Patriarchal society and descendent honor

Today we want to continue talking about
the Messianic prophecies that God has put over thousands of years in the Old Testament, but you can read in
your own Bible, and they start of kind of simple and small and God builds them and they’re
getting bigger and fatter and larger as we go along and they’re giving more and more of
the identity of the person who’s up ahead that
it’s being pointed to and Darrell, I want you to give a summary for
those the folks that might have missed all the programs preceding this one just give us a quick
summary of where we’re we’ve come from and where we’re at now
Dr. Darrell Bock: In the beginning there was this the seed. The seed could have
been anyone, any male descendant of Eve, and we know that this seed is going to
crush the head of the serpent which represents the presence of evil as
represented by Satan. That’s where we start and then we just
narrow down it’s gonna be out of the tribe of Shem – out of the family of Shem – the Semites we know
it’s going to be out of the family of Abraham that the world’s gonna be blessed
through his seed. We know it’s going to be through Isaac and Jacob and Judah and
we’re narrowing down more and more all the time. Then we start to talk about the Kings that
are going to come out of Israel; It’s gonna be a prophet like Moses a
leader prophet who delivers. It’s going to be part of a house that’s
going to be established forever. And this figure ultimately ends up being
the one who is seated at the right hand of God directly in God’s presence by God’s
invitation and showing his authority and his
superiority even to the founder of this dynasty in a
patriarchal society were normally the honor goes to the one
who is the ancestor. No, the honor in this case goes to the one who is the descendant who now is seated with God in heaven.
That’s where we are in the story, and we’ve only just gotten started

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