Pell Grants = Welfare (According To Republican Rep.)

Pell Grants = Welfare (According To Republican Rep.)

representative de niro rayburn is the
chair of the house appropriations committee on labor health and human
services recently he did an interview with blog talk radio and he was talking
about hell grants so right now a pell grants to is they
offer low-income students of financial aid there basically grants they do not
have to pay back so they can go to college they can go to
universities and right now the maximum grant size is five thousand five hundred
fifty dollars per year per school year so it’s not that much money ab
relatively speaking when you really look at how much tuition is for most colleges
and universities well during the interview this representative basically
argued that up pell grants art the new welfare of
the twenty first century so he’s basically making the argument that
students go through all the trouble of applying to colleges applying to
universities going to class is just so they can get that five thousand five
hundred fifty dollars a year because it’s so much money let me read you his
exact quote and then i’m going to tell you how absurd here’s he says so you can
you can go to college on pell grants maybe i should not be telling anybody
this because it’s turning out to be the welfare of the twenty first century you
can go to school collect your pell grants get food stamps low-income energy
assistance section eight housing and all the sudden
we find ourselves subsidizing people they don’t have to graduate from college and there ought to be some kind of
commitment an endgame he’s still wrong about this okay first
of all the five thousand five hundred fifty dollars does not go directly to
the student ok it goes directly to the university and university automatically
applies that money to college tuition in order to get the pell grant you need to
be enrolled full-time in a college or university and on top of that every
separate institution has its own rules when it
comes to opm you know academic achievement for
instance the school i went to if i went below three point out of my g_p_a_ they
would hotter matically take my pell grant away for me so you do have to
achieve it’s not like you get that money then you go out and party it doesn’t
work that way because core of the republican ideology which is they don’t really want you to have fair
chance they want people who are in power to retain that pell grants for critical at by the way i
don’t know how anybody affords schools that are not state schools they cost so much more than state school
system you can barely afford us the schools of
progress if you didn’t have the pell grants i
don’t know how people are for the state schools and look at search array it’s a expensive equalizer gives you an
opportunity need to get the american dream the second part of this gives you a full
sets their bacchus the republicans at the same will not allow the democrats to look into private for-profit colleges that are
milking the government for all this money art deliberate terrible results yes the
default rate for loans in for profit colleges or more than twice as high as for
non-profit politics because allot of this could cause a running a scam with
the just get federal money in whatever it is granted cetera et cetera mailrly
educate the kids the kids but they can’t find a job they default on their loans
when we go to regulate that’d make sharma monies well-spent one of the they wanted like market right
at the care about balance the budget nato want welfare and remember eighty percent of the money for these
for-profit colleges comes from the government eighty percent so now we’re publishing
theoretically hate that but they don’t they love it y because those guys are making money
determined give donations the republicans and they keep their gravy
train going because they don’t care about capitalism they don’t care about
the free markets their corporate is more money for republicans more money for
those guys just sucked out of the system now you’re right and just maybe some
more information on for-profit roger’s first of all they’ve been investigated
because of the fact that they use deceptive techniques to recruit
students and on top of that half of all student loan defaults far from students you goto for-profit colleges
right only fifteen percent of students in the united states attendees
for-profit colleges fashion show you that there is a huge
huge problem with these institutions but you know do the republicans doing a stop
that and note the wasteful spending that goes to these colleges now they don’t do
anything because they don’t care about those things they don’t care about as
you casey they don’t care about making sure the money goes to the right place
population of education when create all these and so you understand that because if
you’re not be pins you might not know right so their state schools which are public but
in this condo private schools that are non-profit those are mostly colleges
that you’re familiar with in the country and universities that you’re familiar
with private for-profit colleges are
relatively new right most of my relatively new like phoenix university
those type of fixed-rate and didn’t create basically is awaited
take government money and if you provide an education it’s
okay if you don’t want ever who cares the bottom line is you keep their gravy train going ’cause
they’re for profit and that that’s their main mission is to
make money great and if you get out of the grease the politicians that money keeps on talking it smart by
getting other make money off of it but education is there priority or their goal badly reforms have their way that would be tomorrow you wouldn’t necessarily get an
education allowed there will be for their loans it would cost government suv and much more money that but who cast is on this you know
they get the money returned eleven campaign donations big bill he would take away your money to attend
religious schools

94 thoughts on “Pell Grants = Welfare (According To Republican Rep.)

  1. And people wonder why the US is getting dumber? Right. Other countries actually care about how start their next generation can be.

  2. Try taking away the Pell Grant, the people who do not get them and therefore cannot go to college as a result will be stuck working a minimum wage job and be forced into real welfare, think of how much that is going to cost the tax payers over one low-income students lifetime. A little money to help now can create a productive, tax-paying citizen in the future and thus lowering the welfare burden. I hate to tell you but in this country we do not let people starve to death: Welfare or Pell Grant.

  3. Ana's wrong when she says you have to be enrolled full time. Thats wrong, you just gotta be part-time, but you have to be making progress towards a degree. This is irrelevant though because there's no problem with the pell grant besides the fact that it isn't enough.

  4. @mictheorist why pay for something you can get for free? besides student who take grants take loans as well. Most colleges and universities are too expensive to relay on these grants alone.

  5. @ChocolateORE I have not and I am about to get my bachelors in another semester or two. With that said, I go to a community college that takes anyone. I am also considering taking out a student loan to get a new car as my olds mobile is… well… old. Poor old girl is loosing her momentum to move anymore.

    I like my Pell Grant. In an ideal society though, we would not need the government to pay students. In an ideal society a book would not cost $150 yet the teachers dumb as rocks.

  6. Might I draw attention to at least 4 of the first 52 words of the United States Constitution–the most important 52 words of the entire document: "promote the general Welfare" Investment in the education of its citizens, without a doubt, is the most productive priorities of any civilization. Is knowledge not responsible for the continued survival of our species; is it not responsible for every aspect of our lives that we take for granted? Yes, it absolutely is!

  7. @bamboo4tameshigiri
    You're right about that. When you think about it, that's the only way to get people to vote for policies that are so against their best interests. Fear mongering and pandering to the religious is how republicans get lower and middle class people on board.

  8. It must be nice to be a republican politician and never have to worry about your colleagues holding you to any sort of standards or expecting you to actually research things before you speak on them. What an easy job that has to be.

  9. @HavingfunEnjoylife … and despite the fact that government funds will get gutted, STILL spend more than ever on the military.

  10. @blacklite911
    I think for the full $5500 you have to be full time. part time slices the pell grant pretty hard. it's also needs based. I think I got $500 a semester but that was 20 years ago. loans did the rest
    people bitch about the dept of ed taking student loans inside.. but a couple of years ago they found out
    the public sector was given $ to loan to students, they received interest, and the govt provided the insurance. so they got interest for money they didn't front and couldn't lose!

  11. I'm not sure this one will get pressed too hard as a budget cut though..
    US Uncut isn't as big as UK Uncut but it was exactly this sort of tax cut for the rich+corporations and putting higher education out of the fingertips of the masses that has turned the corner there. the corps are (I think) having to pay taxes instead of dodge in some cases.. so the corps lose if things like this get yanked.
    why? because the 80% of us will only bend over so far to keep the rich rich

  12. @dreamcoyote Yea I know, i'm currently a student you get half unless you take more than 12 credit hours (for most schools). fact is that tuition is so high nowadays, Guys like Ron Paul wanna talk about how he worked and paid for school at the same time, school tuitions are more than most people can make at a job without a college degree and I'm not even factoring in living expenses. The university system in the usa sucks hard dude.

  13. I'm going to graduate high school in 2012 and I need pell grants if I want to go to college. it will really help me. If Republicans want to take that away, Fuck You!!!!!

  14. my tuition is 12k a semester. fuck you idiot, welfare my ass. college students work harder than republicans

  15. My private for-profit school kicks ass with its computer engineering degree (and its more famously known real time interactive simulation — aka computer science with video game focus (engines, math, yay)), but I do agree that those for profit schools out there getting English degree students or other arts are milking the system and the people. (Though one wonders if any arts degree does that too regardless of the college.) I justify my expensive education with a high expected starting salary.

  16. Disparity between the wealthy and poor is only increased when public funding for education is cut. History attests to this. Any political party that is for cutting funding to education, whether it is cutting funding to public schools or cutting Pell grants, is fundamentally a politically party of elitists, and does not represent the interests of the people.

  17. It should be common sense as to why the Tea Party, and their Republican puppets, are so adamant about cutting as much funding for education as possible. By cutting education you ensure the long term survival of both the Tea Party and the Republican Party. If there is one truism that history teaches us it is that higher levels of education among a population generally impart a more liberal mindset. In other words, learning is generally corrosive to conservatism.

  18. Every one knows that 911 was an inside job right? You see, the King James Version of the bible is really the word of God! The (kjv) bible tells us that we are living in Satan's kingdom. Thus, we are all going fulfill our moral duty and expose the father of all lies by posting the 911 was an inside job icon right?

  19. @HavingfunEnjoylife but the muzlimz man!? who else other than the GOP will save you from that terrible monster that is us!?!

  20. The reason I will be able to afford a private college when I start in 2012 is because my dad has to pay 70% of the money because of Child Support.

  21. The Republicans want to create a Monarchy in America.

    BTW, 'for profit' colleges? what in the fuck is that? I'm glad that they don't exist in Canada.

  22. Oh woooow. The Pell Grant money comes from a budget FOR college assistance. It's not like it's unlimited anyway. I just got an estimate of $2600 from Pell Grant today because I intend to attend the local community college. If I didn't get this, I would probably NEVER go. I am already shoved out of home to live on my own and minimum wage just doesn't pay for life anymore. This kind of thing is the only hope for some students.

  23. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) approx per year cost $55,000 ($60K + if you're a flight student)

    ERAU is a for-profit university. I attended for 1.5 years and I'm $80K in debt. The government "welfare" I was receiving BARELY helped with my tuition. I swear this is a slap in the face to individuals who want to get a higher education in todays society.

  24. @Numbuh7

    wow I would think your family wouldn't mind you living with them if you're in school doing something with your life or working and helping out with bills…

  25. @crackerz99 like Phoenix University, Devry University. These schools are all over the country, and they aren't accredited.

  26. Americans that are still in highschool I highly suggest you guys start researching universities in Europe. Its a lot cheaper, and plane tickets aren't all that expensive. I'm doing this for graduate studies.

  27. @LY8Ze7xK doesn't really matter to my point because tuition is not going to go down unless it gets subsidized, its not a static product like milk or gas, onces its up, it stays up.

  28. Thank you for this story! For profit colleges are a scam! Anyone who has dealt with Westwood College will tell you this. You are raped for money only to get a degree that doesn't transfer should you decide to engage in further education and go for a masters degree at a more reputable school. The recruiters paint a different picture during enrollment with a canned speech telling you that the world is your oyster. The education I got there was substandard at best.

  29. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

  30. @xbertocoaylax You do realize community college is expensive too, right? Soooomebody doesn't think before commenting. Fail.

  31. @Numbuh7
    Expensive? I mean I am able to afford the few classes I take out of pocket. You might spend $2000-$3000 in a year. I wouldn't call that expensive considering it is college.

  32. @xbertocoaylax It's expensive when you only qualify for entry-level jobs and have the costs of rent, food, manditory car insurance, rising fuel prices, and medical bills to cover in addition to. Very fortunate of you to have 2-3k to blow at your wishes, but many are not so lucky.


  34. @xbertocoaylax It's not cheap relatively to anything other than medical costs. Young adults starting out typically just can't afford it.

  35. @Mspadeaalot

    loans and grants isnt the same. i get pell grant, $5550, i think every student should get money for college, its like common sense . but if i take all my classes, its like $5000.00 already, so i get like $550.00 only when its all done. i honestly think pell grant is a good idea

  36. He's one of those dummies who thinks there are millionaires sitting in the wellfair office collecting foodstamps.

  37. THAT IS IT.. I AM VOTING SARAH PALIN 2012.. She 'can see' RUSSIA from ALASKA.. So RUN SARAN RUN and just keep RUNNING YA MORON…

  38. in a way it is welfare.i went to college and as soon as the checks where sent out after the books where paid all the blacks in my classes dropped out of college.

  39. Statistics have shown that money spend on Pell Grants is returned in increased income tax many times over. Pell Grants are NEEDS based, and everyone doesn't get it. As is pointed out, they are also performance based, you don't perform, you don't get money.

    And it is purpose directed, it is directed toward getting a college degree. That is productive to society as a whole.

    Pell also goes directly to the School, It can't be used to pay the rent or buy food.

  40. I recieved a Pell grant and I can honestly say that it was best thing that could've happened to me, my family and the taxpayers in this country. I went from making $9.00 per hour to $22.50 and I attribute this to the grant. If I hadn't been able to get an education I would more than likely still be getting food stamps, and assistance with my utilities.

  41. @endauthority your college cost 12k a semester because of government being involved in education you stupid liberal.

  42. @fognog3 Id rather it cost 12k then have millions not be able to get it in the first place, you stupid conservative. Theres a reason college is the place Conservatism dies 😉

  43. @endauthority lol Conservatism is far from dead. College would be affordable for everyone if the government would stop getting involved in it. You used to be able to get a part time job and work your way through college. But you are just a kid so I guess you don't remember the good times.

  44. @endauthority LOL I can't prove anything? The more money you pump into anything the higher the prices get. That is simple fact. Schools are guaranteed the money so they can charge any price they want and they know they will get it. With a true free market in education prices would be much cheaper.

  45. @fognog3 You didnt prove anything still. you evaded and shifted the topic like a true conservative.

    really? the more money you pump the higher the price gets? so in other words, nobody should pay for anything? oh, you communist you!

    anyway, no they cant just change prices whenever they want, not that im defending keynesian capitalism.
    if free market education was better, university of pheonix would be the best college. but its clearly one of the worst.

  46. @endauthority lol Before government got into education all college was affordable. Before government got involved in health care it was affordable too. Government got involved in housing guess what the housing market collapsed. Government always makes things worse. Why would you trust your money to a bunch of politicians? They always help the corporations not the little man. The problem is that most of the GOP today is not conservative. George Bush was no conservative.

  47. @fognog3 before government got involved in those things barely anyone had it. you didnt answer the question about university of phoenix. From now on I will only entertain a discussion about that. No more changing the subject, you intellectual light weight. Why isnt UOP the best college around? Why is it a laughing stock? Why are all for profits a joke?

  48. @endauthority if you get money handed to you without working for it, it is welfare. you didn't work for that money. do you get it? I went to college. College students don't work for these handouts. If you did, it would be called a job. Regardless to what you think, this country doesn't owe you an education.

  49. @fingersmcoy "if you get money handed to you without working for it, it is welfare."
    Nice to know that the banking system is welfare, tell all those millionaires that make money off of interest rates that theyre on welfare. But I guess that doesnt count, right? of courseeeeeeeee not

    College students in STEM fields work harder than you do, sorry that you feel like your liberal arts degree wasnt worth it. If the country doesnt give education, the country collapses.

  50. @endauthority equating welfare with people who work and put their money on the line is laughable. I went to engineering school by the way. I just happened to be raised by parents who taught me that if you want something, you have to earn it, not be handed it to you by taxpayers. Glad to see the colleges and parents these days are producing a generation of leeches. Warms my heart.

  51. @fingersmcoy you and your parents ARE leeches you both leech off of the benefits of society. if it wasnt, you would be living in caves.

    "equating welfare with people who work and put their money on the line is laughable"
    they dont, most wealth isnt earned, its given by parents, and the money sits in banks and you can live off of interest. not to mention most welfare recipients paid into it. you are irrational.

  52. I think it's bullshit that I'll be in debt until I'm 40 from my student loans while other people get to leave school with money in their pockets

  53. actually, the man is right. The blacks work the pell grants and other grants. And YES they do get a check for thousands of dollars. I know personally of several people that only applied and went to school for the free check. As soon as they get the money, they quit school.
    I GOT MY CHECK!!!!!!!!!

  54. @supermassively do you realize how college benefits us? Also the grants are not amounts that we can live off of

  55. pell grants aren't welfare, but they are helping to drive up the price of college education. federal loans and grants take away cost control measures from colleges. state gov'ts / colleges don't have to keep tuition down because the fed gov't will step in and pay whatever it is, meanwhile kids don't seem to care about how much loan money they take out.
    if you're one of those "state budget cuts have caused tuition hikes" types then explain private school tuition hikes that have happened…

  56. @shan12stones "the blacks"?!…do you not realize how ignorant you sound. not all black ppl go to college just for checks. you must've attended a community college

  57. Vote Jon Tester for Senate…spread this video around to your friends in Montana. Denny Rehberg is one big fat slimeball!

  58. Good for you. Nice to know that there are decent honest people in this world. Maybe someday government will regulate the funds a little closer, so that the abuse will stop.
    And I should not have just singled out the blacks. I'm sure their are many of all nationalities abusing the system. I live in the deep south, and I see it all the time.

  59. Looking through the comments, it's kind of sad to see only one or two people pick up on the fact that grants and loans actually HURT college students. They increase the price of a college education.

    Put simply: if I own a business and the government starts handing my customers money, it's going to increase demand, so I'm going to increase price to find the new equilibrium.

  60. Because most of you are not smart enough, are not fluent English speakers/writers, want it free, want relevant education OR because "they" don't really want to help, want you to be unreal (because what are the chances of 'em will hire you? are we all the same?)…Those are my conclusion from 2.5 years at the University of Oklahoma. Look at the full time requirement! You have to take left wing nut job courses to get good grade or neglect on so you can focus on the other impossible classes.

  61. Thank you hippies as professors. I hoped you spent my money well, not too much on marijuana, cracks as I have heard ecstasy is the new way of doing drug!!

  62. Do you think those Southern mixed Englishman will help you? are everyone so forgiving and nice? he said you boink his daughter!!! and why do he have to write the subject in Spanish? why don't you learn English right? from basic to modernity? that is right! because you are not English. Maybe the grant is for poor Englishman to advance!

  63. Cenk bashes for profit schools because, i'm assuming the degrees don't lead to jobs. What do you think the chances are that TYT also have a story on how regular college graduates can't find jobs as well?

  64. Rehberg needs to shut his [email protected]&$ing mouth I had two kids worked two low wage jobs and barely had enough by the end of month to feed us. If it wasn't for the pell grant I would have never been able to afford vo-tech and had to scrape pennies for gas and had to borrow tools the grant payed for my vo-tech and helped with needed supplies now I have a Career I love It make more in one month than I did for 5 months at 2 jobs and selling home made handy crafts I don't worry when little things come up and I'm on my way to realizing a dream of working for NASA so Pell grants are a good investment for America my productivity increased and I contributed more to taxes and the economy and I also speak to schools about how important it is to continue education beyon high school These silver spoon ritzy politicians have no clue what the poor go thru cause they never had to struggle for shit so fuck them and the horse their molesting

  65. Hes an ignorant peice of shit because there is prisoners who go to prison and the cost to keep him living is way more than 5500 If you get the pell grant that student is guranteed to give back and pay taxes fuck the republicans

  66. Everyone hates on the poor for what little they do have. Try stepping in their shoes, it's not fun being poor.

  67. Cenk should not be against for-profit colleges. Their demographic are mostly the underprivileged and adults trying to make a career. The exact group he claims to defend. The reason defaults and drop out rates at for profit colleges are higher is because of these demographics. They aren't trust fund kids riding daddys shirt tails through life. But eletist like Cenk think every single mom with 3 kids can just go to a 4-year university and get a degree as opposed to giving 9 months in a hair styling course a try. 2 schools alone made up almost 90% of all complaints to the Department of Education in recent years and he screams about ALL for profit schools are evil and predatory . I'll say it again TWO SCHOOLS. AND BTW PELL GRANTS FOR ALL!

  68. Why the Government is to Blame for High College Costs

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