17 thoughts on “Pawnee’s Town Slogan – Parks and Recreation

  1. They should have also had a plural with an apostrophe on that sign as that seems to be one of the worst offenders today! You NEVER pluralize a word by adding ‘s.

    Correct: I wrote five pages.
    Correct: I ate two candies.

    INCORRECT: I wrote five page’s.
    INCORRECT: I ate two candy’s.

    Why is everyone doing this incorrectly now? It’s a second grade lesson in the subpar public school curriculum.

  2. lmao i love 1:25 where leslie asks "trust Larry?" and Larry is out there trying to write from the other end of the pen hahaha

  3. I watched this like 12 times trying to remember the person who changed the “your” and she is from malcom in the middle. She is young Louis

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