower the value of the dollar. You get people who get more than what they are worth. A dishwasher at Denny's shouldn't get paid a living wage because they are not worth it. If they did than the job will be in high demand. Money has value, it isn't stagnate.

  63. That stat with the parent earning 20% of an income was taking from a publication by a professor from UC-Irvine so it is correct. The $47,000/yr is for min. wage earners. That means a person making the min. wage lives in a household that all together makes over $47,000/yr on average, which is accurate based on research done by professors from America University and Cornell.

  64. TL;DR. Look kid, your ignorance of basic economics, politics, and social theory leads me to give you this one piece of advice: go back to high school. Focus on the curriculum, and really learn the concepts. Graduate. That's the best thing you can do for yourself and our society.

  65. The more complexity, the more opportunity for abuse. I'd favour massive simplification:
    Everyone gets "cost of living" from the gov. (say $15k/year).
    Everyone pays 50% tax on every dollar earned.

    No deductions, no loopholes, no subsidies, no corporate taxes, no sales taxes, no sin taxes. (Tariffs to reflect personal earnings outside of the country based on what those workers would earn here.)

    Work a little, or work a lot. Every bit of work gets you ahead.

  66. I see what you're saying, and it sounds good, although the only caveat I would have about that is that it works only if the "cost of living" payment from the government keeps up with inflation. barring that, it would be problematic if everyone was not paid the same in each line of work. But I do think you are onto something. In fact, that's one of the best proposals I've heard, especially the "cost of living" part. I've never heard of that before, and it makes a lot of sense.

  67. I gave you an example how raising the min. wage would hurt the economy. I told you how raising taxes would. I can cite publications how raising the min. wage is frivolous. In all you won't listen. You have your mindset and whenever someone shows you are wrong you simply cry "you are stupid" and move on. It is people like you that we are falling behind as a society in the US.

  68. You also aren't including if those teachers have Master degrees and then compare their salary to a person in other fields with the same level of education. Many districts will not allow a teacher to work past a certain number of years if he or she has not earned a M.Ed. or MA in their concentration.

  69. "You have your mindset and whenever someone shows you are wrong you simply cry "you are stupid" and move on."-you haven't yet shown anything, except an inability to grasp even basic arithmetic. I'm not sure how I can help you any further, so moving on is probably best. I also move on from flat-earthers, although I suppose you think I should entertain their delusions as well, despite the clarity of the science on the issue.

  70. Certainly, there would be much that needs to be clarified for the millions of possible specific situations, but far far simpler than existing laws.

    e.g. No deductions for children, either….but the proposal would apply to them, too, possibly partially put into trust for education.

    e.g. Those incarcerated possibly obligated to pay (in part) for their own incarceration.

    I'd extend it to all government benefits/deduction/pension programs: veteran, widow, spouse, disabled, etc.

  71. How have I shown the inability to grasp basic arithmetic? I have outline to how very well how raising the min. wage will hurt jobs. I have shown you published articles from professors and statistics that shown that min. wage earners are young and not poor. You just refuse to listen. You have now decided to place me with a group of irrational thinkers (like flat earthers). Lets play immature games. You are no different than 9/11 truthers in that you can't see what really happened.

  72. "You are no different than 9/11 truthers in that you can't see what really happened."-I cite government stats, social science research reports, and my own research as a social scientist with over a decade of professional experience researching the minimum wage. That would make you a truther, technically, since you are making claims from groups like the Heritage Foundation that are outside the realm of the social sciences. But sure, keep talking. Your mother must be embarrassed that you exist.

  73. Children are the future, and teachers should earn a decent wages to ferry our future generations to positive possibilities.

    Someone here on YouTube did a reply to a response I made about the need to invest more into education to improve children's prospects. This is the reply I got "Kids don't learn about life in school". I think their IQ dropped 3 points as they typed that in…

  74. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they made comparisons between someone on benefits living in an area where the cost of living is higher (in some cases qualifies them for more benefits to cover living expenses, usually in the form of section 8, food stamps, fuel assistance, etc.) vs a teacher in an area where the cost of living is much lower. Many on benefits have to live in areas with higher cost of living for easier access to benefits and public transit systems

  75. Ohio and Massachusetts. What do you mean getting a degree is not working? Compare the salary of working teachers with Master degrees to people in other professions with the same level of credentials. In Ohio you can't work more than 8 years without a Master degree. Many teachers quit after 5 years though.

  76. You have never worked a day in your life or were handed a job by privilege because you are simply wrong on this point and the many useless characters you typed after it..

  77. I have worked many jobs and have never been fired. I started at min. wage and worked my way up. I still work two (really 3 but the third job is more of a paid hobby) jobs and go to school. I am very close to landing my career. It frustrates me when lazy people refuse to work and move up in life and end up getting a raise or paid for doing nothing. At the same time I have established myself to where I will never be unemployed.

  78. My first job I worked I earned my way to $8/hr which was quite a bit where I lived. I could have seen more raises but when the min. wage went up we had to pay new employees, basically young kids to do dishes $7.25/hr and they couldn't afford to pay me more. So basically I was brought back down to the same level of a new employee. The min. wage increase screwed me and others at the company over. I now make more at another job and I am close to getting an even better paying job. At the same…….

  79. ……there are people who want to give other people raises for doing nothing. That is a huge problem in our society is that we are rewarding people for doing nothing. Not so much as rewarding the lazy but rewarding people for doing nothing and it is punishing hard working people.

  80. You speak of lazy people as a sweeping meme for all that is wrong, I see most of those people as victims of policies neither you nor I would write or condone. Don't be intellectually lazy yourself by blaming the victims. Best luck to you with your career, really.

  81. Everyone's a victim. That is the consistent thing I hear a lot. You have two options in life, live with it or change it. If you don't like how much you are getting paid then work harder. Don't make excuses. Until you do that then you have to learn to live with it. I see way too many people who complain about the money they make. I didn't get where I was by being lazy. People need to volunteer. There were many times at work I took no breaks. I worked without pay. Work hard enough you will succeed

  82. I am on the other side of the career experience, I have managed teams of software developers, skilled trades, production workers and provided engineering, consulting and software for global projects in automotive, chemical and other multinational industries so my experience is certainly not yours. I have been an integral part of the machine you are just getting started in. I do feel you are being intellectually your writing and thoughts or have little real world experience.

  83. I don't see how you think I am being intellectually lazy. Throughout my work experience I have seen several people complain about their life and upon further inspection I see that it is because of their own doing. An example is a friend of mine who isn't doing well and she made a comment on how she doesn't understand how I can volunteer so much. I do it to develop connections and work my way up to a better paying job. It is working. It doesn't take talent to work hard.

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