Part 1: Find out how to make deal on Civilization VI (subtitle) – Tìm hiểu deal trong Civilization 6

Part 1: Find out how to make deal on Civilization VI (subtitle) – Tìm hiểu deal trong Civilization 6

Hello there ! Today, I would like show you my experience video on Civilization VI. This is really a well known legendary game designer Sid Meier’s, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game At first I think it could like AOE (Age of Empires) but it ask you to manage your civilization and protect and expand your border So if you want to be a real leader, you can try to play this excited and strategy game. I am not ads lol 😉 Let’s playing this game with me You can start learning how to play a game form ‘Tutorial’ vs Civilization V, the CV VI is quite different however they are detail enough Choose your ”character” as your country to begin your empire Please hold on a minute , no way to skip this slide before to see and on click ”Begin Game” button As I told, this tutorial is really detail and easy to understand You can follow step by step to learn playing game This first character you have is the settlement You will guild it to set up your first city On the tutorial you will learn most of thing on game My video don’t want to re-video how to pass tutorial :-D, it is clear enough for you I make this video to sharing with you other thing much more interesting That is my experience after play it long enough to understand I am loading my game on playing I choose French From internet, there are about 19 nations on CV 6 Some of them is strong product, science, army, trading, diplomatic, warmonger, spying, constructing, …. French empire is strong on diplomatic Each city of civilization has specific resources On tutorial you will know about your City Detail You will see the amenity points Where and How does this point come from? More high point amenities, you city will more happier One city will have some resources Paris city has 4 resources as wheat, banana, chocolate, salt Some kind of resources are luxury or static type as bonus resources Note: Luxury ->city happy, Static for your army, need it to build specific army kind Note: Horse army is required 2 horse camps, Iron is required for upgrading your army On this city info requires only 4 points amenities But I have 6 And how I get plus 2 to have as 6 I will explain how to get more point for your city from luxury resources More and more points is come from Luxury resource applies to all you cities in your countries Not only is from your building in you city as entertainment, religion, culture, …. You have to build mines and camps to get your resources Another way is from trading with other big countries In game the big countries (empire) on icons bar which you can make trade (not on war with that guy) This map is have 8 player as the big countries I am expanding map and meet 5 countries 3/5 of map are expanded and meet 5 big countries As Bazil, Azectec, Geek, Span, Semen And some small countries as colonies But only able trade luxury resource with big countries as empire on Icon bar Click on icon empire bar and see them At this screen, you can star to make deal to get more luxury resource To see the other empire’s resource when click ”deal” button You will see what you have to offer and to able have luxury resource By this way you can get more resource for your country and happier points for each your cities And now, how much will be offer for resource you want? Make example I want this resource with 100 gold and 1 gold on each turn With this deal is able accept by your partner if you see the “Accept Deal” button If your partner disagree, you will see “Make this deal more equitable”, try this button to find good deal the game tell you with price can deal I have hint here If you try to find out every price can be deal, by changing how much gold You will see the best price So which is the best price? that is the most minimum gold and gold per turn should paid 1 gold (and 1 gold per turn) is the best Or only 1 gold turn paid. Not thing is value 1 gold! Try to change gold and click ”make more equitable” button Until you find the “Accept Deal” with the best price Check if the gold you think you can accept when the partner suggest And now I have 1 turn and 2 gold per turn But can I pay lower? you as me will want to get every thing lowest 😀 1 + 2 for 30 turn=61 golds is till so much 😀 I want the lowest, the best price can I? So hard, I will try to find that price, let try try more click 😀 That is game or hint I found Try again and more click … May I have the best price 1 and 2 for 30 turn are okie but … 😀 Yeah I find it … I got got bargain 1 gold for 30 per turn !!!! I don’t want to lost this very wonderful price, accept deal lol I see Civilization VI congratulation to me lol … WONDERFUL Yes, with this way, I hope you can find more resource for your empire And another question for you How is get more gold money? Back main map You can see this toggle info The top is how much you will gold you have in each turn And the bottom is detail how much you expend The gold income is from success deals between you and other empires And much gold per turn they paid … the total is all we have as income detail on this info And to make deal to get more income It requires you remain resources to offering to your partner Now I have “tea resource” to offer I have many luxury resources 😉 Not remain much here cause I made deals I will only make a deal with tea only Sure make businesses with rich empire no interesting with less gold one :)) Find one … Okie, she remain much gold than others 300 gold is much than the others have Now how to get much money from deal with her empire the many gold and many gold per 30 turn is good Offer Tea luxury resource” with no gold means give gift No gift here … I as you want more gold lol click “What would you give me” button will the price suitable on a deal oh only 12 gold and 10 gold per in 30 turn is able “accept deal” ? But I don’t agree this price … I am consider about it So how to get more gold And I want to share with you about that … increase gold if increase, they don’t accept ;-( ”Make ….” button will show to offer difference price on deal But when I click it now, not expect situation offer which I don’t want I don’t want this you can mouse click to remove offer gold try made deal offer my tea luxury resource again still the old price deal now what would we do? to get new price okie … I would to pause this point … stop this video I hope you will continue view my next video as my review game to know how I play to get more gold on deal offering luxury with the best price, got bargain 😉 Thank you for viewing to THE END

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