10 thoughts on “Parag Khanna: “Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization” | Talks at Google

  1. Would like to hear more re his funding sources. The introduction was quite confusing. Not sure how he connects to reality. I agree with getting rid of borders but he seems to conveniently ignore the economic violence of the US alliance of government and corporations, especially weapons manufacturers. We need political power to influence infrastructure and connectivity and ‘the best and the brightest’ can really eff things up. How does democracy enter into redesigning borders. Infrastructure is more durable than political boundaries? We blow up infrastructures and cities on a regular basis. Throwing in concepts such as “perfect capitalism” and names such as Emile Durkheim w no mention of increasing suicide rates in our current late stage capitalism

  2. “The US is the world’s largest provider of security since WW2.” I guess that’s why the US is the most feared country. We certainly provided security in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, VietNam, Yemen, Iran in 1953, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and we’re threatening to provide security to Venezuela, Iran again, and North Korea, again.

  3. So many of his statements of "fact" are pulled out of the thin air of conjecture concerning his theoretical future. Smacks of pure speculation. The reality of many important issues is totally missing. One being how this increasingly over populated planet is going to feed itself. Interesting mind candy though. If you want more of Parag Khanna you can find him on TED.

  4. An educated way of promoting Asian dominance and supporting China to take over the world with its 600,000 cameras controlling every single person's actions. Besides the fact that Kissinger was setting up China to be the world's ruling nation, taking over the place of the U.S. And the Illuminati and NWO adherents were supporting that. Oh Yeah, you'd love to live in China, wouldn't you? No, I'm not Chinese. And Parag is an anti-Trumper. KMA!

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