So lieutenant, are you gonna be waiting
there much longer? What do you mean? What do you want me to do yeah, I thoguth kind of was you going first you know? oh yeah? Can I know why? who do you think should take
the lead Mike, a scrawny soldier who thought he’d have a bunch of cool war stories to tell his friends, but he’ll really just end up with his guts out and a virgin Or a mighty patriotic lieutenant A tall, buffed, blonde Monument! Oh that’s actually a good question. Why is everyone here wearing green camo when I look like Evel Knievel?! Precisely because you are our leader! Leader? as far as I know you’re our leader! You’re a symbol! I’m a target! You have a shield! Which is literally a target! Okay, if you just stand there too long it’s gonna get worse I think it would be best if you just charge at them and finish them! Finish them?! I don’t even have a gun! Why don’t you throw your targ…your shield at them? Let’s just say I can throw this shield 50 feet away What are the odds that I actually hit someone in the middle of the jungle? can you at least try? We’re not brainstorming here, it’s that
or nothing! Oh my god! Oh my god! The horror! The horror!! Oh relax Mike you’ve burned down two villages already Don’t get sensitive on me now. Okay what now? Who’s
gonna go get the shield back? Oh, I thought it would just hit him in the
head and bounce back into your hands Really? You really thought that that was
gonna happen?? Why do I feel like I’m some part of bizarre sexual fantasy in this war? No one told me it was gonna be like this! Oh no? You ended up here after an old German guy injected your semi naked body
with steroids for two months in a dirty New York basement it wasn’t exactly the
standard army recruitment process was it now? What did you think was gonna
happen? He said I was special! I think if the lieutenantis gonna do something he should do it quick. It will be dark soon and then we’re done Shut up Mike! it’s no problem, the lieutenant has a night combat system I have night vision? Well
at least there’s some kind of advantage in this whole deal it’s a figure of speech but sure, you just need to press the button on your helmet Oh come on guys!!


  1. the homosexual undertones are legit and funny at the same time! nice job in this episode guys.

  2. Wow everything that I call bullshit on in any movie staring captain America. Just got addressed thank you.👍👍👍👍

  3. This reaminds me of what Peter from Family Guy said "You're all stupid, see they're gonna be looking for army guys."

  4. I thought this was gonna about how much captain america is just a symbol of american imperialist invasion in foreign territories

  5. who are you if you're a citizen of 13 states and you're fighting for freedom from the british crown?
    patriot, an honorable man, a hero
    who are you if you are a vietnamese peasant fighting for freedom from the french monopoly and its american allies?
    a сommunist nit that has to be smeared in the jungle, burned by napalm.

  6. Mike, you're a soldier, in the middle of a battlefield, and you're horrified for one death? You didn't expect any of this?

  7. It's interesting that "Captain America: first Avengers" already addressed most of these complaints: 1) Captain America is wearing darker colors and a lot of the time does wear the jacket or some cameo 2) No, Captain America doesn't get to do control, massive troops, but he can still lead them 3) The shield is strong enough to withstand tank fire and can draw away from other soldiers, I'm pretty sure it gets a pass. 4) Yes, Captain America uses guns and has military grade armor, why do people think he only uses a shield? 5) But… Captain America never throws blindly and rarely too far away that he can easily miss or can't quickly retrieve it. This has always been his limitation that he gets around 6) I mean… We all know that bouncing off of things with a shield back to you is unrealistic, right? We don't have Vibranium that can defy the laws of physics. These specific qualities of the shields don't come out of nowhere. 7) That's right guys, Captain America is just a sexual fantasy for your ladies out there… Or do men want to go out in war and kill Nazis/Vietcongs to get pussy/dick? It's not even clear what's the joke here, this joke would have actually landed if you mentioned a possible fantasy. 8) Bad joke 9) Lame joke

    Just so you know, most of these criticisms/arguments have nothing to do with what if Captain America was in Vietnam war specifically, it's just general criticisms of the character that fails to amuse me with its lack of wit. That's rather disappointing to say at least

  8. Jesus Christ. Learn how to animate more than a single frame. Seriously, you keep looping back to the same face for every line of dialogue. It looks bad, like the characters don’t know how to emote. So goddamn lazy, churning out this shill.

  9. Look at the bright side, I think it’s safe to say you reduce the number of casualties on the battlefield as a whole… mostly because everyone else ends up firing at you, even soldiers fighting other platoons, even then, not even platoons in the same regimen.

  10. One small correction the rifles being used by the soldiers at the very beginning are SKS'. While the VC did use them they are incapable of full auto fire, only semi-automatic. I know this as I used to own one.

  11. Real shit white ppl have dark ass humor mans actually died cuz villages where burned down . I really dont get why that's funny

  12. Actually, red is extremely efficient high up in the jungle. It's the same reason orangutan kind of dissapear in the trees.

  13. It actually does work because they will shoot the bright guy with an impregnable shield rather than the soldiers picking them off

  14. "Your a symbol!"
    "I'M A TARGET!"
    damn that's pretty fucking deep and I don't think that was the intention.

  15. This is what Captain America deserves. That boring, outdated, self-righteous (yet favoured by writers) arsehole.

  16. O shit he actualy killed the guy 10 feet a normal guy couldn't trow a sheald like that in the jungle and actualy hit someone and straight in the Face no less.

  17. At least he has great aim and arm strength. Never seen Captain America split skulls in half with his shield.

  18. Patriot Lieutenant! It’s dark out and I dropped my keys, also, could you act as cross guard this week, the usual guard caught the flu.

  19. You had to go liberal on me huh? Well the toon was okay But the inaccuracy of America being the bad guy in Vietnam is being purpetuated over the last few decades and it is not true. Do me a favor and see how many civilians were massacured after the Americans pulled out. Comunists are not merciful people.

  20. He’s our patriot
    He’s our patriot
    He’s our lieutenant
    He’s our lieutenant
    He’s our patriot lieutenant
    Patriot lieutenant

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